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MrCrayfish's Gun Mod - Crafting Recipes & Enchantments

MrCrayfish's Gun Mod - Crafting Recipes & Enchantments | Minecraft Mod Guide

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MrCrayfish's Gun Mod - Crafting Recipes & Enchantments | Minecraft Mod Guide - GameWith
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Read this guide on the weapon mod MrCrayfish's Gun Mod in Minecraft 2021. Know mod details, crafting recipes, enchantments, how to reload, & Minecraft 1.17 version compatibility!!!

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MrCrayfish's Gun - Mod Overview

Date PublishedJuly 4, 2018
Mod CategoryWeapon Mods
Required ModsForge

Vanilla Weapon Mod

MrCrayfish Gun Mod

MrCrayfish's Gun Mod is a pretty vanilla weapon mod that adds attachments and customization. It is pretty well-made and also introduces aim-down sights, and color customization. MrCrayfish's Gun Mod also comes with a clean UI and weapon enchantments.

Other MrCrayfish Mods

Requires Obfuscate Mod


MrCrayfish's Gun Mod requires only 2 files: the mod itself and Obfuscate. Once you install Forge, you need to have both of the same files inside your mod directory to run MrCrayfish's Gun Mod. Remember to check the version compatibility between the 2 mods to ensure proper execution.

>> Download Obfuscate on CurseForge

Mod Showcase Video

Video from MrCrayfish!!!

MrCrayfish Gun Mod Enchantments - How To & Details

New Weapon Enchantments

As of version 1.00, MrCrayfish's Gun Mod has introduced several new enchantments that you can use on your guns. These can enchantments are also compatible with Supports Enchantment Decriptions mod.

MrCrayfish Gun Mod Enchantment List

Quick HandsIncreases the speed of reloading weapons
Trigger FingerIncreases the speed you can fire weapons
LightweightReduces the weight of a weapon to increase ADS speed
CollateralMakes fired bullets travel through multiple enemies
Over CapacityIncreases the ammo capacity of a weapon
ReclaimCreates a chance that a bullet won't be consumed upon firing a weapon
AcceleratorIncreases the speed of fired bullets
PuncturingCreates a chance that a bullet will deal critical damage
Fire StarterFired bullets will set blocks and entities on fire upon impact
How To Enchant Items Guide

MrCrayfish Gun Mod Crafting Recipes

Requires A Workbench

Requires a workbench

MrCrayfish's Gun Mod's guns, attachments, and ammunition all require a Workbench to craft. You can make a Workbench using the materials written below:

Workbench Materials

  • Iron Ingot x 5
  • Light Gray Concrete x 3

Guns - Crafting Recipes

PistolIron Ingot x 14
MinigunIron Ingot x 38
Machine PistolIron Ingot x 20
Grenade LauncherIron Ingot x 32
Heavy RifleIron Ingot x 36
RifleIron Ingot x 24
Assault RifleIron Ingot x 38
ShotgunIron Ingot x 24
BazookaIron Ingot x 44
Redstone Dust x 4
Red Dye x 1

Attachments - Crafting Recipes

Light GripIron Ingot x 4
Gray Wool x 1
Specialized GripIron Ingot x 8
Gray Wool x 1
Short ScopeIron Ingot x 2
Redstone x 2
Glass Pane x 1
Medium ScopeIron Ingot x 4
Redstone x 4
Glass Pane x 1
Long ScopeIron Ingot x 6
Glass Pane x 2
Black Dye x 1
Light StockIron Ingot x 6
Gray Wool x 1
Tactical StockIron Ingot x 8
Gray Wool x 1
Weighted StockIron Ingot x 12
Gray Wool x 1
SilencerIron Ingot x 4
Sponge x 1

Ammo - Crafting Recipes

Basic Bullet x 32Iron Nugget x 8
Gunpowder x 2
Shell x 24Iron Nugget x 4
Gold Nugget x 1
Gunpowder x 1
Grenade x 2Iron Ingot x 1
Gunpowder x 4
MissileIron Ingot x 2
Gunpowder x 4
Advanced Bullet x 16Iron Nugget x 4
Gunpowder x 1
Stun Grenade x 2Glowstone Dust x 4
Gunpowder x 2
Iron Ingot x 1

How To Reload In MrCrayfish Gun Mod

Only In Survival Mode


The default key to reload your weapon in MrCrayfish's Gun Mod is "R". Note that you can only do this if you have ammo in your inventory and only in Survival Mode. Guns have unlimited ammo in Creative Mode. Also, note that some versions of MrCrayfish's Gun Mod have a bug that prevents reloading.

Updates & Compatibility

Update History & Changelogs

March 3, 2021

  • Added pt_br language support (Thanks Mikerliro)
  • Added zh_cn language support (Thanks kemoyue)
  • Updated ru_ru language support (Thanks Smollet777)
  • Fixed unloading weapons giving more ammo than it should
  • Fixed grenades being consumed even when not thrown (Thanks Ocelot)
  • Fixed bullet trails not being removed after projectile is removed

Version Compatibility


How To Install MrCrayfish's Gun

Mod Download Links

Mod DownloadCurseForge
Required ModsCurse Forge
(!) Install the version required by the mod

Steps To Install

1Download Forge 1.15.2 or 1.12.2
>> Forge download page
2Download the MrCrayfish's Mod on CurseForge or on his official site. Select the latest version
> Download from CurseForge
> Download from MrCrayfish's site
3Download the Obfuscate mod. Choose the version that is compatible with MrCrayfish's gun mod
> Download from CurseForge
4Run the Forge Java file
*there is no need to change the install directory if you used the default directory to install Minecraft
5Transfer the mod .jar files to your Minecraft's mod folder
>> Know how to access it here
6Run "Minecraft Launcher"
7Select the Forge version that you want to play on. In this case, select "Forge 1.15.2" or "Forge 1.12.2"
8Press "Play" to run Minecraft with the mods

Requires Obfuscate Mod

In order for MrCrayfish's Gun Mod to run properly, you need to also have the Obfuscate mod inside the mod directory. Note that you need to make sure that both mods' compatible Minecraft version are the same.

Obfuscate Mod (Forge)

Other Similar Mods

Mods Similar To MrCrayfish's Gun

Gun Customization: Infinity Mod

Video from CraftStones!!!

Compatible MinecraftMinecraft Java
Latest Version1.15.2
Required ModsForge
Contents- 6 Weapons
- Great variety & selection of attachments

Gun Customization: Infinity brings with it a somewhat limited number of weapons. To compensate for that, it also introduces a lot of weapon attachments and colors. This gives the player an almost infinite number of weapon combinations to play and tinker with.

Check Out The Gun Customization: Infinity Mod Details Here!

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It doesn't work

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How do I enchant CGM's gun with commands? I'm trying to make a gun with trigger finger lvl 10, but I've tried many options that don't work: trigger_finger, Trigger_finger, Trigger_Finger and even tried to replace id with cgm in the enchant command, but nothing works.

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