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Welcome to the Super Mario 64 3D All Stars Guide! Learn about the Super Mario 64 Switch (2020 / Remake) Release date, updates, walkthroughs, items, strategy guides, & more!

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Super Mario 64 Switch 2020 - Story Walkthrough

Story Walkthrough & Level Guide

All Super Mario 64 Levels

1. Bob-omb Battlefield - Levels & Courses

Bob-omb Battlefield Course & Map

2. Whomp's Fortress - Levels & Courses

Whomp's Fortress Course & Map

3. Jolly Roger Bay - Levels & Courses

Jolly Roger Bay Course & Map

4. Bowser Levels - Levels & Courses

Bowser In The Dark World Course & Map

5. Cool, Cool Mountain - Levels & Courses

Cool, Cool Mountain Course & Map

6. Big Boo's Haunt - Levels & Courses

Big Boo's Haunt Course List & Map

7. Hazy Maze Cave - Levels & Courses

Hazy Maze Cave Course List & Map

8. Lethal Lava Land - Levels & Courses

Lethal Lava Land Course List & Map

9. Shifting Sand Land - Levels & Courses

Shifting Sand Land Course List & Map

10. Dire, Dire Docks - Levels & Courses

Dire, Dire Docks Course List & Map

11. Snowman's Land - Levels & Courses

Check Out Snowman's Land Courses List!

12. Wet-Dry World - Levels & Courses

Check Out Wet-Dry World Courses List!

13. Tall, Tall Mountain - Levels & Courses

Check Out Tall, Tall Mountain Course List!

14. Tiny - Huge Island - Levels & Courses

Check Out Tiny - Huge Island Course List!

15. Tick Tock Clock - Levels & Courses

16. Rainbow Ride - Levels & Courses

Cruiser Crossing The Rainbow The Big House In The Sky
Coins Amassed In A Maze Swingin' In The Breeze
Tricky Triangles! Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Check Out Rainbow Ride Course List!

Super Mario 64 Switch 2020 - Useful Guides

Super Mario 64 Switch 2020 - Boss Guides

Boss GuidesCheck Out All Boss & Enemies List

Super Mario 64 Switch 2020 Release Date & Editions

Remake To Be Released Sep.18

To Be Released Sep.18

Super Mario 64 will be released once more to Switch as a short-time only bundle: the 3D All Stars. Nolstalgic players can grab this game once more starting from Sep. 18!

Super Mario 64 (3D All Stars) Release Date

Release DateSeptember 18, 2020
PlatformsSwitch Only
Official Store Super Mario 64

Only Standard Edition Is Available

Only Standard Edition Is Available

The Super Mario 64 features only 1 edition: The Standard Version. There is no Ultimate or Deluxe editions available, though players can choose to buy physical or digital copies of the game.

Switch Exclusive

Switch Exclusive
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The game is a Switch exclusive title at the moment, no other platforms such as the PC, XBOX will carry this game.

Super Mario 64 (3D All Stars) Gameplay Details

Collect Stars

Collect Stars

The main point of the game to get collect stars! Grab the stars around the map to proceed and get more powerful!

Get Caps With Cool Abilities

Get Caps With Cool Abilities

You'll be able to navigate through all kinds of obstacles by utilizing caps found in blocks. Different caps lets you fly in the sky, go invisible, or even turn into steel!

Maneuvers& Jump Across Walls

Maneuvers& Jump Across Walls

The robust environment in the castle will have you parkouring like a champ to solve puzzles and move to the next area! Utilize the triple jump or bounce from walls to move from area to area!

What Is Super Super Mario 64 Switch Remake?

First Released On Nintendo 64 In 1996

First Released On Nintendo 64 In 1996

Super Mario 64 was first released on Nintendo 64 console in 1996. It was revolutionary in its time for its 3D rendering, new foes like Bob-Omb & Big Goomba!

Retake Princess's Castle From Bowser!

Retake Princess

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