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How To Proceed Early Game Guide - Useful Information For Beginners

BotW | How To Proceed Early Game Guide - Useful Information For Beginners | Zelda Breath Of The Wild

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BotW | How To Proceed Early Game Guide - Useful Information For Beginners | Zelda Breath Of The Wild - GameWith

Procedure Guide for Early Game in Zelda Breath Of The Wild (BotW). Learn how to check for Main Quests, capture a horse, how to use runes, unlock map, basic knowledge and more!

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How To Start The Beginning

Check For Main Quests


In the early stages of the game, the Main Quests will update frequently, so you can check the Main Quests often to complete them. Even if you lose track, you can aim for the Main Quests so remember how to check them.

How To Check
1Open the Menu by pressing the + Button
2Select the Journal with L Button
3With the Right Stick, select Main Quest
4Use the Left Stick to choose the specific Quest, and the location will show on the Map

Aim To Get The Paraglider


In the BoTW, until you get the Paraglider, which allows you to glide through the sky, you will not be able to move around the other maps than the one you start in. After you complete the 2nd Main Quest "The Isolated Plateau", you will receive this Paraglider so complete this quest.

Paraglider Guide - How To Unlock & Use

Capture A Horse


BotW is an open world, so moving around the map will be quite a hassle. If you capture a horse then it will make your exploration a lot easier, so get the Paraglider and look for horses. It is recommended to get it at the Dueling Peaks Stable which you will come across when progressing the very first quest "Seek Out Impa".

Horse Guide - How To Catch & Tame Horses

Register Your Horse At Horse Inn


Once you capture a horse, you can register it as your own at a Horse Inn. When you register, you can check its status and you can take them out at any time at the Horse Inn. Also you can retrieve back your horse that you have left behind when you warped locations.

Unlock The Camera


The 4th Main Quest, "Locked Mementos" will allow you unlock the Camera. Once you have unlocked the Camera, then you have unlocked almost all the basic functions, so from here you can go defeat the Divine Beasts or complete Shrines or unlock Maps.

Important Basic Knowledge

Cook Food When Possible


You can cook foods where there are pots. By cooking ingredients to make food, you can increase the amount of health that you heal or make medicine that has special effects. When in battle, the main healing method is by food, so if you have a chance to cook then do so.

Cooking Walkthrough
1Open inventory and choose your ingredients
2Select "Carry In Hand" (Choose up to 5)
3Close inventory and place inside Pot

If There Is No Fire Than You Can't Cook

Even if there is a pot, if there is no fire on the wood then you will not be able to cook. You can bring fire with a Torch or light it with Fire weapons.

Weather Effects The Game Greatly

In BotW, the weather takes a big effect in the exploration. When it is raining, it will make climbing cliffs harder and other things will happen due to the weather. So it is very important to know the effects and countermeasure of each type of weather.

Weather To Be Careful In Early Stages

Cold WeatherGradually lose Hearts
・Wear Cold Resistant Equipment or eat foods with ingredient Spicy Pepper
RainClimbing will become harder and you will fall off
・Bonfires and other Flames will extinguish
ThunderstormIn addition to rain effects, there will be Thunder
If wearing Metal Equipment, you'll be struck by lightning
・If you change to non-Metal equipment then you won't be struck, but it will fall near you so be careful
Weather Guide - How To Change & Effects

Use Ingredients Once You Find Them

When you find ingredients or item, pick them up immediately so you can create foods or upgrade your equipment.

You will not be using them in the Early Stages, but items that are dropped by Monsters can later be used to exchange in the later part of the game so pick them up as well.

How To Use Runes


Runes will be used throughout the exploration of the game. By pressing the top key of the Cross Button, you can choose the item with the L1. Remember each of the item's effects so you can use them properly.

ItemHow To Use
リモコンバクダンRemote Bomb・Focus with L1 then throw with R1, press L1 again and it will blow up
・Be careful not to get included in the explosion
・Round type will roll down the slope
・Square type will not roll down slopes
マグネキャッチMagnesis・Focus with L1 then shoot with A
・If metal then it can pick up most of the things
・Things that can be picked up will show in Yellow
ビタロックStasis・Focus with L1 then stop with A
・Things that can be stopped will show in Yellow
・When you attack things that are stopped, when it moves again the power that has been piled into the item will be released
・You can blow away items that are very heavy
・You can release the item by passing the time limit or pressing A again
アイスメーカーCryonis・Focus with L1 and set with A
・Create ice pillars in the water
・Can climb up ice pillars
・Focus on the ice pillars and press A to break them
ウツシエCamera・Focus with L1 and press either R1 or A to press the shutter button
・Can zoom with the cross button
・Can register animals and ingredients to the Hyrule Album by taking pictures
Runes List And How to Use

Unlock The Map


In the early stages of the game, only a small part of the map is unlocked. To make the map show up, you must visit the Towers to unlock them. If you are heading to a new location, first visit the nearby tower so you can unlock the map which allows you to explore easier.

Use Warps


The Towers and Shrines that show up on the map after unlocking them with the Sheikah Slate, are locations where you can warp to. This is very important when moving around the large map, so if there is a Shrine nearby then it is recommended to visit right away.

How To Warp
1Open the Menu with - Button
2Choose the map with L1・R1
3Choose the location you will like to Warp to with the Left Stick, and select with the A Button

Battling Tips

Avoid Unneeded Battles

In the beginning you don't have much hearts, so by getting hit too many times by enemies you will have a higher chance to die. Due to this, in the early stages of the game, you will want to avoid any unneeded battles.

Attack From Long Distance

If need to battle with enemies, then use the Runes "Remote Bomb" to battle against them. Remote Bombs will not break so you will be able to battle with long distance. This will decrease your rate of dying.

Once You Get Used To It Then Run

Once you are used to battling, then you can focus the enemy with L2, and then press X + up and down button to avoid its attacks. If the timing is right then it will be Rush Mode, and the enemy will be in slow motion allowing you to attack consecutively.

Expanding Inventory


In the middle of heading to Kakariko Village, you will receive a mission from Hestu, "The Priceless Maracas". After completing, you can give Hestu Korok Seeds and he will expand your inventory for you. The Korok Seeds can be obtained by finding Koroks around the maps.

But after you expand your inventory 2 times, Hestu will relocate itself. So for the 3rd expansion and on, please refer to the articles below.

How To Increase Hearts & Stamina


By presenting 4 of the "Spirit Orb" which you receive by clearing the Shrines, to the Goddess Statue, you will be able to collect Hearts or Stamina. By getting the Sheikah Sensor, you will be able to find nearby Shrines, so challenge the Shrines as much as possible.

Also you will receive Hearts when you defeat the Bosses for each Main Challenge of "Free the Divine Beasts".

Heart Containers & Stamina Vessels

Farming Rupees


In Early Stages, Sell Ore And Foods

In the early stages of the game, there are minimal ways to farm for money or selling ingredients or foods is a good way. Especially by breaking ores, you can get jewel type items that you can sell for a high price so it is very recommended for farming Rupees. Also there are treasure chests inside Shrines which might also have Rupees so don't forget to open treasure chests when you find them.

Rupees Guide - How To Get & Farm Money

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