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Check out this guide about the best weapon mod Spartan Shields in Minecraft 2021! Know details, how to install, crafting recipes, enchantments, and its Minecraft version 1.17 compatibility!!!

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Spartan Shields - Mod Overview

Date PublishedOctober 15, 2016
Mod CategoryWeapon Mod
Required ModsForge

Diverse Collection Of Ancient Shields

shield collection

Spartan Shields introduces a whole new arsenal of shields made for Minecraft. It is best used with the mod, Spartan Weaponry, a weapon mod from the same author. Most of these shields can be made from vanilla materials.

Get Ready For War With Spartan Shields

using shields

Each type of shield from this mod has a different protection level that helps with combat in certain situations. You can also attack with the shield, using it to bash your foes. To do this, block by holding right-click, then follow by pressing a left-click. Use this as an alternative way to attack using the shield to fend off enemies!

Mod Showcase Video

Video from The Crusherhero!!!

Spartan Shields Enchantments

How To Enchant Your Shields

enchantment table

To add an enchantment to your Spartan shields, you can use the same method for enchanting vanilla items. You can do this by placing the item on an enchantment table and then choosing the enchantment to be added.

How To Enchant Items

You Can Also Use Anvils


Also, you can enchant your Spartan shields by using an anvil. Do this by interacting with an anvil first then combine your shield and an enchantment book.

Enchantments Available

Vanilla Enchantments:

UnbreakingGives a chance for an item to avoid durability reduction when used.
KnockbackIncreases the pushback distance when using the Shield.

New Enchantments

Enchantment (Max Level)Description
(Level 3)
Blocking now has a chance to inflict damage to any mob that attacks you.
(Level 2)
Shield bashing causes the hit target to catch fire. The higher the level, the longer the duration of the fire.
(Level 4)
Blocking absorbs 50% of the damage to the shield. This enchantment boosts the damage of the Shield Bash. It also increases the max damage that the Shield can absorb by 2 points per level.

Updates & Compatibility

Update History & Changelogs

April 29, 2021

Compatibility Fixes:

  • Changed the version required for Botania from "409" to "1.16.3-409". This should fix any compatibility issues people are having with newer versions of Minecraft Forge.

Misc Tweaks:

  • Re-coloured the Bronze Shields slightly to use a new palette that I think looks better in my opinion. This will be more obvious when in the next major Spartan Weaponry release.
  • Updated Forge version to 36.1.2 on Minecraft 1.16.5


  • Fixed the attribute values for Obsidian Shields. They were supposed to give a 30% decrease in speed, rather than a 70% increase. Oops.
  • Removed the Lexica Botania extension data from this mod, at least temporarily. This is due to the Patchouli mod (that the Lexica Botania uses to make the book work) being in more widespread use amongst other mods. If Botania isn't installed but Patchouli is, then it causes serious issues including lag and crashing. If you want this back, I'll consider making a data pack that will restore this. Just keep in mind that this requires both Spartan Shields and Botania to be installed to use it correctly.


  • Reduced the console spam when attempting to stitching textures (which is used for adding the Tower Shield textures). It should only come up once when the Tower Shield textures has been added now.


  • Netherite Strengthened Shield - Can be upgraded from a Diamond Reinforced Shield in a Smithing Table by using a Netherite Ingot
  • Netherite Tower Shield - Same as above but using a Diamond Tower Shield instead
  • JEI Integration - Hang on a sec, what would we need JEI integration for? Simple. It adds a recipe category that shows how to apply banners to shields.

Version Compatibility


How To Install Spartan Shields

Mod Download Links

Mod DownloadCurseForge
Required ModsCurse Forge
(!) Install the version required by the mod

Steps To Install

1Download Forge 1.16.5
>> Forge download page
2Download Spartan Shields on CurseForge. Select the latest version
>> Download from CurseForge
3Run the Forge Java file
*there is no need to change the install directory if you used the default directory to install Minecraft
4Transfer the mod .jar files to your Minecraft's mod folder
>> Know how to access it here
5Run "Minecraft Launcher"
6Select the Forge version that you want to play on. In this case, select "Forge 1.16.5"
7Press "Play" to run Minecraft with the mods

Does Not Require Other Mods

You do not need to install any other mod for you to be able to run this mod. Download the required Forge version and just place it together with the Spartan Shields mod inside your mod folder and you're good to go!

Other Similar Mods

Mods Similar To Spartan Shields

Spartan Weaponry

Video from The Gamer Hobbit!!!

Compatible MinecraftMinecraft Java
Latest Version1.16.5
Required Mods- Forge
- Curios API (Forge)
Contents- Craftable Weapons
- New Enchantments

A whole new arsenal of weaponry made for Minecraft. Inspired by Balkon's WeaponMod, it adds new versions of weapons from that mod, as well expanding the arsenal with a bunch of original weapons, including a variety of swords, polearms, blunt and ranged weapons.

Spartan Weaponry - Mod Details & Crafting Recipes

Mod info, details, and some images are from Curse Forge!!!

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