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Master Mode is an additional DLC option for Zelda Breath Of The Wild (BotW). Learn how to increase game difficulty, its difference in normal mode including useful walkthrough tips.

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How To Do Master Mode

DLC Purchase Required

Master Mode is one of the contents of the Expansion Pass (DLC). Therefore, if you want to play in Master Mode, you will need to purchase the DLC.

How To Get DLC
(Downloadable Content)

Select Master Mode From The Title Screen

Select Master Mode from the title screen

After purchasing the DLC, return to the title and select "Play in Master Mode" to create Master Mode data.

Can Create Save Data Separately From Normal Mode

Since Normal Mode and Master Mode are saved separately, you can rest assured that playing in Master Mode will not erase your Normal Mode data. On the other hand, when playing in Master Mode, the player starts from the beginning and cannot carry over progress made in Normal Mode.

Limited To One Saved Data Per Account

Like Normal Mode, Master Mode is basically only has one saved data per account.

Difference From Normal Mode

Enemy Strength Increased By One Level

In Master Mode, the strength of the enemy is increased by one level. If it is a Bokoblin, the strength changes in the order of Red, Blue, Black, and Silver, in Normal Mode, but in Master Mode it is Blue, Black, Silver, and Gold, and Blue Bokoblins appear from the beginning of the game.

Gold Enemies Appear Only In Master Mode

In Bokoblin/Moblin/Lizalfos/Lynel, gold seeds appear only in Master Mode. Of course, their strength and HP are set to be extremely high, so you'll need adequate equipment and techniques to beat them normally.

Silver Lynel Appears In Great Plateau

Explore early in the process, you will be able to see the silver-white Lynel in Great Plateau. However, don't approach it in the early stages unless you are quite up for the challenge.

Enemies Appear In The Above As Well

Enemies appear in the air as well.

From Master Mode, Monsters called Sky Octorok have been added, and they appear in the air. The Sky Octorok itself is harmless, but enemies such as Bokoblin are on the board that the Sky Octorok floats, and they will attack from the air.

Automatic Hp Recovery Added To Monsters

Automatic HP recovery added to Monsters

The greatest difficulty in the master mode is the automatic recovery of the enemy's HP.It has become difficult to use tactics such as remote bombs that take time to sharpen, especially in group battles. The fact that it is adapted not only to normal enemies but also to bosses is even more troubling.

HP Recovery Is Capped At About 20%(*)

※This is the result of testing with the Gold Lynel boss. It may differ depending on the Monsters, so please use it as a reference.

The amount of automatic HP recovery for the enemy is capped at approximately 20% of the maximum amount of HP at any one time. Therefore, be aware that if you do not inflict damage more than 20% at a time, the amount of recovery will greatly outweigh the amount of HP lost, which means that you will not be able to cut its HP that much and your efforts are not yet effective to defeat it.

Monsters' Search Ability Has Been Improved

Monsters' search ability has been improved.

In Master Mode, enemies are more likely to notice the Link than in Normal Mode, which makes it more challenging. Be aware that it has a wider range to notice with whistles, footsteps, and other sounds has expanded, making it easy for them to attack.

Guardian Feints With A Beam

▲Make sure to turn on the sound and listen. Guardian is equipped with feint movement.

A minor upward correction has been made to set up a feint sound when the Guardian shoots a beam. There is no way to return it, especially if you are timing Perfect Guard by sound. It will require some familiarity and adjustment, such as maintaining a distance between the shield so that it can swing even after being caught in a feint.

Background Of The Loading Screen Changes

Loading screen background change

In Master Mode, the loading screen is based on black and red, making it even more ominous.

▲Another minor change is that the Triforce mark is always displayed at the bottom left of the screen during play.

Difference From Normal Mode

Get Majora's Mask!

Get Majora's Mask

▲Great for retrieving treasure chests or fort chests where Sky Octorok is!

In Master Mode, you'll want to avoid unnecessary battles as much as possible, so let's get Majora's Mask first, which is easy to obtain right after getting Paraglider. When equipped, you can explore safely as most small enemies will not attack you.

Prevent The Enemy's Automatic HP Recovery As Much As Possible!

Automatic recovery of HP after damage inflicted by the enemy can be done by any means,so you can reset the recovery time by inflicting damage. Therefore, it is important to continuously deal damage even with your bow and arrows, which is almost an indispensable technique. especially in boss battles.

Always Do Shrine Search And Equipment Upgrade

It's a matter of course, but try to do more and more to strengthen Link itself. Don't forget to collect and strengthen your equipment, as well as increase your Hearts and Stamina Wheel!

Best Weapons & Armor

Sometimes Ingenious Ways Of Fighting Are Necessary

▲Use Majora's Mask to lure him to the edge of a cliff, then Korok Leaf to knock him off, aiming to fall to his death.

If you fight the enemy straightforward, the durability of the weapon and the amount of HP of the enemy will be quite challenging. Sometimes it is necessary to fight in a way that is somewhat unfair from the enemy's point of view, such as dropping them from a cliff or attacking them with lightning and taking only their weapons and escaping.

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