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All Korok Seeds Locations & Interactive Map

BotW | All Korok Seeds Locations & Interactive Map | Zelda Breath Of The Wild

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BotW | All Korok Seeds Locations & Interactive Map | Zelda Breath Of The Wild - GameWith

This is the Korok Seeds guide for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Includes how to get, locations, interactive map, tips, how to use, inventory expansion, & more!

Table of Contents

Korok Seeds Interactive Map

All Korok Seeds Location

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List of Locations By Area

Korok Seed Location

Korok Seed Locations By Region

Korok Seed Local Map
Great Plateau TowerDueling Peaks Tower
Hateno TowerCentral Tower
Lanayru TowerAkkala Tower
Eldin TowerWoodland Tower
Hebra TowerTabantha Tower
Ridgeland TowerGerudo Tower
Wasteland TowerLake Tower
Faron TowerHyrule Castle

The Koroks inside the Hyrule Castle are included in the Central Tower area but the castle structure is complicated and it is difficult to understand on a flat map so we prepared a page specialized for this.

Korok Forest - How To Get & Shrine Location

How To Get Korok Seeds

Korok Seeds Walkthrough

Solve Puzzles To Make Korok Seeds Appear

Under The Rock

Under The Rock

A pattern appears when a small rock is lifted. Small rocks can be found in rocks, which can be cracked open by Remote Bomb, on trees, and where dead leaves were burned. Make sure to check possible locations and explore suspicious places. Usually, unnatural small rocks placed on top of the mountain or in the middle of something are likely to have Korok Seeds.

Rolling Rock

Rolling Rock

If there is a hole on the ground, Korok Seed appears when the rolling rock got in the hole. The rolling rocks are typically placed at a place around the hole so put them into the hole. In some places, it is necessary to throw them with Stasis so consider the locations before carrying rocks.

Throwing Rock

Throwing Rock

Mainly found in rivers, but Korok seeds appear when a rock is thrown into the nearby rock pillars in the form of a circle. Sometimes, you will not be able to reach by throwing it normally, in which case, it is recommended to use Cryonis to keep the distance.

▲It might work with Stasis, but this requires several tries.

Arranging Rocks

Arranging Rocks

Some Korok seeds are hidden in the places where the patterns are drawn with small rocks. There are many places that could be puzzling but this pattern always has small rocks hidden somewhere nearby. Look for it and place the rock according to the rule. Most of the figures have something missing and it is easy to understand when viewed from above.

Putting The Fruit

Putting The Fruit

As the image above, Korok seeds appear by placing fruits and materials according to the rule. The basic rule is to place the same thing as on the left and right, but if it is not on the left or right, the pattern is often to place a special product of the area. Not only fruits, there are places where you need to place Rusty Shields or Hard-Boiled Eggs.

Special Cases

※Typically, apple is used. But sometimes, it introduces an area with special patterns.

Area Place Fruit / Material
Around Yiga Clan Hideout
Around Karusa Valley
Mighty Bananas
Around Faron TowerHearty Durian
Around TabanthaSpicy Pepper

Goal Within The Time Limit

Goal Within The Time Limit

When you get on a stump with a leaf mark, a ring will appear somewhere. If you are able to reach it within the time limit, Korok seed will appear. Basically, most of the rings appear at a distance from the stump, so it is recommended to use Revali's Gale or increase Stamina Wheel. Depending on the location, there are places where you can not make it unless you use Shield Surf.

Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle

There are two pillars and one of them is missing one block, you have to fit a nearby block to make it identical to the other. Some of the blocks are sunk in the water, so use Magnesis to get them from underwater.

TipsIn some places, the two pillars are placed far from each other which makes it difficult to know which form to match. If you find a block, just try to fit.

Korok Flower

A Pattern That Appears One By One

Korok Flower

Korok Flower is blooming and when you touch it, the next Korok Flower appears nearby. Follows the flower as it forms a pattern. Eventually, a white flower appears and when you touch it, the Korok Seed will appear. There is no time limit so take your time to solve it.

A Pattern of Touching In Order of Number of Flowers

Touch The Pattern In Order

This pattern is that 1 to 5 are placed in a bundle. In this case, Korok seed appears when touching the bundles in order of 1 to 5 straightforward. This is one of the relatively easy patterns, as each one is not far away from the other.

Putting The Iron Ball In

Putting The Iron Ball

An iron ball connected to a chain attached to a stump. If you put the iron ball into the stump with Magnesis, a Korok Seed will appear. Be sure to check around when you found stumps with holes.



If you check the part where the leaves are glowing, Korok seed appears. There are several types of glitter but most of them don't sparkle unless you get close to them. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the rule and explore all suspicious places.

Type Overview
Moving TypeGlitters moving in a specific place. It can be seen from a distance and not difficult to be found.
Tip TypeGlitters appear at the tip of trees, poles, rooftops. and other places. Since they are not visible from a distance, it is difficult to find them.
Ice-shaped TypeGlitters appear by melting ice. Since they are not visible unless you melt all of them, the difficulty of finding them is high.



Korok seed appears by passing through a ring made by flowers in a river or waterfall. It is okay to jump from the cliff or move with Paraglider. But If the place you fall is not high enough, you will fail, so be aware that you need to fall from a high place.



A pattern in which Korok seeds appear by destroying small Acorns. Acorns are often hung under bridges or buildings, and some are buried in tree trunks. It could be challenging to find unless you use Korok Mask.

Friut Puzzle

Fruit Puzzle

Three trees are lined up side by side, two of which have only one apple while the other has multiple apples. If you take the apple from the one

with multiple apples to match them in the same number, a Korok seed will appear.
TipsIf you try to remove the apples by climbing a tree, the probability of getting wrong apples is high. (And you cannot try again for a while if you fail).
It'd be better if you shoot the apples one by one with a bow carefully. If you hit the tree while shooting, you can collect the arrows back.

Target Balloons & Acorn

Pattern of Balloons Appearing At All Times

Pattern of balloons appearing at all times

Korok seed appears by shooting a target balloon with a bow. They are often placed in blind spots like behind rocks or under bridges.

Pattern That Appears Near The Windmill

There is also a pattern in which the targets appear when you go near the windmill. The balloons are easy to deal with but if the target is an Acorn, it could be challenging. In the case of Acorns, you can stop them with Stasis to save arrows.

Tips For Collecting Korok Seeds

Korok Mask Makes It Easier

Use Korok Mask When Collecting

▲When a Korok seed is nearby, the mask will shake and make sounds.

The Korok Mask can be obtained only from DLC, but it'd be convenient If you have one when collecting. And, it is recommended to use the ▲Interactive Map, that you can put pins in most places, and equip the mask to make it easier to find the locations.

Transportation Means Are Required

Searching for Korok seeds requires you to explore great distances. For convenience, you should increase the movement speed with buffs or get the Master Cycle Zero.

Recommended Transportation Means

Means Overview
Foods / Elixirs
to Speed Up
Increasing the movement speed will increase the speed of search.
Master Cycle Zero Exclusive for DLC and needs to complete multiple shrines & bosses, but it is valuable for exploration. This is the equipment you should have before collecting all Korok seeds. Also, it moves a wider range than a horse.

The Required Amount of Korok Seeds and How To Use

Use For Inventory Expansion

Use For Inventory Expansion

The main use of Korok seeds is inventory expansion. By handing it to Hestu, you can extend your inventory enabling for more slots for weapons, shields, and bows.

441 Korok Seeds Needed For Inventory Expansion

The amount of Korok seeds required to expand each inventory to the maximum is 441 pieces.

Required Amount
Weapon InventoryCan be expanded for 11 times
Number required for expansion
1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 12, 17, 25, 35, 45, 55
Bow InventoryCan be expanded for 8 times
Number required for expansion
1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 12, 17, 25
Shield InventoryCan be expanded for 16 times
Number required for expansion
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 20

There Are 900 Korok Seeds

There are a total of 900 Korok Seeds in the whole of Hyrule. If you just want to expand all inventories, it is enough to collect 441 pieces. But if you are aiming for 100% achievement rate of the map, you need to collect all 900 pieces.

Get Hestu's Gift After Collecting 900 Pieces

Get Hestu

After collecting all 900 Korok Seeds and talking to Hestu, you will receive Hestu's Gift. It is a simple souvenir with no use, so it is not a must-have item. But if you are a completionist, you should definitely have it.

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