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What's New in Paper Mario: The Origami King

A New Villain: The Origami King

A New Villain: The Origami King

A dastardly new villain, King Olly, appears to have put Mushroom Kingdom in a bit of a bind, sealing Princess Peach's castle and entrapping the world with streamers.

Save the Origami-fied Princess Peach

Paper Mario Story

An unfortunate fate has also befallen Princess Peach, as it appears she's been turned into Origami. In the trailer she can be seen trying to convert Mario to her Origami cult, by asking him to "crease himself".

Partner Up with Bowser

Partner Up with Bowser

Archenemy turned ally, Bowser will help you out throughout the game to defeat King Olly. With the world turned into Origami, you must work together to bring it back to normal!

Travel The Land And Remove Streamers

Paper Mario Story

As the hero, Mario is tasked to travel the vast world and remove the streamers that plague it. He must also try to prevent the same folded-fate from befalling his other friends, and will take on hoards of so called Folded Soldiers along his way!

For more info on the story, check out the Official Nintendo Store Page!!!

Your New Partner Olivia

Your New Partner Olivia

Olivia is the new partner of Mario in this game. She is a little sister of King Olly and she goes to an adventure with Mario to stop her brother.

Gameplay Features

Use The 1,000 Fold Arms

Paper Mario Story

One new gameplay feature that seems to be prominent in Origami King are the 1,000 Fold Arms! It looks like Mario will be able to fold up his arms and extend them, reaching places he normally couldn't. In footage so far we've seen him peel off sides of houses, but no doubt there will be other ways to make creative use of this mechanic!

"Other Paper Transformations"

The official website has also indicated that there will be "other paper transformations" for players to make use of in-game, so perhaps there will be other folding-based gameplay mechanics introduced as well?

Ring-Based Battle System

Paper Mario Story

Line up and group your enemies in Paper Mario: The Origami King's unique battle system. By lining up enemies on the game board, Mario can deal extra damage and attack multiple enemies at a time.

New Boss Battles

New Boss Battles

On your journey, you will meet bosses that you will need to defeat to continue forward. Unlike the usual battle system, here you'll need to create a path for Mario to get to the boss and attack them!

Fill Up Holes With Confetti

Fill Up Holes with Confetti

With the world torn apart, you will find holes on the ground in the different worlds. Using your confetti, you can fill them up to get various rewards!

Rescue Toads Trapped As Origami

Rescue Toads Trapped as Origami

Across the world, you will find suspicious Origami lying around. Hit them to reveal and rescue Toads that were turned into Origami. Collect them all and they may just help you out in battle.

Release Date & Other Info

Paper Mario Origami King
Release DateJuly 17, 2020
Official SitePaper Mario Origami King

Paper Mario The Origami King - Latest News

July 10th Nintendo Treehouse


A special Nintendo Treehouse was held on July 10th showcasing a few new things about Origami King, including new zones and the first boss!

Check Out A Summary Of The Treehouse Here

A Closer Look at Paper Mario: The Origami King

A Closer Look at Paper Mario: The Origami King

Get a better grasp of the world in Paper Mario: The Origami King through the new A Closer Look video posted by Nintendo. Here we learn more about the world, boss fights, and more!

A Closer Look at Paper Mario: The Origami King Video

July 17th Release Announced

Release Date

Paper Mario: The Origami King was officially revealed on May 14th. The newest addition to the beloved Paper Mario franchise, it will be released on July 17th, 2020 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch!

Official Trailer

Check Out Info On The Review Embargo Here
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