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Read this Paper Mario: The Origami King guide & story walkthrough from Green Streamer until Scissors boss (Green Streamer). Including gameplay, battle tips, & boss fight tricks!!!

Table of Contents

Story Progression

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Green Streamer Walkthrough - Explanation

The Last Streamer


The primary story of Origami King centers around 5 main streamers. Each of these constitutes 1 part of the game. This guide will take you from the beginning of the chapter to the end, going through each zone sequentially. If you want to find exact Toad Locations, we have separate articles for each zone where you can find them!

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Shangri-Spa - Walkthrough & Tips

Shangri-Spa Walkthrough Procedure Chart

No Procedure
1Use the Vellumental Powers to release the statues on top of the Sea Tower
2Press all of the statues' buttons then step on the shining beacon
3Cross the bridge to get to Sharing-spa. Enter through the front doors
4Talk to the receptionist and donate 1000 coins
5Exit through the left side of the room. Take a brief dip into the Spring of Purification. Get a stamp
6Go through the left door. You'll meet Kamek
7Follow Kamek to Bowser's Castle
8Bring Bowser Jr. & Kamek to the Spring of Purification
9Defeat Chargin' Chucks in the hot spring
10After soaking, head to the Spring of Bliss. It's to the right of Bowser's castle
11Go to the back of the hot spring and fix the blue pipe
12Soak into the Spring of Bliss. Get a stamp
13Visit the Spring of Sanctuary
14Defeat the Origami Goombas. Soak in the bath and get a stamp
15Go to the Spring of Jungle Mist. You'll need to ride the platform the left of Bowser's Castle
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Shangri-Spa Map

Shangri-Spa Map

1. Use The Vellumental Powers - Tips

Use The Vellumental Power Matching The Statue

Use The Vellumental Power Matching The Statue

The Statues will require you to use the Vellumental Power that matches theirs. For example, for the Water Vellumental statue you will need to use the Water Vellumental power!

9. Chargin' Chucks Have High Attack - Tips


Chargin' Chucks' move Touchdown deals heavy damage. Be sure to equip best Guard Plus Accessory or heal up your HP beforehand.

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11. How To Fix The Spring Of Bliss


The Spring Of Bliss is way too hot to take a bath in as it is. Jump over the wall to get to the back and fix the blue pipe by throwing confetti into it. This will leave the water at a decent temperature.


▲Throw Confetti into the blue pipe

13. How To Get To The Spring Of Sanctuary


The bridge which leads to the Spring of Sanctuary is located to the south of the water fountain.


▲Don't forget to get your stamp after taking a bath

15. How To Get To The Spring of Jungle Mist


To get to the Spring of Jungle Mist, take the slope to the left of the water fountain and ride on the white moving panel.

Spring Of Jungle Mist - Walkthrough & Tips

Spring Of Jungle Mist Walkthrough Procedure Chart

No Procedure
1Enter the path to the Spring of Jungle Mist. Get to the broken bridge
2Destroy the plant next to the fallen Toad statue. Follow the path to the jungle
3When you get to the fork in the road, choose to go left
4At the next fork, choose right
5Continue through the jungle until you get to an area with 3 origami Piranha Plants. Defeat them
6Use 1000 Fold Arms to make stairs and proceed
7When you reach the fork on the road, follow Kamek again. A Chain Chomp will chase you, so quickly move and escape from it
8Proceed till you reach the area with a ladder. Find a magic circle by hitting the leaf under the ladder. Use 1000 Fold Arms to bring the ladder down
9Climb up the big tree and proceed. Escape from the Chain Chomp
10Escape from the Chain Chomp again. This time, press A to jump on the rope
11When you reach the Spring of Jungle Mist, go to the back of the large tree and pull the vine hanging from the tree. Use 1000 Fold Arms to bring the stopper down
12Soak in the Spring of Jungle Mist. Get a stamp
13Talk to Spike in the lower left corner and go back to Shangri-Spa
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2. Destroy The Plant Next To The Bridge


Find the side path on the left of the broken bridge and make your way to the jungle.

3 ~ 4. Choosing the Right Way - Tips

Wrong Way Leads To Dead End & Ambush

Right Leads To Deadend & An Ambush

Listen to Kamek on this one because if you choose to go right, it will lead you to a cliff! Ninjas will also come out of the jungle to ambush you.

Beware Of Piranha Plants

Beware Of Piranha Plants

Be careful of the plants you hit in the jungle because they might just turn out to be Piranha Plants! As soon as they sprout from the ground, move away from them!

Hit The Block In Front Of The Chest

Hit The Block In Front Of The Chest

There's a chest on top of a tree stump after the 2nd fork, in front of it is a ? Block. Hit it to get a pair of Legendary Iron Boots.

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5. Ptooies & Piranha Plants Have High Attack


Ptooies & Piranha Plants have relatively high attack. Equip the best guard plus accessory you have and be prepared. Note that you can buy Gold Guard Plus at Shangri-Spa Accessory Shop.

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Avoid Wave Battle


If you can't handle the 3 battles in a row, don't worry - you can avoid the wave battle with the Piranha Flowers by defeating two Piranha Flowers on the side. If you're okay to take on all 3, choose the middle flower!

7. Watch Out For The Chain Chomp


Right after you follow Kamek at the crossroads, a Chain Chomp will appear and chase after you. Escape from it quickly, as it can and will easily take you out in one hit.

8. Find A Magic Circle Under The Leaf


You can find a magic circle hidden under the leaf. Use your Hammer to activate it.

9. Chain Chomp Appears Again

chain chomp

The Chain Chomp will appear again after you've used the 1000 Fold Arms and climbed 2 ladders (just before the save block). Quickly move to your right and climb the ladder to escape.

10. 3rd Chain Chomp Surprise Attack


Right after you've walk past the Piranha Plant, the Chain Chomp will chase you for the 3rd time. Run to your left, grab the rope, and escape by pressing the A button.

11. Find The Stopper Of The Hot Spring


In order to fill the hot spring, you need to find the stopper. Go to the back of the large tree and pull the hanging vine.

pull the vine

▲Pull the hanging vine

12. Don't Forget To Get Your Stamp


Again, don't forget to get your stamp after soaking in the hot spring. You'd have to come all the way back if you forget to get it now!

Spring Of Rainbows - Walkthrough & Tips

Spring Of Rainbows Walkthrough Procedure Chart

No Procedure
1Once you're back in Shangri-Spa after visiting the Spring of Jungle Mist, go back to the reception of the spa and show the stamp card. You'll get a VIP pass
2Proceed to the left of the water fountain and you'll find a staircase which leads underground
3Proceed through the tunnel
4Once you've exited the tunnel, walk on the narrow path to your right
5Once you've passed the narrow cliff, peel off the seal on the pipe and hit the wall behind the sign to open the door
6The Shy Guys Finish Last quiz show will begin. Answer the question and earn more than 100 points to proceed
7After you've soaked in the rainbow hot spring, Bowser Jr will take you toward Bowser's Castle
8Defeat Sumo Bros
9Enter Bowser's Castle
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2. How To Use VIP Pass


To get to the area where you show the VIP pass, proceed to the left of the water fountain. You'll soon see stairs going underground.

3. Get A Max HP Up


Inside of the treasure chest in the tunnel, there is a Max HP Up. You can get it by hitting the rocks above the steam.

List Of All HP Up Locations

▲Check the hidden path behind the wall

4. Grab On The Chain

narrow path

When you are walking along the narrow cliff, watch out for the wind. You'll get blown away if you don't grab on the chain when there's a gust!

6. How To Beat Shy Guys Finish Last


There are 4 different categories of the quiz and you need to earn more than 100 points to proceed. There is also a Sudden Death quiz in the end where you need to remember the lyrics of some of the songs you've heard in the game so far. Learn tips for each game and the sudden death answers from the guide below.

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8. How To Beat Sumo Bros


Sumo Bros will try to prevent you from going near Bowser's Castle. Defeat little Sumo Bros to get important panels back and defeat the main boss by using Vellumental power.

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Bowser's Castle - Walkthrough & Tips

Bowser's Castle Walkthrough Procedure Chart

No Procedure
1Proceed inside of the castle. Follow Bowser Jr. who is in front of the door on the second floor
2Go back to the 1st floor and enter the room on your right.
3Proceed until you reach the hallway with paintings. Hit King Olly's Painting and use 1000 Fold Arms to find the hidden door
4Talk to Luigi and get a key to Bowser's Castle
5Go back to Bowser Jr. and open the door with the key
6Defeat the Handaconda (Shadowy Slithering Hand boss)
7Defeat the Big Yellow Buzzy Beetle
8Defeat Scissors
9Hit the green steamer with 1000 Fold Arms
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3. Find A Hidden Door & Meet Luigi

king olly

Hit the wall with King Olly's painting on it with a hammer to activate a Magic Circle. Use the 1000 Fold Arms to discover a hidden door. Meet Luigi inside to get Bowser's Castle Key.

6. How To Beat Handaconda

Don't Get Too Close


The boss flicks away panels if you get too close. If you are too far from the boss, you also can't use the boots to jump, so you need to use the Hammer to attack from one panel away!

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Win Rock, Paper, Scissors


The boss will show his next move while you're sliding around the panels. Watch carefully to see what move he plays and choose the correct one.

7. How To Beat Big Yellow Buzzy Beetle

Whack The Flying Head


Buzzy Beetle will shoot out the head of a Koopa Troopa. Hit it with the Hammer to deal damage to the boss.

Pull Kamek Out From The Boss


After the boss shoots its magic spell out, it will become disoriented. Get close to it and pull Kamek's face off!

8. How To Beat Scissors


Scissors' ultimate attack Final Cut can take you out in one hit, so you'll absolutely need to dodge it. Read the detailed guide below to learn how to finish him off fast!

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Story Progression

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Paper Mario - The Origami King Story & Boss Articles

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