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Trial of The Sword Guide

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Trial of the Sword guide in Zelda Breath of the Wild (BotW). Learn how to prepare before the Trials, common strategies, enemies, and treasure chests of each floor.

Table of Contents

Trial of The Sword Unlock Conditions

Side Quest Overview

Side QuestEX Trial of the Sword
ConditionsPurchase the first DLC
Occurs after obtaining Master Sword
LocationKorok Forest
RewardUpgrade Master Sword performance (3 levels)

Side Quest of The First DLC

Trial of the Sword is a content included in the first DLC "The Master Trials". By completing all the Trials of the Sword, the Master Sword will always be able to demonstrate its true power, so be sure to challenge it and upgrade it to the maximum.

Head To The Deepest Floor While Defeating Enemies

The objective of Trial of the Sword is to reach the deepest floor of the game by using a limited number of items to defeat all the enemies in each area.

Start Over From The Beginning When The Game Is Over

If you get a game over while progressing through the floors, you will have to start again from the first area. Be prepared on the way to the end so that you will not have a hard time to get around in the final stages.

Things To Do Before the Trial of the Sword

Things To Prepare

  • Increase Hearts and Stamina
  • Increase inventory slots
  • Upgrade Runes

Increase Hearts And Stamina

Increase Hearts/Stamina

Novequipment can be brought into the Trial of the Sword, but the number of Hearts and the Stamina Wheel just as they are. The difficulty of the challenge can be lowered by strengthening yourself as much as possible by completing the shrines.

You Can Also Use Food Buffs Before The Trial

The effects of the food and elixirs that you ate before challenging also work during the Trial. They bring effects such as increasing Heart and Stamina, increasing Durability, and Attack Power.

Increase Inventory Slots

Increase Inventory Slots

As with Link's Hearts and Stamina Wheel, the slots of equipment inventory is also shown as it is. The more equipment you can carry, the more options you have in battle, so it is recommended to increase the number of slots as much as possible.

Upgrade Runes

Enhance Runes

In order to be able to fight even when unarmed, Remote Bomb and Stasis should be upgraded in advance to gain an advantage in battle. Make sure to complete the Side Quest "Slated for Upgrades".

Trial of The Sword Strategies In Common

Take Full Advantage of Runes!

You can take advantage of Link's runes by fully using them, such as defeating enemies with Remote Bomb of pulling up metal treasure chests with Magnesis.

Always Explore Area After Defeating Enemies

To survive, explore all over the dungeon and collect materials and weapons. Collect items by destroying everything that can be broken, not only treasure chests but also barrels and wooden boxes.

Prepare At The Resting Spots

Cooking pots and cooking ingredients are available at resting spots. Cooking pots are not available outside of resting spots, so try to cook all the ingredients you have.

Hearty Foods Must Be Cooked Separately

Hearty Truffle and Hearty Bass, for example, should be cooked as a single dish, as they provide the effect of full Hearts recovery plus an additional Heart.

Make Sure To Get The Fairy

Be sure to get Fairy

Sometimes there are fairies flying around the resting spots. They are valuable items that allow you to avoid being incapacitated. Be sure to crouch down before approaching to get them, and taking off your clothes to reduce the noise will make it easier.

Woods Can Also Be Foods

A bundle of wood is also a precious food

The Wood can be used for cooking to make Rock-Hard Food. Eating them will only restore a quarter of Hearts, but if you knock down all the trees in each area and collect them, you should be able to get quite a few.

Trial of The Sword Beginning Trials

Enemies and Treasure Chests By Floor

FloorEnemyTreasure Chest
1Red Bokoblin ×3None
2Red Bokoblin ×4
Fire Chuchu ×1
Fire Chuchu ×8
Fire Arrow ×5
4Red Bokoblin ×5
Blue Bokoblin ×2
5Red Moblin ×2
Blue Bokoblin ×3
6Stone Talus ×1-
7Resting SpotShield of the Mind's Eye
Eightfold Blade
Serpentine Spear
8Electric Chuchu ×1
Lizalfos ×4
Arrow ×10
9Electric Wizzrobe ×1
Octorok ×2
Arrow ×10
10Lizalfos ×3-
11Red Bokoblin ×4
Blue Bokoblin ×3
Black Bokoblin ×1
Black Moblin ×1
Fire Arrow ×10
12Hinox ×1-

Master Mode Begins At Floor 10

Strategy point on the 10th floor, which is a difficult place
Click to Enlarge

Create A Blind Spot By The Water With Cryonis

The stage is favorable to the enemy because it starts from a position where Lizalfos, who acts as a lookout, can easily notice you, and the surrounding area is mostly water. There are several ways to break through, but it is recommended to create a blind spot with Cryonis and snipe with a bow while hiding.

Using Bombs To Set Enemies Up In The Water

Use Remote Bombs to blow up the Lizalfos and drop them in the water, then blow up them again as they swim to come up. By repeating this process, you can defeat them unharmed.

Trial of The Sword Middle Trials

Enemies and Treasure Chests By Floor

FloorEnemyTreasure Chest
1Red Bokoblin ×5Soldier's Broadsword
2Fire Wizzrobe ×2
Red Bokoblin ×2
Blue Bokoblin ×1
Feathered Edge
3Red Bokoblin ×4
Blue Bokoblin ×3
Feathered Spear
4Decayed Guardian ×1Knight's Shield
5Resting Spot Falcon Bow
Hylian Trousers
Knight's Broadsword
6Electric Chuchu ×1
Fire Keese ×5
7Lizalfos ×5-
8Red Bokoblin ×3
Fire Wizzrobe ×1
9Decayed Guardian ×1-
10Hinox ×1-
11Resting SpotForest Dweller's Sword
Hylian Tunic
Forest Dweller's Spear
12Guardian Scout I ×6Arrow ×10
13Guardian Scout (Armed)×3Duplex Bow
14Guardian Scout I ×4
Guardian Scout (Armed)×2
Eightfold Longblade
15Guardian Scout III ×2-
16Guardian Scout IV ×1-

Floor 1~5 Are Updrafts Areas

The areas where the updrafts blow up from the feet. Bombs are difficult to use because they will fly in the air, but the advantage is that you can always use the Paraglider to move around. The slow motion of the bow is also easy to use, so make full use of it.

Floor 6~10 Are Dark Areas

These are dark areas where you can't see anything and enemies can see Link in full view. Be careful to lure enemies one by one to the torches and take them down.

Shoot Wizzrobe In The Air

Against Wizzrobe, whose movements are difficult to track, should take advantage of the slow motion of the bow, which can be performed in the air. It is not difficult if you repeat the headshot → concentrated attack with the weapon while getting on a high platform and jumping down.

Trial oof The Sword Final Trials

Enemies and Treasure Chests By Floor

FloorEnemyTreasure Chest
1Stalkoblin ×4-
2Electric Keese ×2
Stalizalfos ×3
Royal Guard's Sword
3Electric Chuchu ×2
Stalmoblin ×5
Knight's Bow
Knight's Shield
4Stalkoblin Horse Rider×7-
5Stalnox×1Ice Arrow ×5
6Resting SpotFlamebreaker Boots
Knight's Bow
Ancient Arrow ×3
7Fire Chuchu ×1
Rock Octorok ×1
Igneo Pebblit ×2
8Fire-Breath Lizalfos ×3-
9Meteor Wizzrobe×1
Moblin ×1
Fire-Breath Lizalfos ×2
10Lizalfos ×1
Moblin ×3
Ancient Arrow ×3
11Igneo Talus ×1-
12Resting SpotRoyal Guard's Shield
Stone Smasher
Hylian Tunic
13Frost Pebblit ×2
Ice Chuchu ×1
Blue Bokoblin ×1
Black Bokoblin ×2
Bomb Arrow ×5
14Ice Chuchu ×2
Lizalfos ×1
Blue Bokoblin ×3
White Moblin ×1
Ancient Arrow ×3
15Blizzrobe ×1
Black Moblin ×1
Blue Bokoblin ×2
White Bokoblin ×1
16Frost Talus ×1-
17Lynel ×1Bomb Arrow ×5
18Resting SpotRoyal Bow
Royal Shield
Royal Broadsword
19Decayed Guardian ×6Knight's Shield
20Guardian Stalker ×1-
21Guardian Skywatcher ×1Bomb Arrow ×5
22Guardian Stalker ×1
Guardian Skywatcher ×1
Guardian Turret ×1
Royal Bow
Royal Shield
23Lynel ×1
Red Bokoblin Horse Rider ×8
Guardian Turret ×1
Bomb Arrow ×5

First 5 Floors Are Thunderstorm Areas

Up to the 5th floor are thunderstorm areas, which makes it difficult to wear metal equipment and climb walls. You have to collect and equip wooden equipment to get through here.

Floor 7~11 Are Volcano Areas

From the 7th floor, you will be in volcano areas, so equip the Flamebreaker Boots obtained at the resting spot. Also, do not use Bomb Arrows in these areas, because they will explode.

Floor 13~17 Are Snowy Mountain Areas

From the 13th floor, you will be in the snowy mountain areas, but you will not be able to get cold-resistant equipment beforehand. Prepare enough Spicy Foods at the resting spot or equip yourself with a Fire Rod or Flame Spear to keep you warm.

Being Able To Do Perfect Guard Depends On The Fate

Toward the end of the game, a large number of Guardians will appear. Since you might run out of equipment for normal attacks, it is better to bounce the beams back with your shield to deal damage. Practice Perfect Guardm with Guardians around Hyrule Castle.

Defeat Lynel With The Ancient Arrow

A total of two Lynel appear at the end of the game. Since you won't have enough equipment to fight with them, you should use Ancient Arrow to defeat them quickly. Ancient Arrow is limited in number, so be careful not to miss.

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