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EX The Champions' Ballad Guide
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EX The Champions' Ballad Guide

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EX The Champions' Ballad is a main quest in Zelda Breath of The Wild (BotW). Learn the walkthrough, features of all the quests, how to prepare, map, and useful items in this guide.

Table of Contents

Strategy Guide For Each Area

EX The Champions' Ballad Walkthrough Chart

1Complete 4 Divine Beasts and then go somewhere else.
* You can just warp at any location as it doesn't matter where you are.
2Talk to Zelda to trigger the quest.
3Go to the Shrine of Resurrection and insert the Sheikah Slate into the pedestal inside.
4Trial starts when you check the sword that appears next to the pedestal.
*You need to leave at least one slot open in the weapon inventory
5Destroy 4 Monsters' nests in Great Plateau to unlock shrines.
6Complete the 4 shrines that appear.
7After completing the 4 shrines, 4 destinations will appear. Go to each destination and complete each of the 4 Champion's Songs.
Champions Poetry Chart
  • EX Champion Revali's Song
  • EX Champion Mipha's Song
  • EX Champion Daruk's Song
  • EX Champion Urbosa's Song

EX The Champions' Ballad Quest Overview

A Trial With A Mere Quarter of HP

Trial whose HP is always 1/4
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EX The Champions' Ballad is a trial in which Link's HP is always a quarter of a Heart remaining. In other words, it is required to stand around and not take a single damage, as any damage will kill you instantly.

Consuming Recovery Foods Doesn't Work

Food can be brought in, but it is meaningless as the HP will be gone soon after recovery. Note that any means of recovery will be lost. However, the buffs of cooking are effective and you may eat them when it is necessary.

Attack Items Other Than Weapons Can Be Used

Attack items other than weapons can be used.
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Runes, Bows, Shields and other items can be brought in and used as they are. Therefore, having some strong weapons in advance makes it more efficient to deal damage other than the One-Hit Obliterator.

Champion's Abilities Are Not Available

All Champion's Abilities, such as Mipha's Grace, will be disabled at all times during this challenge.

One-Hit Obliterator Needs About 5 Seconds To Recharge

One-Hit Obliterator is restored in about 5 seconds
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The One-Hit Obliterator, which can kill an enemy with a single blow, can attack up to two times in a row. Keep in mind that after about 5 seconds, it will glow again and the one-hit effect will be recharged.

The Number of Attacks Is Also Reduced When Hitting Trees Or Traps

Hitting a tree or a wooden trap with thorns with the One-Hit Obliterator is counted as one attack. Be careful not to attack non-enemies by mistake.

Even If The Effect Has Expired, It Can Still Deal One Damage

If you attack an enemy while the One-Hit effect is off, you can still deal 1 damage. If the enemy's Health is low enough, you can attack without waiting for the effect, so keep that in mind. In addition, you cannot destroy trees etc. when the effect has expired.

You Can Abort The Quest By Leaving The Great Plateau

You can abort the quest by leaving the Great Plateau
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The quest can be stopped by leaving the Great Plateau. Hearts will also be fully restored, so there is nothing to worry about after that. If you feel that you are not prepared enough, use warp to get back and prepare yourself.

The Enemy Will Respawn If You Leave Halfway

Note that if you leave the quest without wiping out the nest of monsters, the enemies will respawn. As long as you defeat all the enemies and unlock the shrine, you don't have to start all over again.

EX The Champions' Ballad Strategy Guide / Preparations

Majora's Mask And Champion's Tunic Are Recommended

Majora's Mask & Champion's Tunic are recommended!
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Majora's Mask and Champion's Tunic are recommended gear for this quest. Both are relatively easy to obtain, so better to prepare them. Cold resistance for feet is required when exploring around Mount Hylia, bring the Snowquill Trousers.

Resons to Recommend

MajoraMajora's MaskIt makes you unnoticeable by the surroundings. But be aware that if you will be noticed when you starts attacking.
ChampionChampion's TunicIt is useful for searching for enemies because it makes the HP of the enemy visible. Also, since you know the enemy's remaining HP, it is easy to know how many attacks you need other than One-Hit Obliterator.

Upgrade Runes

Let's strengthen Runes
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Upgrading Remote Bomb and Stasis in advance wll give you an advantage. The attack power of the bomb would be raised from 12 to 24, allowing you deal damage more efficiently. Stasis can stop enemies from moving, which is convenient in case of emergency.

Forest of Spirits Guide

Map and Shrine

Monsters nest attack near Forest of Spirits
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ShrineYowaka Ita Shrine

Defeat The Silver Bokoblin On The Tree First

Go kill the Silver Bokoblin on the tree first.
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Defeat the Silver Bokoblin on the big stump first. Climb up the tree in front of you and defeat the Red Bokoblin. Because this Red Bokoblin will summon its allies with a whistle when it finds you.

Deal The Horde of Keese With A Bow

There are hordes of Keese around the stump where the Silver Bokoblin is. Be careful, as Majora's Mask is ineffective against the hordes of Keese. Aim from a distance, as you can defeat them with a single Bow hit.

Use Bombs And Bows From Above After Defeating Silver Bokoblin

After defeating Silver Bokoblin, use Bombs and Bows from above.
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Once defeat the Silver Bokoblin with the One-Hit Obliterator, destroy the nearby beehives by dropping bombs on them. After that, use bombs and bows on top of the stumps to defeat the Bokoblins below. Priority should be given to Red Bokoblin/Blue Bokoblin, and if there are any Black Bokoblin or others left, use One-Hit Obliterator to take them down.

Note That There Is A Place Where Chuchu Appears Below

Note that Chuchu will appear when you go down from the stump. It moves slowly, so it's safe to keep a distance and kill it with a bomb. If there are no Bokoblins around, it is fine to use the sword.

Forest of Spirits Walkthrough Video

Eastern Abbey Area Guide

Monsters' Nest near Eastern Abbey
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ShrineRohta Chigah Shrine

Attack From The South Side

Let's attack from the south.
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It is recommended to warp to Ja Baij Shrine and attack from the south side. Since many of the Lizalfos are under high ground on the north side, you are likely to receive damage from this side. Starts from the green Lizalfos on the high ground.

Escape To The South Side If Spotted By Enemies

If found, escape to the south side and lure
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Even if the enemy finds you, there will be no problem as long as you run to the south. Green Lizalfos will attack with a bow, so if you keep your distance, you won't get hit. Silver Lizalfos and others will close the distance, so lure them in and take them down with One-Hit Obliterator.

Note That There Is One Guardian

Note That There Is One Guardian
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Be careful that there is a Guardian near the high ground. As long as you don't get too close, there's no problem, just leave it alone. You can also defeat it with One-Hit Obliterator if you have time.

Eastern Abbey Area Walkthrough Video

Temple of Time Guide

Monsters nest walkthrough near Temple of Time
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ShrineRuvo Korbah Shrine

Aim From The High Ground

Let's set the aim from the high ground
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Attack from the high ground south of the Temple of Time. If you go down to fight from the beginning, you might be surrounded and defeated.

Defeat The Bokoblin On Horseback First

Priority is given to Bokoblin on Horse.
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There is one Blue Bokoblin on horseback on each side. Because of their fast movement and long-range weapons, they are the most troublesome enemies. They will fall off the horses if you hit them with a bow or bomb, so drag them down from the horse first.

Defeat Lizalfos On The Rocks At The Next Point

Defeat the Lizalfos on the rock at the next point
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Next, defeat the Lizalfos on the rocks in the middle and on the left and right. You don't have to wipe out all of them, just start with the Lizalfos on either side to give Link more space to attack.

Take Them Out One By One If They Find You

Even if they find you, use Remote Bomb to keep your distance and defeat it.
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If you've defeated at least one Bokoblin on horseback or one Lizalfos on a rock, don't panic if others found you. Enemies other than Lizalfos move slowly, so in case you think you're in danger, you can blow them away with a bomb to keep your distance.

Temple of Time Walkthrough Video

Mount Hylia Guide

Monsters nest walkthrough near Mount Hylia
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ShrineEtsu Korima Shrine

Aim For The Top of Mount Hylia From Keh Namut Shrine

Aim for the top of Mount Hylia from Keh Namut Shrine
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Warp to Keh Namut Shrine and head northwest to the top of Mount Hylia. It is recommended tto reach the high ground where you can look down the monsters nest so that you can attack them unilaterally.

Hit Wizzrobe And Lizalfos With Fire Arrows

Hit wizzrobe and lizalfos with fire arrows
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You can defeat Ice Wizzrobe and Ice-Breath Lizalfos in Monsters' Nest in one hit with a fire attack. Use Fire Arrows and Bomb Arrows from the top of the high ground to defeat them.

Defeat The Moblin Around The Campfire With A Bow

The moblin around the campfire should be defeated with a bow.
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Defeat Black Moblins around the campfire with a bow. Since they won't fight back, you can keep attacking them unilaterally. There are 2 Black Moblins and 1 Silver Moblin around here, so it's recommended to defeat 1-2 Black Moblins, them use One-Hit Obliterator to take out the rest at once.

Mount Hylia Walkthrough Video

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