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Check out this battle system guide on Paper Mario: The Origami King! This includes how to win battles, the combat system guide, attacks, enemies, battle styles, experience & more!!!

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Battle Systems - Overview

3 Types Of Battles

System TypeDescription
Mario-Centered RingUsed for regular battles
Boss-Centered RingUsed for boss battles only
Real-Time ActionOnly when fighting Paper Macho enemies in the overworld

Origami King features three primary ways of fighting enemies. The first two methods are by far the most common and are turn-based, while the last one is rarer and is in real-time. Read up on each system below!

Battle System - vs. Regular Enemies

For Non-Boss Origami Enemies

Unique Ring Based Battle System

Paper Mario: The Origami King's main type of combat features a ring. Here, you will spin enemies around to group them together and attack them.

Line Up & Group Up Enemies

Ring Labels

Battles will take place on a grid with 4 concentric circles and 12 panels with 4 tiles on them. Your two main available movements will be:

  • Moving the 4 concentric circles clockwise or counterclockwise
  • Moving the 12 panels in or out

By performing variations of these two movements you'll have to solve the various puzzles presented to you.

Line Up To Get Bonuses

Line Up

The central premise of Origami King's battle system is to maximize damage by lining up enemies. Lining them up will provide a 1.5x bonus, which will help you finish the battles faster. You'll want to line up enemies in either 1x4 or 2x2 formations.

Moves, Time Limit, & Actions

Line Up & Group Up Enemies
Time Limit20-30 seconds
Move Limit1-3 turns
Action Amount1-3

Generally speaking, all of your battles will have a time and turn limit. The time limit differs from battle to battle, but will usually be from 20-30 seconds. You will have one to three movements of the ring available to you. Also, depending on the amount of enemies you will also be able to attack more than once.

EnemiesNo. of Actions

Main Reward Is Coins


Origami King's battle system does not feature experience points, so the main reward and incentive for battling is coins! You'll get more coins the better you perform in battles!

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Types Of Coin Bonuses

BonusExtra Gold
Puzzle completion bonus50% of Battle Clear Bonus
No-Damage Bonus50% of Battle Clear Bonus
Wave-Battle Bonus50% of Battle Clear Bonus

By performing well in battles, you'll be able to obtain more coins. Solving the puzzle (IE, not making mistakes), taking 0 damage, and engaging in multi-wave fights will all give you a sizeable boost to coin intake.

Battle System - vs. Boss

Make A Path To The Boss

Different Battle for Bosses

Boss battles have a different mode of play than regular battles. Instead of spinning the board to group enemies together, you'll need to create a path for Mario to attack the boss! As such, you'll need to step on directional arrows to guide Mario your desired location.

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Different Boss Icons

Boss Panels

During boss battles, the floor will be covered in various panels that will have specific effects if you step on them!

ArrowMove in a specific direction across the board
GloveUse a regular attack against the boss (hammer or boots)
HandUse the 1000-Fold Arms against the boss
On SwitchEnable certain panels on the board
LetterGet a hint as to the boss's weakness
ChestSpills out coins, hearts, and other panels onto the board
x2Deal double damage on your next attack
+1Gives you one additional attack against the boss

Trap Panels Exist Too

Ring 1

Bosses will frequently place obstructions or traps onto the board. Stepping onto these could cause you to lose your turn, take damage, or both! It's necessary to plan around these.

Battle System - Real Time Action

Take On Paper Macho Enemies

Scuffle Island

The final type of battles available in the game are somewhat of an outlier, as they are actually real-time. Mario will wield his hammer and be forced to maneuver around a large paper mache enemy, trying to hit it from behind.

This is standard action gameplay and does not feature the ring/grid whatsoever. This will be employed sparingly throughout the game, but it is important to practice and get used to. One place it is used is in the Scuffle Island Brawl Arena.

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Battle System - Types Of Attacks

2 Main Weapon Types

Multiple Types of Attacks
Hammer2x2 grid in front of Mario
Boots1x4 line in front of Mario
ItemsVarious effects depending on the item

Depending on the weapon you use, Mario's attacks will change. Your two main ways of dealing damage will be the Hammer and Boots, though you will also have access to an arsenal of items as well.

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Weapons Dictate the Attack

Weapons Dictate the Attack

The weapon or item you select with your Action will dictate the type of attack you perform. It's possible to use different attacks for different actions, meaning you can use a Hammer and then Boots after!

Weapons Break After Use

With the exception of the basic Hammer and Boots, all weapons you use in battle will eventually break, making you unable to use them anymore. This means you'll have to keep item durability in mind as you play.

Ask Toads To Cheer You On!

Select "Cheer" when you are lining up enemies. Pay coins to the toads and get support from them - they'll give you helpful items and also give you advice on how to line up enemies! They might even do damage to enemies. During boss battles, Toads will indicate Mario's path toward the boss.

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Bring Partners to Combat

Bring Partners to Combat

Partners will also contribute to your efforts in battle. They will all have different attacks, some single-target, others AoE. You may also find that some Partners slack off and don't contribute. In general,l we recommend not relying on your partner to successfully win battles!


↑ Bobby the Bob-omb attacking enemies alongside Mario

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Practice In The Battle Lab


If you're not too familiar with the battle system, head to the Battle Lab in Toad Town! You'll be able to practice using the hammer, boots, guarding, and more here!

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