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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX | Bonus Dungeon Walkthrough List

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Read here for all secret dungeons available after beating Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX; including bonus dungeon's location, bosses, Pokemon habitat and more.

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Best Pokemon Per Bonus Dungeon Chart

Best Pokemon To Bring In Bonus Dungeons

Boss Pokemon
Kyogre icon▼Kyogre
water iconWater
Electric, Grass
Groudon icon▼Groudon
ground iconGround
Water, Grass, Ice
Regirock icon▼Regirock
rock iconRock
Electric, Grass
Regice icon▼Regice
ice iconIce
Fire, Fighting, Rock, Steel
Registeel icon▼Registeel
steel iconSteel
Fighting, Fire, Ground
Latios icon▼Latios
dragon iconDragon psychic iconPsychic
Bug, Dark, Dragon, Ghost, Ice, Fairy
Entei icon▼Entei
fire iconFire
Ground, Rock, Water
Raikou icon▼Raikou
electric iconElectric
Suicune icon▼Suicune
water iconWater
Grass, Electric
Zapdos icon▼Zapdos
electric iconElectric flying iconFlying
Ice, Rock
Moltres icon▼Moltres
fire icon Fire flying iconFlying
Rock, Water, Electric
Articuno icon▼Articuno
ice iconIce flying iconFlying
Fire, Steel, Electric Rock
Rayquaza icon▼Rayquaza
dragon iconDragon flying iconFlying
Ice, Dragon
Mewtwo icon▼Mewtwo
psychic iconPsychic
Bug, Dark, Ghost

List Of Quest Chains

Quest Overviews

(※) Click or tap the quest title to jump down to more info!

Kyogre, Regi, Mew Quest

1Clear the game and talk to Whiscash to unlock Stormy Sea
2Defeat Kyogre at the end of Stormy Sea to unlock the Buried Relic
3Explore the Buried Relic. Fight Regirock (15F), Regice (25F), and Registeel(35F) to get the Music Box
4After getting the Music Box, you might encounter Mew in the Buried Relic

Latios and Latias Quest

1After finishing the Kyogre quest, investigate the robbery at the Kecleon store in town. You will unlock the Northern Range.
2Climb to the 25th floor and defeat Latios. You will unlock Pitfall Valley.
3Climb to the 25th floor. There is no boss here.

Legendary Birds & Lugia Quest

1Finish the Latios and Latias quests.
2Rebattle all 3 Legendary Birds (Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno)
3Go to the Rescue Team Camps to see a cutscene and unlock Silver Trench.
4Travel to the 99th floor of the Silver Trench and take on Lugia.

Legendary Dogs, Ho-Oh, & Mewtwo Quest

1Talk to the Spinda in town that appears after you defeat Kyogre.
2Go to The Great Canyon, 5F to talk to Xatu. Unlock Fiery Field
3Climb to the 30th floor in Fiery Field, defeat Entei. Unlock Lightning Field
4Climb to the 30th floor in Lightning Field, defeat Raikou. Unlock Northwind Field
5Climb to the 30th floor in Northwind Field, defeat Suicune. Unlock Mt. Faraway
6Climb to the 60th floor in Mt. Faraway, defeat Ho-Oh to unlock Western Cave.
7Descend to the 20th floor of the Western Cave and defeat Mewtwo.

Illusory Grotto

Illusory Grotto

Time-Limited Mysterious Dungeon

Once in a while, this mysterious dungeon appears on the list of your available destinations. These dungeons offer high-quality loot, offering items that are pretty useful when going on a rescue mission. However, Illusory Grottos are time-limited so take them on once they are available!

Check Out The Illusory Grotto Guide Here!

Stormy Sea

Stormy Sea

This Dungeon can only be accessed after completing the main story! The Stormy Sea is a bonus dungeon that will allow you to recruit the Legendary Pokemon Kyogre once you complete it!

Check Out the Stormy Sea Guide Here!

Magma Cavern


You can fight Groudon at B26F of the Magma Cavern. Groudon will transform into Primal Groudon after taking enough damage so think of this fight as having 2 stages. Persevere & win the battle to recruit Groudon!

Check Out The Magma Cavern Guide Here!

Buried Relic

Buried Relic

After finishing the Stormy Sea, a series of events will make a new dungeon accessible! Explore the ruins of the Buried Relic dungeon to encounter the three legendary titan Pokemon, & possibly Mew!

Check Out the Buried Relic Guide Here!

Latios & Latias Quest Line

Latios & Latias Questline

A 3-Dungeon Quest Line where you will meet with the Legendary Mirage Pokemon, Latios & Latias. Help Latios rescue Latias from a valley to complete the dungeons & recruit them both!

Latios - Latias Quest Dungeons

Ho-Oh Quest Line

Ho-Oh Quest Line

This quest line requires you to go through different dungeons and fight the legendary Pokemon Entei, Raikou, & Suicune. Completing this quest line will unlock Mt. Faraway & the Ho-Oh encounter!

Ho-Oh Quest Dungeons

Legendary Bird Quest Line

Legendary Bird Quest Line

After the main story, revisit the 3 mystery dungeons where you encountered the Legendary Bird Pokemon Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno for a chance to recruit them!

Legendary Bird Quest Dungeons

Survive the Silver Trench to Meet Lugia

Survive the Descent to Meet Lugia

The legendary Pokemon Lugia, awaits at the bottom of the Silver Trench. Survive against a gauntlet of 99 floors to meet the guardian of the sea in battle.

Check Out the Silver Trench Dungeon Guide

Sky Tower

Climb the Dungeon to Rematch with Rayquaza

Make the climb up Sky Tower again to have your rematch with the Legendary Flying/Dragon Pokemon, Rayquaza. Complete this dungeon to recruit Rayquaza to your team!

Check Out the Sky Tower Guide Here!

Wish Cave

Wish Cave

Wish Cave is a dungeon where you will be dropped down to level 5, and eventually have to fight the legendary Pokemon Jirachi if you can make it to the 99th floor!

Check Out Wish Cave In Detail Here!

What Are Secret Dungeons?

Unlockable Bonus Dungeon After Beating the Game

Upon beating the main story, you will be able to access several bonus dungeons; challenging end-game dungeons with unique rules and limitations. You will need to use every tactics you learned throughout your adventure and fine tune your party setups to succeed!

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