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All Difficulty Levels List & Differences | Minecraft Mod Guide - GameWith
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Know more about the difficulty levels available to play in Minecraft 2021! Know more on difficulty differences to easily choose the best difficulty setting for your playthrough and more!!!

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Differences Between Difficulty Levels

Difficulty Available In Survival Mode

Differences Between Difficulty Levels

Minecraft features 4 different difficulties in its Survival Mode. These difficulties are Peaceful, Easy, Normal, & Hard. Each difficulty will slowly ramp up how tough the game is by modifying or enabling different elements in the game.

Peaceful Difficulty Details

Peaceful Difficulty Details

Hostile Enemies Do Not Spawn

In Peaceful Mode, hostile enemies will not spawn. This will remove the dangers of the night, and allow you to venture forth and mine, collect resources to your heart's content!

Heal Over Time

You will only be able to take damage from environmental hazards such as lava, fall damage, and not breathing underwater. However, your Health will regenerate over time!

Never Go Hungry

You do not have to worry about your hunger in Peaceful Mode as it never depletes. This means that you do not need to look for and cook food to keep yourself healthy.

Easy Difficulty Details

Easy Difficulty Details

Hostile Enemies Spawn

Hostile enemies will now spawn at night, and in dark places. However, they only do a bit of damage and do not cause harmful status effects such as poisoning.

You Will Get Hungry

Over time, your hunger will start to deplete, and will require you to look for food. Having a depleted food bar will damage your health over time, and will lower your health to 5 hearts.

Heal Over Time Using Stamina

You will not be able to automatically heal over time when taking damage. You will need to look for and cook food in order to replenish your health by eating.

Normal Difficulty Details

Normal Difficulty Details

Enemies Cause Status Effects

Hostile enemies that spawn deal the normal amount of damage to you, and have a chance to give you status effects such as the Poisoned status.

Hunger Lowers Your Health Further

Your food bar will start to deplete after a certain amount of time. Once it has been completely depleted, it will damage you over time. It will bring your health down to 0.5 hearts if you do not tend to it.

Hard Difficulty Details

Hard Difficulty Details

Enemies Do Much More Damage

Hostile enemies that spawn will deal much more damage to you compared to the enemies in the Normal difficulty. They also inflict status effects on you so be prepared if you're planning to face them!

You Can Die From Hunger

When your food bar has been fully depleted, you will start to take damage over time. If you do not attend to this matter at once, you will eventually die of hunger in the game.

Hardcore Game Mode Details

Hardcore Mode Details

Aside from the difficulties in Survival Mode, there is also the Hardcore Game Mode. This is its own game mode with a few twists to keep you on your toes when surviving out in the world!

Hardcore Mode Features

World Is Set To Hard Difficulty

The world will always be set to Hard difficulty. This means that you can die from hunger, and enemies can do tons of damage. You will not be able to change the difficulty of Hardcore Mode in the menu.

One Life Only

One Life Only

In Hardcore mode, you are given only one life. This means that if you die at any point during your playthrough, the game is over. You will have the option to "Spectate World" or "Delete World".

How To Choose Hardcore Mode

Step 1: Create A New World

Create A New World

Once you are at the select world screen, choose to "Create A New World".

Step 2: Choose Hardcore Game Mode

Choose Hardcore Game Mode

Once you are creating your new world, click the "Game Mode" button to cycle to the Hardcore Mode. Pressing the "Create New World" button will then create the Hardcore game mode for you. Good luck!

Which Difficulty Should You Choose?

Things To Remember About Difficulty

All Difficulties Unlocked By Default

Since all of the difficulties are unlocked by default, you will be able to choose which difficulty to play in as soon as you boot up the game for the first time.

Change Difficulty In-Game (Survival Mode Only)

Change Difficulty Mid-Game

If you are having a tough time in your playthrough, worry not! With the exception to Hardcore Mode, you will be able to change the difficulty of the game in the Options tab in the menu of the Survival Mode.

Peaceful Difficulty For Relaxing Experience

Peaceful Difficulty For Relaxing Experience

Peaceful Mode puts an emphasis on exploration, and take away the elements that can hinder you from checking out every nook and cranny in the map. If you want to wander around Minecraft's huge world, this is for you!

Easy Difficulty For Learning The Ropes

Easy Difficulty For Learning The Ropes

Easy difficulty will introduce enemies and hunger into your playthrough. This will help teach you the basics of fighting or avoiding enemies, and looking for food to satiate your hunger. A great difficulty for mastering the ropes!

Normal Difficulty For A Balanced Game

Normal Difficulty For A Balanced Game

Normal difficulty will challenge you to balance both the exploration and survival aspects of the game. If you are looking to get the standard Minecraft experience, then this difficulty is for you!

Hard Difficulty To Test Your Limits

Hard Difficulty To Test Your Limits

Hard difficulty will not hold your hand anymore. It's basically you against the world. If you are looking for a challenge, then this mode is perfect for it.

Hardcore Mode For The Ultimate Challenge

Hardcore Mode For The Ultimate Challenge

The Hardcore Mode will be the ultimate test for you and your skills! This mode is only recommended for those who have mastered all there is to know about Minecraft!

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