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Welcome to the Super Mario Sunshine 3D All Stars Guide! Learn more about the Super Mario Sunshine (2020 / Remake) release date, updates, walkthroughs, items, strategy guides & more!

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Super Mario Sunshine Switch 2020 - Story Walkthrough

List Of All Zones

1. Delfino Airstrip2. Delfino Plaza
3. Bianco Hills4. Ricco Harbor
5. Gelato Beach6. Pinna Park
7. Sirena Beach8. Noki Bay
9. Pianta Village10. Corona Mountain

Super Mario Sunshine Switch 2020 - Collectibles & Other Guides

Collectible Lists

List Of All Blue CoinsList Of All Shines
List Of Red Coin Stages All Secret Stages

Other Useful Guides

Yoshi Guide List of Fruits
FLUDD Guide Beginner's Guide

Super Mario Sunshine Switch 2020 Release Date & Platforms

Remake To Be Released On Sep. 18

Remake To Be Released On Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Sunshine will be released on the Switch as a limited-time bundle in the 3D All Stars. Long-time fans of the Super Mario series will be able to purchase the bundle starting September 18, 2020. The bundle will only be available until March 2021!

Super Mario Sunshine (3D All Stars) Release Date

Release DateSeptember 18, 2020
PlatformsSwitch Only
Official StoreSuper Mario Sunshine

Standard Edition Only

Standard Edition Only

Super Mario Sunshine will only be available in a standard edition, which is bundled with Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy. There are no Ultimate or Deluxe editions, but players can choose to purchase either digital or physical copies.

Switch Exclusive

Switch Exclusive

The bundle is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch only. No other platforms such as PC or Xbox will be carrying this game.

Super Mario Sunshine (3D All Stars) Gameplay

Clean Up Isle Delfino

Clean Up Isle Delfino

Super Mario Sunshine takes place in the once beautiful Isle Delfino. Since then, it is now a goop covered island. As everyone's favorite plumber, it's up to you and your trusty FLUDD to clean it up and collect Shine Sprites!

Upgrade FLUDD With Different Nozzles

Upgrade FLUDD With Different Nozzles

Mario's trusty companion FLUDD can be upgraded with different types of nozzles! These nozzles change up FLUDD's utility, allowing you to perform different actions while exploring Isle Delfino!

FLUDD Nozzles

Squirt NozzleThe default nozzle that is used to blast away enemies and clean up goop.
Hover NozzleDownward facing nozzle that can briefly allow Mario to fly up in the air.
Rocket NozzleDownward facing nozzle that can instantly send Mario flying high into the sky.
Turbo NozzleBackwards facing nozzle that can give propels Mario forward, giving him a speed boost.

What Is Super Mario Sunshine Switch Remake?

First Released On Gamecube In 2002

First Released On Gamecube In 2002

Super Mario Sunshine was first released in 2002 for the Nintendo Gamecube. This is the second 3D Platformer for everyone's favorite plumber, and was received with critical acclaim from fans and critics alike!

Multiple Firsts For The Series

Multiple Firsts For The Series

Super Mario Sunshine features multiple firsts for the series. This is the first Mario game to feature full cinematic cutscenes, Bowser Jr's first appearance, riding Yoshi in 3D, and Princess Peach in a ponytail!

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