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Beginner's Tips & Guide | Paper Mario Origami King - GameWith

Check out this Paper Mario: The Origami King Beginner's Tips Guide. Find out what to do early game, major gameplay features in Origami King, useful gameplay tips & more!!!

Beginner's Tips Guide: What To Do

Progressing Through The Main Story

Pursue The 5 Streamers


Your main goal in the Origami King should be to finish the story! Whenever you're in doubt, check your menu's map to see what locations are remaining.

Location Of The 5 Streamers

RedPicnic Road / Overlook Mountain
BlueAutumn Mountain / Shogun Studios
YellowScorching Sandpaper Desert
PurpleThe Great Sea

You'll be heading to zones in the order listed above, but don't worry: you'll be able to freely return to zones as well, so even if you forget something, you can take care of it later.

Note that if you manage to get 100% completion of everything, you will get to see Origami King's Secret Ending upon completing the game. If you're interested in that, make sure to work toward completion on your first time through a zone as well!

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Buy Accessories ASAP

Check The Accessory Shop Frequently

Accessory Shop

Starting after you unlock the shop by talking to the Toad in Picnic Road, you'll be able to access the Accessory Shop. Here you'll be able to buy items which can help you out in battle. These effects include reducing damage taken, increasing health, and increasing turn time!

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Get The Puzzle Solver

Get From The Battle Lab


When you get access to the Battle Lab in Toad Town you will also get the Puzzle Solver for free. This item shows you the solutions for in-game battles! If you're struggling to find a solution in time, or would just prefer to save a little bit of time, pick this item up!

Get Health Upgrades

Upgrading Your HP

Health Upgrades

Getting more HP is a good way to make battles a little bit easier. Heart containers that increase your HP are scattered all over the world, but if you're not careful you might miss them!

Autumn Mountain
Inside a cave when you fall off the left edge of the tall grass plains (Gives you +5 Max HP)
Water Vellumental Shrine
Go down the hallway to the right when you enter, it'll be in in front of a wall (Gives you MAX HP +5)
Health Upgrades
Scorching Sandpaper Desert
Hidden in a group of rocks.

The above are only some of the places we've confirmed - when we find more we will update this!!!

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Stock Up On Coins

Used For Various Purposes


Coins in Origami King are the main incentive for battling. They fulfill a wide range of roles and are thus extremely useful to have at all times. They can be used to buy weapons, buy accessories, buying battle turn time, and even summon Toads in battle to help you out.

Learn How To Get Coins Fast From Here

Paying Toads In Battle

Toads Coins

By spending coins in battle, you can summon Toads. From what we've seen so far, Toads can provide you with the optimal path to a particular boss, as well as with health recovery!

Finding Toads

Find Toads Along The Way


In every zone of the game, you'll find small origami figures that are actually transformed Toads! If you hit or interact with these, you'll be able to free the Toad. It doesn't seem like it will be necessary to get all Toads, but it's possible there will be completion rewards for getting all Toads, so we recommend trying to find all of them as you play.

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Unlocking Toads Improves Toad Town

Toad Town

Collecting Toads has other benefits as well - it seems you'll be able to upgrade the facilities in Toad Town by doing this! A new Accessory Shop will open, and the town will become populated as well.

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Filling In Holes

Not-Bottomless Holes


The world of Origami King is also littered with Not-Bottomless Holes, which you can fill up using Confetti! Confetti can be found pretty much everywhere, but will run out rather quickly. Challenge yourself to fill up every hole you come across!

Battle System Overview

Sliding Ring Puzzle

Battle System

The Battle System in Origami King is somewhat unique - you'll have to manipulate a 4 layer circular ring within a time limit to line up your enemies and take them out. Doing so will grant you a damage bonus. It'll be important to get yourself acquainted with this battle system to play the game efficiently!

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Practice In The Battle Lab


If you're not too familiar with the battle system, head to the Battle Lab in Toad Town! You'll be able to practice using the hammer, boots, guarding, and more here!

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Weapon Durability

One new component to Origami King is the idea of weapon durability. You'll be equipping various Hammers and Boots on your journey, but some of the rarer, higher-damage ones will break after repeated use. This means it'll be important to keep stocked up on weapons on your travels!

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Other Features

The 1000-Fold Arms


The 1000-Fold Arms will be a way for you to solve puzzles, both in the overworld and in boss battles! This ability can be activated in certain locations to help you find Toads and other secrets!

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Mini Games

Shuriken Game

Origami King will feature several mini games, which will likely have various rewards for players to get, including Collectible Treasures!

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Fax Travel


Around the time you hit the second streamer, you should be able to unlock another mode of Fast Travel between areas called... Fax Travel! Since you're paper, that also means you can be freely faxed anywhere in the world! You have to unlock these locations in order to use the fast travel, so make sure not to skip them!

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boots car

In a few zones, players will have access to different vehicles to traverse the landscape. One of these is the Boot Car, accessible in the Scorching Sandpaper Desert!

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