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Strong Foes List - Where To Find & Location

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX | Strong Foes List - Where To Find & Location

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Check out this Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX (Switch) guide on strong foes. Including all strong foes Pokemon list, how to beat them, where to find them, shiny Pokemon, and more!

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Strong Foe Pokemon List

All Strong Foes In Mystery Dungeon DX

Pokemon Dungeon Type
Ditto icon Ditto Buried Relic Normal
Gyarados icon Gyarados Waterfall Pond Water, Flying
Electric, Rock
Exeggcute icon Exeggcute Wyvern Hill Grass, Psychic
Bug, Dark, Fire, Flying, Ghost Ice, Poison
Sudowoodo icon Sudowoodo Desert Region Rock
Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, Water
Shuckle icon Shuckle Southern Cavern Bug, Rock
Rock, Steel, Water
Wobbuffet icon Wobbuffet Darknight Relic Psychic
Bug, Dark, Ghost
Starmie icon Starmie Grand Sea Water, Psychic
Bug, Dark, Electric, Ghost, Grass
Ampharos icon Ampharos Sinister Woods Electric
Metagross icon Metagross Silent Chasm Steel, Fairy
Fire, Ground, Ghost, Dark
Espeon icon Espeon Remains Island Psychic
Bug, Dark, Ghost
Rapidash icon Rapidash Mt. Steel Fire
Water, Ground, Rock
Noctowl icon Noctowl Lapis Cave Normal, Flying
Electric, Ice, Rock
Spinda icon Spinda Frosty Forest Normal
Ninetales icon Ninetales Northern Range Fire
Ground, Rock, Water
Dragonite icon Dragonite Mt. Thunder Dragon, Flying
Ice, Dragon, Rock, Fairy
Ambipom icon Ambipom Great Canyon Normal
Azumarill icon Azumarill Mt. Blaze Water, Fairy
Electric, Grass, Poison
Lickilicky icon Lickilicky Mt. Freeze Normal
Aipom icon Aipom Solar Cave Normal
Electrode icon Electrode Mt. Faraway Electric
Exeggutor icon Exeggutor Pitfall Valley Grass, Psychic
Bug, Dark, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Poison

What Are Strong Foe Pokemon?

Powerful Pokemon In Mystery Dungeons

Powerful Pokemon In Mystery Dungeons

Strong foes are powerful Pokemon that you may encounter in the mystery dungeon you're entering. They're random encounters so you may or may not see them in your adventure.

Marked With Yellow Crown Triangle Icon

Marked With Yellow Crown Triangle Icon

Strong foes are marked with an inverted yellow triangle icon that's emblazoned with a black crown. This is how you identify a strong foe Pokemon.

Can Be Recruited Into Party

If you encounter and defeat a strong foe Pokemon, there's a chance you can recruit them into your party. Make sure you have their Camp ready so you can bring them home to your HQ.

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Have High HP & Strong Attacks

Have High HP & Strong Attacks

Strong foe Pokemon are very durable, with high HP and attack power. If you're specifically hunting them down, be prepared with recovery items and items for debuffing.

Can Spawn As Shiny Pokemon

There's a chance that strong foe Pokemon you encounter will be shiny. Since shiny Pokemon are rare and also very random, it may be hard to encounter them in the game.

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How To Beat Strong Foe Pokemon

Bring Pokemon With Type Advantage

Bring Pokemon With Type Advantage

Always check the strong foe Pokemon's weakness before going into a mystery dungeon. Then counter these and bring Pokemon with a type advantage to make supereffective attacks.

Recruit More Pokemon In Party

Recruit More Pokemon In Party

Before facing off with a strong foe Pokemon, try to recruit more Pokemon in the earlier levels of the dungeon. This will give you more attackers or supporters during the fight.

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Use Status Debuffs

Use Status Debuffs

Items such that cause debuffs such as Sleep or Petrify will help you greatly in the fight. This can slow down the strong foe Pokemon's attacks so you can do more damage before their turn.

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Use Damaging Items

Use Damaging Items

Items that can cause damage such as Blast Seeds can be very helpful, especially if you're not dealing enough damage. Always have a couple in your toolbox to help you in case you encounter a strong foe Pokemon.

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