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Spartan Weaponry - Mod Details

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Check out this guide about the weapon mod Spartan Weaponry in Minecraft 2021! Know its details, how to install & play, and Minecraft version compatibility!

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Spartan Weaponry - Mod Overview

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AuthorsObliviousSpartan, xwerffx
Date PublishedSeptember 16, 2017
Mod CategoryWeapon Mod
Required ModsForge
Curios API (Forge)

Diverse Collection Of Ancient Weapons


A whole new arsenal of weaponry made for Minecraft. Inspired by Balkon's WeaponMod, it adds new versions of weapons from that mod, as well expanding the arsenal with a bunch of original weapons, including a variety of swords, polearms, blunt and ranged weapons. Most of these weapons can be made from the five vanilla tool materials.

Being Ready For War With Spartan Weaponry


Each type of weapon from this mod has different properties that help with combat in certain situations, such as extended reach, damage bonuses, etc. This makes your hunt easier and safer!

Mod Showcase Video

Video from The Gamer Hobbit

How To Craft Spartan Weaponry

Basic Materials

To craft any weapon in the mod, you will need to make either a Handle or a Pole.

Handles can be crafted individually with a piece of string or 4 at a time using either leather or wool. The Leather in the above recipe can be substituted for Wool of any color.
Poles can be crafted in a similar way. Of course, the Wool in the Pole recipe can be substituted for Leather.
Explosive Charges
You can also craft Explosive Charges, which are used in Explosive Arrows and Dynamite.

New Weapons To Play With!

Craft your weapons using Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond and Netherite!

Bladed Weapons:

dagger1 Fast attack speed, but low damage. Can be thrown at foes in a pinch.
Properties: Throwable
longsword1 Stronger damage, but slightly slower attack speed.
Properties: Two-Handed I & Sweep I
greatsword1 High damage, extended reach and deals full damage to multiple foes. Unwieldy and slightly slow attack speed.
Properties: Reach I, Sweep III & Two-Handed II
katana1 Faster attack speed, but deals fairly low damage. Does more damage to foes without chest armor.
Properties: Chest Damage Bonus & Two-Handed I
saber1Slightly faster attack speed, but deals slightly low damage. Does more damage to foes without chest armor.
Properties: Chest Damage Bonus, Damage Absorption & Sweep I
rapier1 Significantly faster attack speed, but deals quite low damage. Does significantly more damage to foes without any armor.
Properties: Unarmored Damage Bonus & Damage Absorption

Blunt Weapons:

quarterstaff1 Low damage but very cheap to craft. Now available in other materials!
Properties: Sweep II & Reach I
club1Average damage for wood, though slightly slow. Can be crafted without the need of a crafting table. Can be upgraded to a Studded Club, for better damage.
Properties: Nauseous Blow
Battle Hammer
Note: Hammer on previous versions
battlehammer1High Damage, but very slow to use. Can knock foes back further away.
Properties: Enhanced Knockback & Nauseous Blow
warhammer1 Average damage, but quite slow attack speed. Has 50% armor piercing damage.
Properties: Armor Piercing & Two-Handed I
Note: Caestus on previous versions
cestus1 Very fast attack speed, but also very low attack damage. Can be upgraded to the Studded Cestus for increased damage.
Properties: Quick Strike

Polearm Weapons:

spear1 Slightly slow attack speed and slightly low damage, but the attack can hit foes from further away.
Properties: Reach I
halberd1 High Damage, but quite slow attack speed. Has extended reach and can breach the foe's shield.
Properties: Shield Breach, Reach I & Two-Handed II
pike1 Slightly low attack damage and slightly slow attack speed. Has a longer reach than other polearms, such as the Spear.
Properties: Reach II & Two-Handed I
lance1 Average damage, but quite slow attack speed. Does extra damage when the user is riding a mob or entity like a Horse.
Properties: Reach I, Damage Bonus & Sweep I
1.12.2 Recipe
1.14.4+ Recipe lance3

Ranged Weapons:

longbow1 An upgraded version of the vanilla Minecraft Bow. Has extra range and damage, but takes a bit longer to draw fully.
Longbow Arrows
Heavy Crossbow
Note: Crossbow on previous versions
heavycrossbow1 A ranged weapon with does significant damage, and has a better range than a Longbow. Needs to be loaded before every shot.
Uses Bolts as ammo. Bolts come in Iron or Diamond variants. Bolts can also be tipped like Arrows can, as well as having Glowstone applied to them to make Spectral Bolts.
1.12.2 Recipe heavycrossbow2
1.14.4+ Recipe heavycrossbow3
Heavy Crossbow Bolts
Bolt Recipes:
Throwing Knife
throwingknife1 Throwing weapon which has average range and damage. Not recommended to use for melee fights. Stackable up to 16 for 1.14.4!
Properties: Throwable & Damage Bonus (thrown)
Note: Throwing Axe on previous versions
tomahawk1 Throwing weapon which has lower range but higher damage. Not recommended to use for melee fights. Stackable up to 8 for 1.14.4!
Properties: Throwable & Damage Bonus (thrown)
javelin1 Throwing weapon which has a long range and decent damage. Not recommended to use for melee fights. Stackable up to 4 for 1.14.4 only!
Properties: Throwable & Damage Bonus (thrown)

Miscellaneuous Item

dynamite Dynamite can be lobbed at a short distance to either blow up your enemies or cause some damage to the terrain. Detonates after 3 seconds. Terrain damage can be disabled by the (mobGriefing) Gamerule or in the config file.
Quivers passively provide Arrows or Bolts to the player from their own inventory (if there is any available) when they equip the appropriate weapon.

IMPORTANT: You need to place Arrows or Bolts into the appropriate Quiver before you can use them. Just right click the Quiver in your main hand to access the Quivers inventory.

Bows (including the Vanilla Bow and most modded Bows) for the Arrow Quiver and Crossbows for the Bolt Quiver.Arrow Quiver
1.12.2 version arrowquiver2
1.14.4+ version arrowquiver3
Bolt Quiver
1.12.2 version boltquiver2
1.14.4+ version boltquiver3

Weapons from beta-1.2.0

boomerang1 Throwing weapon that returns to the thrower, regardless of if it encounters an obstacle. Now bounces off of surfaces for 1.14.4 only!
Properties: Throwable
battleaxe1 A hard hitting and heavy weapon that also doubles as a wood chopping tool.
Properties: Two Handed I & Versatile (Axe)
mace1 A slightly slow but average damaging weapon that does extra damage to undead mobs.
Properties: Damage Bonus (Undead)

Weapons from beta-1.3.0

glaive1 A somewhat slow weapon with average damage, extended reach and the ability to hit non-direct foes with 50% normal damage in a sweep.
Properties: Two-Handed I, Reach I & Sweep II
1.12.2 Recipe glaive2
1.14.4+ Recipe glaive3

Spartan Weaponry - Weapons Properties

ThrowableWeapons with this trait can be thrown at foes, dealing the weapon's damage to the foe it hits.

Applies to the Dagger, Throwing Knife, Throwing Axe and the Javelin
Two-HandedWeapons with this trait are rather cumbersome to carry around and are optimally used with both hands. Attempting to use any item in your offhand will result in a Mining Fatigue effect being inflicted to the player.

Two-Handed I will inflict Mining Fatigue II, while Two-Handed II will inflict Mining Fatigue III.

Applies to the Longsword (I), Katana (I), Greatsword (II), Warhammer (I), Halberd (II) and the Pike (I)
Damage BonusInflicts bonus damage to foes, depending if they have certain armor equipped or not.

Applies to the Katana (2x to foes without Chestplate), Saber (Same as Katana), Rapier (3x to foes without any armor) and the Lance (2x to foes while the user is riding something like a horse)
Damage AbsorptionAbsorbs 25% of weapon damage inflicted to the user as durability damage to the weapon.

Applies to the Saber and Rapier
ReachWeapons with this trait , due to their length, are able to hit foes from further away.

Reach II increases the hit distance even further.

Applies to the Greatsword (I), Spear (I), Halberd (I), Pike (II) and the Lance (I)
Sweep (formerly Wide Attack)[1.14.4]
Weapons with this trait will inflict 1 attack damage (for level I), half attack damage (for level II) or full attack damage (for level III) to all targets that get hit by the sweep attack. Weapons without this trait will not have any sweep attack at all.

Applies to the Longsword(I), Saber(I), Greatsword (III), Lance(I), Glaive (II) and Quarterstaff (II)

[1.12.2 only]
Weapons with this property will inflict half attack damage (for level I) or full attack damage (for level II) to all targets that get hit by the sweep attack.

Applies to the Greatsword (II), Glaive (I) and Quarterstaff (I)
Enhanced KnockbackWeapons with this trait will knock foes further away.

Applies to the Hammer
Nauseous BlowInflicts the Nausea II effect on a foes the weapon hits for 5 seconds.

Applies to the Club and the Hammer
Armor Piercing50% of the damage from a the weapon ignores the foe's armor.

Applies to the Warhammer
Shield BreachHas a chance to make a foes shield unusable for a period of time, just like using an axe does.

Also works on Shields from other mods, like my own Spartan Shields.

Applies to the Halberd
Quick StrikeShortens the struck foe's hurt resistance time, enabling the weapon using this property to hit the foe much more frequently than normal.

Applies to the Caestus
Versatile (Axe)The weapon with this trait can be used as an axe.

Applies to the Battleaxe

Use Materials To Craft Weapons


You can use Spartan Weaponry mod to defend yourself or attack enemies. This mod gives you a pool of weapons that have different uses and are now compatible with these modded materials (as of beta 1-1):

  • Copper
  • Tin
  • Bronze
  • Steel
  • Silver
  • Invar
  • Platinum
  • Electrum
  • Nickel
  • Lead

Updates & Compatibility

Update History & Changelogs

January 01, 2021

This version is already compatible with Minecraft version 1.16.5, so I've changed the supported versions to reflect this. It should now show up in the CurseForge client now when making a 1.16.5 instance!


  • Fix a null entity crash when a Creeper explodes and kills an entity, calling a LootingLevelEvent in the process. This was a result of a null DamageSource being passed into the event (fixes issues #150 and #155)
  • Fixes duping bugs with Boomerangs when being blocked behind a door (or Bamboo), and spawning two items (fixes issue #156)


  • Added additional localizations for potion effects from Upgrade Aquatic, Autumnity, Potions Master & Eidolon. Also fixed localizations for Cyclic

Changes In Version "2.1.0-beta-2":


  • Added config options to disable Longbows and Heavy Crossbows. These weren't added before due to an oversight (fixes issue #151)
  • Attempted to fix a null entity crash when a Creeper explodes and kills an entity, calling a LootingLevelEvent in the process (this should've fixed issues #150 and #155, but it didn't)
  • Villagers will no longer trade weapons, disabled in the config (fixes issue #152)
  • Adjusted how Weaponsmith and End City loot is injected in each type of chest. Each loot injection now require names to prevent conflicts with other mods (should fix issue #154)
  • Added a teleportation time to all throwing weapons to hopefully prevent duping issues when going through portals (should fix issue #156)


  • Added additional localizations for potion effects from Cyclic and Apotheosis
  • Changed the mods.toml file to allow version 1.16.3 versions of Minecraft & Forge to run this mod. Just be aware, that this mod was built using 1.16.4 and there may be some bugs/crashes present that don't exist in the 1.16.4 version due to changes in either Minecraft or Forge.

Changes In Version "2.1.0-beta-1":


Netherite Weapons! Can be upgraded from their Diamond varieties using a Netherite Ingot in a Smithing Table.

  • A keybind is now available that allows the player to access the inventory of the Quiver while equipped in a Curios slot or on the hotbar.
  • Villager trading for Weaponsmith and Fletchers!
  • Weaponsmith: Iron melee weapons (Level 1 and 2), Diamond melee weapons (Level 3 and 4), Enchanted Diamond melee weapons (Level 5)
  • Fletcher: Iron Longbow, Heavy Crossbow, and Bolts (Level 3) and Enchanted Diamond Longbow or Heavy Crossbow (Level 5)
  • A new config option to disable spawning Zombies with certain weapons from this mod.
  • Rendering Quivers on the players back is, well, back! You just need to equip them on the Back Curios slot for them to show up.

Quiver Tweaks:

There are quite a few quality-of-life tweaks made for Quivers.

  • Quivers will now move the item in the off-hand slot to the nearest available empty slot in the players inventory when equipping an appropriate Bow or Heavy Crossbow. The item will then be moved back when the appropriate weapon is unequipped.
  • The HUD will now show the first appropriate quiver that can be accessed at any time. It also shows the current button that you can use to access it's inventory. This element will be overridden when equipping a Bow or Heavy Crossbow with a different Quiver type that is different to the first one found.

Version Compatibility


How To Install Spartan Weaponry

Mod Download Links

Mod DownloadCurseForge
Required ModsCurse Forge
(!) Install the version required by the mod

Steps To Install

1Download Forge 1.16.5
>> Forge download page
2Download Spartan Weaponry on CurseForge. Select the latest version
>> Download from CurseForge
3Run the Forge Java file
*there is no need to change the install directory if you used the default directory to install Minecraft
4Transfer the mod .jar files to your Minecraft's mod folder
>> Know how to access it here
5Run "Minecraft Launcher"
6Select the Forge version that you want to play on. In this case, select "Forge 1.16.5"
7Press "Play" to run Minecraft with the mods

Requires Other Mods

You need to install Curious API (Forge) for you to be able to run this mod. Download the required Forge version and just place it together with the Spartan Weaponry mod inside your mod folder and you're good to go!

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