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All Advancements / Achievements List (2021)

All Advancements / Achievements List (2021) | Minecraft Mod Guide

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All Advancements / Achievements List (2021) | Minecraft Mod Guide - GameWith
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Read this Minecraft 2021 guide on all the available advancements and achievements you can earn within the game! Get gameplay tips on how to complete and unlock them, & more!!!

Advancements & Achievements

Minecraft Advancement & Achievement List

Minecraft Advancement & Achievement List

Name Description
Minecraft Minecraft The heart and story of the game
Stone Age Stone Age Mine stone with your new pickaxe
Getting an Upgrade Getting an Upgrade Construct a better pickaxe
Acquire Hardware Acquire Hardware Smelt an iron ingot
Suit Up Suit Up Protect yourself with a piece of iron armor
Not Today Thank You Not Today, Thank You Deflect an arrow with a shield
Hot Stuff Hot Stuff Fill a bucket with lava
Ice Bucket Challenge Ice Bucket Challenge Form and mine a block of Obsidian
We Need to Go DeeperWe Need to Go DeeperBuild, light and enter a Nether Portal
Zombie DoctorZombie DoctorWeaken and then cure a Zombie Villager
Eye SpyEye SpyFollow and Eye of Ender
The End?The End?Enter the End Portal
Isnt It Iron Pick Isn't It Iron Pick Upgrade your pickaxe
Diamonds Diamonds! Acquire diamonds
Cover Me With DiamondsCover Me with Diamonds Diamond armor saves lives
EnchanterEnchanterEnchant an item at an Enchanting Table

Husbandry Advancement & Achievement List

Name Description
Husbandry Husbandry The world is full of friends and food
Bee Our GuestBee Our GuestUse a Campfire to collect Honey from a Beehive using a Bottle without aggravating the bees
Wax OnWax OnApply Honeycomb to a Copper block!
Wax OffWax OffScrape Wax off of a Copper block!
The Parrots and the Bats The Parrots and the Bats Breed two animals together
Two by Two Two by Two Breed all 14 animals
Whatever Floats Your GoatWhatever Floats Your Goat!Get in a Boat and float with a Goat
Best Friends Forever Best Friends Forever Tame an animal
A Complete Catalogue A Complete Catalogue Tame all 11 cat variants!
Glow and beholdGlow and Behold!Make the text of a sign glow
Fishy Business Fishy Business Catch a fish
Tactical Fishing Tactical Fishing Catch a fish... without a fishing rod!
The Cutest PredatorThe Cutest PredatorCatch an axolotl in a bucket
The Healing Power of Friendship!The Healing Power of Friendship!Team up with an axolotl and win a fight
BeelocationTotal BeelocationMove a Bee Nest, with 3 bees inside, using Silk Touch
A Seedy Place A Seedy Place Plant a seed and watch it grow
A Balanced Diet A Balanced Diet Eat everything that is edible, even if it's not good for you
Serious Dedication Serious Dedication Completely use up a diamond hoe, and then reevaluate your life choices

The End Advancement & Achievement List

Name Description
The EndThe EndOr the beginning?
Free the EndFree the EndGood luck
The Next GenerationThe Next GenerationHold the Dragon Egg
Remote GetawayRemote GetawayEscape the island
The City at the End of the GameThe City at the End of the GameGo on in, what could happen?
SkySky's the LimitFind elytra
Great View From Up HereGreat View From Up HereLevitate up to 50 blocks from the attacks of a Shulker
The End... Again...The End... Again...Respawn the Ender Dragon
You Need a MintYou Need a MintCollect dragon's breath in a glass bottle

Adventure Advancement & Achievement List

Name Description
Adventure Adventure Adventure, exploration and combat
Voluntary ExileVoluntary ExileKill a raid captain. Maybe consider staying away from villages for the time being...
Hero of the VillageHero of the VillageSuccessfully defend a village from a raid
Is It a Bird?Is It a Bird?Look at a parrot through a spyglass
Is It a Baloon?Is It a Balloon?Look at a ghast through a spyglass
Is It a Plane?Is It a Plane?Look at the Ender Dragon through a spyglass
A Throwaway Joke A Throwaway Joke Throw a trident at something. Note: Throwing away your only weapon is not a good idea.
Very Very Frightening Very Very Frightening Strike a Villager with lightning
Monster Hunter Monster Hunter Kill any hostile monster
Take Aim Take Aim Shoot something with a bow and arrow
Sniper Duel Sniper Duel Kill a Skeleton from at least 50 meters away
BullseyeBullseyeHit the bullseye of a Target block from at least 30 meters away
What a Deal What a Deal! Successfully trade with a Villager
Hired Help Hired Help Summon an Iron Golem to help defend a village
Monsters Hunted Monsters Hunted Kill one of ever hostile monster
Postmortal Postmortal Use a Totem of Undying to cheat death
Sticky SituationSticky SituationJump into a Honey Block to break your fall
Ol Betsy Ol' Betsy Shoot a crossbow
Two Birds One Arrow Two Birds, One Arrow Kill two Phantoms with a piercing arrow
Whos the Pillager Now Who's the Pillager Now? Give a Pillager a taste of their own medicine
ArbalisticArbalisticKill five unique mobs with one crossbow shot
Surge ProtectorSurge ProtectorProtect a villager from an undesired shock without starting a fire
Light as a RabbitLight as a RabbitWalk on powder snow...without sinking in it
Sweet Dreams Sweet Dreams Change your respawn point
Adventuring Time Adventuring Time Discover every biome

Nether Advancement & Achievement List

Name Description
NetherNetherBring summer clothes
Return to SenderReturn To SenderDestroy a Ghast with a fireball
Uneasy AllianceUneasy AllianceRescue a Ghast from the Nether, bring it safely home to the Overworld... and then kill it
Those Were the DaysThose Were the Days Enter a Bastion Remnant
War PigsWar Pigs Loot a chest in a Bastion Remnant
Hidden in the DepthsHidden in the DepthsObtain Ancient Debris
Country Lode, Take Me HomeCountry Lode, Take Me HomeUse a compass on a Lodestone
Cover Me in DebrisCover Me in DebrisGet a full suit of Netherite armor
Subspace BubbleSubspace BubbleUse the Nether to travel 7 km in the Overworld
A Terrible FortressA Terrible FortressBreak your way into a Nether Fortress
Spooky Scary SkeletonSpooky Scary SkeletonObtain a Wither Skeleton's Skull
Withering HeightsWithering HeightsSummon the Wither
Bring Home the BeaconBring Home the BeaconConstruct and place a beacon
BeaconatorBeaconaterBring a beacon to full power
Into FireInto FireRelieve a Blaze of its rod
Local BreweryLocal BreweryBrew a potion
A Furious CocktailA Furious CocktailHave every potion effect applied at the same time
How Did We Get Here?How Did We Get Here?Have every effect applied at the same time
Who is Cutting Onions?Who is Cutting Onions?Obtain Crying Obsidian
Not Quite Nine LivesNot Quite "Nine" LivesCharge a Respawn Anchor to the maximum
Oh ShinyOh ShinyDistract Piglins with gold
This Boat Has LegsThis Boat Has LegsRide a Strider with a Warped Fungus on a Stick
Hot Tourist DestinationsHot Tourist DestinationsExplore all Nether biomes

What Are Minecraft Advancements?

In-Game Achievements That You Can Complete

In Game Achievements You Can Complete

Minecraft advancements are in-game achievements that will pop up when you complete a specific objective. This can be as simple as upgrading your tools or as crazy as sending Pigs flying into the air!

Does Not Follow Any Order

Advancements don't follow any specific order for you to complete them. Once you've completed an advancement, it'll just pop up in your Advancements page in your game's menu.

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