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Dragon Guide - How To Find Farosh, Naydra & Dinraal
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Dragon Guide - How To Find Farosh, Naydra & Dinraal

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Farosh, Naydra & Dinraal are ancient spirit dragons in Zelda Breath Of The Wild (BotW). Learn about dragons, map locations, farming paths, spawn times, fangs, horn and scales uses.

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How To Find & Get Dragons

Clear A Shrine Quest To See Naydra

Out of the three dragons, you must complete the Shrine Quest to start fly over Hyrule to get to Naydra in Mount Lanayru. First, head to Spring of Wisdom in Mount Lanayru to complete "The Spring of Wisdom" event.

Equip With Bow And Arrows

To gather materials from each dragon, it's crucial to have a bow and arrows. To ensure precise aiming, it's advisable to opt for long-range bow with the arrows.

Best Way To Get Arrows & Locations

Prepare Wood And Fire Weapons

If you're planning to replay Breath of the Wild, it's vital to have materials on hand to light fires and advance through the game. Make sure to bring a bundle of firewood and a weapon with fire elemental properties, as they can be helpful in various situations. This way, you'll always be prepared for whatever challenges lie ahead.

Best Weapons & Armor

Collect The Materials Together At The End

When each enemy drops its materials, they fall to the ground in the field. As long as you don't go far away or use warp, the materials will remain in that spot. You can collect everything at once after spending some time by the campfire.

Equip ire, Ice And Lighting Weapons

Each dragon is protected by orbs of elemental power, bearing the mark of its own attribute. But make no mistake, for touching these orbs may deal damage and afflict the unwary with status ailments. Those who set out to vanquish these dragons would be wise to equip gears that provides immunity to these effects.

EquipmentEffectCountermeasure Against
Fireproof ArmorFire immunity with a set of equipment upgraded to level 2Dinraal
Rito GearFreeze immunity with a set of equipment upgraded to level 2Naydra
Thunder HelmUnshockableFarosh

Farosh Walkthrough Strategy

Appearance Location

Farosh Location

How To Farm And Get Materials

1Warp to Shoda Sah Shrine
2Climb the waterfall with Zora clothing
3Climb up and make a bonfire under the tree on the left.
4Pass the time until morning.
5Farosh emerges from the nearby lake
6Shoot a bow while riding an updraft
7Repeat Step 4
8Once you have gathered the necessary quantity, simply collect them to finish the quest objective.

Naydra Walkthrough Strategy

Appearance Location

From Jitan Sa'mi Shrine to the northeast offshore

Recommended encounter place for Naydra

To find Naydra, the dragon spirit, head to the northeast of the Spring of Wisdom in Mount Lanayru around 5-6 AM, near Winter Island. The Jitan Sa'mi Shrine serves as the closest warp point, making it a convenient starting location for your journey.

Pass Some Time Until 5 to 6 AM

Naydra passes around 5 to 6 AM at the location indicated in the map above. You can pass some time until 5 AM near a bonfire somewhere and warp to Jitan Sa'mi Shrine → its area of appearance.

How To Farm & Collect Materials

Farming Method 1

1Travel to Myahm Agana Shrine
2Create a bonfire and pass some time until 5 AM in the morning
3Warp to Jitan Sa'mi Shrine
4Move to the location where it appears.
5Using your bow, shoot arrows to Naydra and collect its materials.
6Repeat Step 1

Here's a handy trick if you're looking to use the campfire on Link's left from the warp at Myahm Agana Shrine (Hateno Village). Be prepared for warping multiple times to gather what you need, but the upside is that all you'll need is a trusty bow and some arrows!

Farming Method 2

1Use the bonfire to pass the time until 5 AM in the morning
2Warp to Jitan Sa'mi Shrine
3Travel to the appearance location
4Attack the weak part of Naydra with your bow and arrows
5Set off to Wintre Island
6Create a bonfire and wait until 5 AM in the morning.
7Wait for Naydra to pass by around 6:00 AM
8focus your attacks on Naydra's weak part while using the updrafts
9Repeat Step 6
10When the materials accumulate, gather them to complete the task.

*If you use this method and it starts raining, you won't be able to make a bonfire.

A way to gather materials on Winter Island without warping by using a bonfire. There is also a raft nearby that can be used to collect materials that fall into the water, but some preparation is necessary, such as having a flame weapon or Korok Leaves.

Dinraal Walkthrough Strategy

Appearance Location

Dinraal Recommended area place

How To Farm And Get Materials

1Warp to Hebra Tower
2Make sure to land around the middle of the cliff in the Kakariko Gorge
3Set up a campfire and rest for the night
4Wait for Dinraal to approach
5Attack with Bow arrows on the upswing
6Return to the fire place and repeat Step 3
7Collect the materials and the quest objective will be completed.
Hebra Tower Map & Koroks Location

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