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Best Weapon Mods List 2021

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Get to know the top recommended weapons mod for Minecraft 2021 with this list! Know download contents, different best weapon mods from modern to ancient, melee and ranged mods, and more!

Table of Contents

How To Install Mods

What Are Weapon Mods?

Get New Weapons

Get New Weapons

Weapon mods modify your weapon's behavior and stats, or introduce new ones. Most of these mods come with unique skins and audio for the new weapons, making them a new experience.

How To Install Weapon Mods

Installation varies depending on the mod. You should also consider several factors such as other related applications and mods, and Minecraft's version number. Installing may take a bit of time but it is definitely worth it!

Check Out How To Install Mods Here!

Types Of Weapon Mods

GunsRanged weapon mods. These mods vary from historical, modern, and futuristic variants
MeleeClose-ranged weapons. Here, you can find swords, spears, and ancient and medieval weapons
ExplosivesWant to make the most damage imaginable? These mods introduce weapons that deal massive destruction

Recommended Gun Mods

Modern Gun Mods

TechgunsTech Guns- Highly-detailed mod featuring a good selection of weapons
- Includes assets to help you build a good-looking armory and base
- Also comes with armor and suits"
Shotguns & GlitterShotguns & Glitter- 6 Weapons
- Different ammo effects complete with audio
- Can shoot glitters!"
MrCrayfishMrCrayfish's Gun Mod- 9 weapons complete with attachments
- Does not heavily modify the game
Gun Customization InfinityGun Customization: Infinity- Not a lot of guns but all have amazing customizability
- Guns available in different colors
- Has gun, attachment, and ammo crafting
Open Modular TurretsOpen Modular Turrets- Adds customizable turrets
- Turrets are modular
- Can work with a large variety of mods
Switch Bow - Mod Details & How To EnchantSwitch Bow- Not a gun mod but still a good ranged weapon mod
- One of the best bow & arrow weapon mods
- Bow and Crossbow are enchantable
VicVic's Modern Warfare Mod- Variety of modern guns included in the mod
- One of the best modern weapon mods


Video from Stalker

Compatible MinecraftMinecraft Java
Latest Version1.12.2
Required ModsForge
Contents- Incredible weapon variety
- Includes blocks and armor designs
- Blood and gore effects
- Also has turrets

Build Your Own Arsenal

Techguns is arguably one of the best weapon mods out there. It introduces several weapons complete with custom effects and animations. It also includes armors and blocks to customize and build your own fire base. And the best thing about it all is that this is a stand-alone mod!

Check Out Tech Guns Mod Details Here!

Shotguns & Glitter

Video from Saad Ardati

Compatible MinecraftMinecraft Java
Latest Version1.12.2
Required ModsForge
Shadowfacts' Forgelin
Contents- Good weapon variety
- Different kinds of ammo

Weapon Mod With Fireworks

Shotguns & Glitter is a mod made within a very limited time-span. However, the creators managed to pump out an incredibly decent weapon mod with a large variety of ammos. A must-try if you're thinking of running other 1.12.2 mods.

Shotguns & Glitter Mod Details & Controls

MrCrayfish's Gun Mod

Video from MrCrayfish

Compatible MinecraftMinecraft Java
Latest Version1.15.2
Required ModsForge
Contents- 8 Weapons
- Attachments and colors

Weapon Mod With Attachments & Colors

MrCrayfish's Gun mod allows users to make use of a number of guns in the game. With it is a pretty basic but working gun customization feature. Players can change the color and use attachments to change the gun's looks and performance.

Check Out MrCrayfish's Gun Mod Details Here!

Gun Customization: Infinity Mod

Video from CraftStones

Compatible MinecraftMinecraft Java
Latest Version1.15.2
Required ModsForge
Contents- 6 Weapons
- Great variety & selection of attachments

Play With Weapons & Attachments

Gun Customization: Infinity brings with it a somewhat limited number of weapons. To compensate for that, it also introduces a lot of weapon attachments and colors. This gives the player an almost infinite number of weapon combinations to play and tinker with.

Check Out The Gun Customization: Infinity Mod Details Here!

Open Modular Turrets

Video from ChefJeremy

Compatible MinecraftMinecraft Java
Latest Version1.12.2
Required ModsForge
Contents- Custom turrets
- Custom blocks

Build Your Own Automated Turrets

Although technically not a "weapon" mod per se, Open Modular Turrets allows you to build turrets to guard your base. A very well done mod and can easily be installed.

Check Out The Open Modular Turret Mod Details Here!

Switch Bow

Video from WEWObw

Compatible MinecraftMinecraft Java
Latest Version1.6.4
Required ModsForge
Contents- Craftable Bow, and Crossbow
Custom Arrows

Switch Bow Custom Ammunition

Switch Bow introduces a collection of arrows with different effects for Minecraft. If you are into archery, this mod is for you! Most of the items included in this mod can be made from vanilla materials.

Switch Bow Mod Details

Vic's Modern Warfare Mod

Video from The Gamer Hobbit

Compatible MinecraftMinecraft Java
Latest Version1.12.2
Required ModsForge
Contents- Modern Guns, Ammunitions and,
Custom Armors

Introduction To Modern Guns

Vic's Modern Warfare Mod is a mod that introduces modern weapons to Minecraft. You can use these weapons to hunt or fight bosses in the base game or multiplayer. This mod also introduces mob spawns with guns.

Futuristic Gun Mods

Portal GunPortal Gun- Make 2 portals with the left and right mouse buttons
- Instant teleportation
- Well-made and designed to imitate the weapon from the "Portal" game series
Gravity GunGravity Gun- Mod inspired by the Gravity Gun in Half-life 2
- Grab blocks, zombies, and almost anything you can imagine from afar
- Fling grabbed objects to make highspeed projecticles

Portal Gun

Video from MrCrayfish

Compatible MinecraftMinecraft Java
Latest Version1.12.2
Required ModsForge
Contents- Working Portal Gun
- Can be used to teleport the player and other objects from point A to B

Make Point To Point Portals

The Portal gun introduces the titular weapon into the world of Minecraft. With this weapon/tool, you can teleport objects from 2 different points. The applications are endless and it's fun to experiment with.

Check Out The Portal Gun Mod Details Here!

Gravity Gun

Video from UltraUnit17

Compatible MinecraftMinecraft Java
Latest Version1.12.2
Required ModsForge
Contents- Pull objects from a distance
- Throw objects with extreme speed

Pull & Throw Objects Away

The Gravity Gun mod is a mod based on the popular Half-life 2 weapon. It can be used to grab objects from a distance, then throw them away with staggering speed. You can also use it as a tool to transport objects.

Check The Gravity Gun Mod Details Here!▲ Back to Table of Contents

Recommended Melee Weapon Mods

Medieval Melee Weapon Mods

Spartan WeaponrySpartan Weaponry- One of the best melee weapon mods
- Weapons are customizable and upgradeable
- Easy to install and frequently updated
Yoyos Mod - Mod DetailsYoyos- Different varieties of yoyos
- Ranged weapon that can shred enemies
- Does not heavily modify the game
Spartan Shields - Mod DetailsSpartan Shields- One of the best shield weapon mods
- Shields are enchantable
- Best used with Spartan Weaponry
Epic Fight ModEpic Fight Mod- Overhauls Minecraft's combat mechanics
- Introduces several craftable weapons

Spartan Weaponry

Video from The Gamer Hobbit

Compatible MinecraftMinecraft Java
Latest Version1.16.4
Required ModsForge
Contents- Great selection of weapons
- Also has bows and arrows

One Of The Largest Weapon Mods

If you fancy carrying medieval and ancient weapons, then this is your mod. Spartan Weaponry introduces a lot of melee weapons, bows, and crossbows. Each weapon can be upgraded and modified. Bolts and arrowheads are also very varied, introducing several effects to those that they hit.

Check Out Spartan Weaponry Mod Details Here!


Video from PopularMMOs

Compatible MinecraftMinecraft Java
Latest Version1.14.4
Required ModsForge
Contents- Craftable Yoyos
- Yoyos that can destroy anything

Defeat Enemies With Deadly Yoyos

As simple as its title, this mod allows players to craft Yoyos and use them in combat. These yoyos shred anything that they touch, making it similar to blasting enemies with laser.

Yoyos Mod Mod Details

Spartan Shields

Video from The Crusherhero

Compatible MinecraftMinecraft Java
Latest Version1.16.5
Required ModsForge
Contents- Craftable Shields
- New Enchantments

Diverse Collection Of Ancient Shields

Spartan Shields introduces a whole new arsenal of shields made for Minecraft. It is best used with the mod, Spartan Weaponry, a weapon mod from the same author. Most of these shields can be made from vanilla materials.

Spartan Shields Mod Details

Epic Fight Mod - Mod Overview

Video from yesman

Compatible MinecraftMinecraft Java
Latest Version1.16.5
Required ModsForge
Contents- New fight moves
- New weapons

Better Fights In Minecraft

Better Fights in Minecraft

Epic Fight Mod is a combat mod that completely overhauls how fights are done in Minecraft. With the press of a button, you can assume a fighting stance to unleash devastating attacks and combo moves on your opponents.

Epic Fight Mod Details

Fantasy Melee Weapon Mods

slashbladeSlashBlade- Introduces a collection of Katanas
- Comes with moves and combos
- Weapon can be forged, repaired, and improved
More Swords LegacyMore Swords Legacy- Introduces several powerful swords
- Includes swords from popular game franchises
Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba)Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba)- New moves and skins
- Unique questline
- Effects-filled combat


Video from Carbon Duck

Compatible MinecraftMinecraft Java
Latest Version1.11.12
Required ModsForge
Contents- Upgradeable Katanas
- Combos and special moves
- Sword racks
- Smithing and new materials

Katanas, Combos, & Smithing

SlashBlade is the mod to get if you're into Katanas and special moves. It comes with smithing and a great selection of unique swords that you can use to fight your enemies in Minecraft!

Check Out The SlashBlade Mod Details Here!

More Swords Legacy

Video from BeckBroJack

Compatible MinecraftMinecraft Java
Latest Version1.12.2
Required ModsForge
Contents- Unique selection of swords
- Smithing and crafting
- Enemies have a chance to drop special swords

Powerful Swords From Other Games

What if swords have their own special abilities and moves? That's a question that More Swords Legacy mod answers and it answers well. This mod allows the user to craft unique swords that have their own moves set and effects. Also, enemies have a chance to drop swords from other popular game franchises.

Check Out More Swords Legacy Mod Details Here!

Demon Slayer - Mod Overview

Video from Senpirates

Compatible MinecraftMinecraft Java
Latest Version1.16.5
Required ModsForge
Contents- New moves and skins
- Unique questline
- Effects-filled combat

Demon Slayer In Minecraft

Demon Slayer is a mod based on the famous "Kimetsu no Yaiba" manga and anime. It introduces several elements of the story to Minecraft, allowing players to relive and experience the conflicts and fights in spectacular fashion.

Check Out More Demon Slayer Details Here!▲ Back to Table of Contents

Recommended Explosive Weapons Mods

Explosive Mods

Guns, Rockets and Atomic ExplosionsGuns, Rockets and Atomic Explosions- Large nuclear explosions that can greatly affect surrounding terrain
- Includes a handful modern weapons
- Fairly new mod
HBM Nuclear Tech Mod ReloadedHBM's Nuclear Tech Mod Reloaded- Adds nukes and missiles
- You can make your own custom missile silo
- Comes with lots of weapons, resources, and structures

Guns, Rockets and Atomic Explosions

Video from CooL125

Compatible MinecraftMinecraft Java
Latest Version1.16.4
Required ModsForge
Contents- Atomic Bombs
- Rocket Launchers
- 6 Weapons

Atomic Bomb Rocket Launcher

If you want a mod that can create a mushroom cloud that affects a lot of blocks, then this is it. Guns, Rockets, and Atomic Explosions also adds more weapons and different ammo types.

Check Out Guns, Rockets and Atomic Explosions Mod Details Here!

HBM's Nuclear Tech Mod Reloaded

Video from HbmMods

Compatible MinecraftMinecraft Java
Latest Version1.7.10
Required ModsForge
Contents- Build your own missile silo
- Customize warheads and missile parts
- Includes armors, weapons, and building blocks

Make Your Own Missile Base

HBM's Nuclear Tech Mod allows you to build your own complex missile silo. It comes complete with the structures and the tools to even build your own missile. If you're thinking of making a large missile base, then this mod is a must have!

Check Out Nuclear Tech Mod Mod Details Here!▲ Back to Table of Contents

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