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Check out this all boss list & guide for Paper Mario: The Origami King. This includes how to beat bosses, battle, how to win, and Paper Mario bosses!!!

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All Boss List

Boss List & Fight Summary

BossBattle Overview
Earth Vellumental
- Strike its tail to make it retreat in its shell
- Hit its limbs to make it hide them
Colored Pencils
Colored Pencils
- Step on the "On" button to activate arms
- Avoid tiles with missiles
- First phase, use arms behind the pencil case
- Second phase, use arms to the side of the case
Water Vellumental
Water Vellumental
- Avoid water spouts
- Jump on it when it's in the air
- Step on an Earth Vellumental tile on the 4th turn to avoid its wave attack
- Hit it with arms the turn after its big attack
Rubber Band
Rubber Band
- Attack with 1000 Fold Arms
- Guard against Rubber Bind
- Points Bumper Bands toward the center
- Grab the boss with your arms when he's exposed
Gooper Blooper
Gooper Blooper
- Real time battle
- Phase 1, avoid tentacle slams and then hit them
- When phase 2 starts, hit his eyepatch immediately
- Dodge waves diagonally
- Spins after waves, becoming temporarily vulnerable. Hit him then
Fire vellumental
Fire Vellumental
- Attack only with Iron Boots until all feathers fall off
- Then summon the Water Vellumental
- Finish it off with 1000-Fold arms
- If you fail to finish it off, its HP fully regenerates
Hole Punch
Hole Punch
- Use the Hammer on its back
- Pick up your face when it gets punched off
- Use Earth Vellumental when the boss charges its attack
- Use 1000-Fold arms when it flips over
Ice Vellumental
Ice Vellumental
- Melt its ice with Fire Vellumental
- Use 1000 Fold Arms to finish
- Hit all 4 sides of the dispenser to break it
- Burn up all tape on the ground with the Fire Vellumental
- Use 1000 Fold Arms in phase 2
- Don't try to grab it while it's spinning
Sumo Bros
Sumo Bros
- Take out Little Sumos to get back stolen panels
- Take them out with Earth Vellumental
- Main Sumo Bro is weak to Fire
- Avoid his Thunder Guard ability
- Attack With Hammer From 1 panel away from boss
- Win rock paper scissors battle
- Attack its green handle
- Dodge its ultimate attack by jumping
- Use Ice Vellumental & 1000 Fold Arms to finish it
- Waste its staples using Jump
- Use 1000 Fold Arms when it's reloading
King Olly
King Olly
- 3 battle phases
- Learn each Vellumental's weakness
- See full guide for details

Earth Vellumental Boss


To beat the Earth Vellumental Boss, you'll need to take out its tail and flip it over! At this point you can beat away at it with your 1000 Fold Arms!

Check Out The Detailed Earth Vellumental Boss Guide

Colored Pencils

Colored Pencils

The Colored Pencils use a special move called Rainbow Roll which shoots out pencil missiles at Mario. Pressing the guard button in time will let you block the attacks! By closing the lid, you can cause the Colored Pencils to shoot themselves.


▲Get behind the boss & close the lid!

Check Out Our Detailed Colored Pencils Boss Guide

Water Vellumental Boss


The Water Vellumental will store up water and unleash it in a huge attack that will cover the whole arena. You will need to know when to attack and defend against this boss!

Water Vellumental Boss Guide - How To Beat

Rubber Band

Rubber Band

Rubber Band inflicts serious pain with a snap! It may resemble a human, but it's all made from Rubber Bands.

Rubber Band Boss Guide - How To Beat

Gooper Blooper


The great squid Gooper Blooper, who has appeared in several previous games in the franchise, makes a return in Origami King.

Check Out The Gooper Blooper Boss Guide Here

Fire Vellumental Boss


The Fire Vellumental boss is found in the Fire Vellumental Cave and is the 3rd Vellumental boss you face. You'll have to douse its fire before you can even touch it!

Check Out The Fire Vellumental Boss Guide Here



The Tape can take Mario in its sticky grip and slam him into the ground with ease! This boss can be found in Sea Tower, the final area of the Purple streamer.

Check Out The Full Tape Guide Here

Ice Vellumental Boss


The last Vellumental boss you'll face in the Ice Vellumental Mountain. Melt its deep-freezing armor by using Fire Vellumental Power.

Check Out The Full Ice Vellumental Boss Guide Here

Sumo Bros

Sumo Bros

The Sumo Bros are a group of lightning-wielding, cloud-riding sumo wrestlers who get in Mario's way in the Green Streamer section. You'll have to take these guys out before entering Bowser's Castle!

Check Out The Full Sumo Bros Boss Guide Here

Shadowy Hand

shadow hand

You will be facing this boss just before you enter the throne room of Bowser's Castle. Key is to use hammer from 1 panel far from the boss.

Check Out The Full Shadowy Hand Boss Guide Here



Watch out for its sharp dual blades! It can take you out in one hit. Dodge the deadly attack by jumping timely.

Check Out The Full Scissors Boss Guide Here



The Stapler pins down Mario and binds you. This boss is the last stationery boss you face off before the last battle with King Olly.

Check Out The Full Stapler Boss Guide Here

King Olly

King Olly

The last boss of the Origami King will be King Olly. There are 3 consecutive battles so read the guide below to learn how to beat all of them!

Check Out The Full King Olly Boss Guide Here

Boss Battle Guide

Boss Battle Gameplay Is Different

Boss Battle is Different

Boss battles differ substantially from regular battles. Instead of using the ring to match enemies, you'll need to use it to create a specific path towards the boss.

Check Out the Battle System Guide

Spin & Slide Rings To Create A Path

Spin & Slide Rings to Create a Path

The boss will be at the middle of the arena, requiring you to create a path for Mario towards it. Spin and slide the rings to get Mario close enough to attack the boss.

Bosses Have Weak Points

Bosses Have Weak Points

Every boss has a weak point that you can use to deal extra damage to it. These can even cause the boss to deal damage to itself.

Summon Bosses After Beating Them


In Japanese promotional material, we saw that Olivia is actually able to transform into the Earth Vellumental boss! She seems to do this in order to solve certain puzzles in the overworld. It seems all Vellumental bosses will become summons/abilities, but the same might not be true for the stationery bosses.

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