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Trial of Power is a shrine quest in Zelda Breath Of The Wild (BotW). Learn how to unlock Kaam Ya'tak shrine, defeat guardians, dodge Flurry Rush and use electric type weapon traps.

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Trial Of Power Walkthrough

Flurry Rush From Evasion Is Basic

Since most of the appearing Guardians have shields, attacking recklessly often won't cause any damage. Since its most basic method of attack is with a weapon, the Flurry Rush is often used so, try to practice discerning attacks to be able to evade successfully.

▲Since the spears have long reach, it's easier to aim for a Flurry Rush with a side dodge.

▲Since axes have a sweeping horizontal attack, go for a Flurry Rush with a backflip dodge.

Wait For The Right Moment When You Are Only Using A Knife As Your Weapon

When attacking with a Guardian Sword, the narrow attack range makes it difficult to aim for a Flurry Rush. If you're not good at dodging, don't force it and wait for other opportunities to attack instead.

Shock Arrow Makes It Easier To Stall It

With Shock Arrows, it's possible to electrocute Guardians even when they're attacking and create an opportunity to counter attack them.

Best Way To Get Arrows & Locations

Halt The Spinning Charge By Using A Nearby Pillar As A Shield

After jumping back with arms outstretched, they'll initiate a charging attack by swinging their weapon around. Most stages have obstacles such as pillars, so lure them into a collision and create an opportunity to attack.

Pay Attention To The Floor When There Are No Pillars

Even on stages without pillars, there are usually some kind of obstacles that can be created. If there are iron pillars buried in the ground, use Magnesis to lift them up, or create pillars with Cryonis on a waterlogged floor to deal with the situation.

Snipe The Spinning Beam From The Air

When rotating and shooting its beam, an updraft is generated around it. Move to a safe location away from the Guardian, and then use your Paraglider to ascend and shoot arrows at it with your bow to deal damage.

Target The Eye To Stop The Beam

When aiming in mid-air, you can use slow motion to aim precisely, so aim carefully at the Guardian's eye and shoot your arrow. This will cause significant damage and interrupt its beam attack.

Finish It Off With A Critical Blow In The End!

When Guardian's HP is low, it will start to charge up a powerful beam attack. During the charge-up, it won't take any other actions, so push through and defeat it before it fires the beam.

How To Defeat & Trap Guardians

Trap It With An Electric Shock Trap

This article will showcase a method that uses the specifications of attribute weapons as an example. Please note that there is a possibility of the method being corrected in future updates, so it is important to use it at your own risk.

Electric Shock Trapping Strategy Video

Walkthrough Procedure

  • Prepare the Thunderblade or Greatsword
  • Prepare metal equipment that conducts electricity
  • Discard while leaving the lightning attribute behind
  • Turn on power to complete the trap
  • Lure them in and leave them alone

Prepare The Thunderblade Or Greatsword

To execute the perfect trap, you'll need the essential item: the Thunderblade or Greatsword. Seek out the Lizalfos lurking around the Ridgeland Tower or Moblin prowling the Coliseum Ruins from the mid-game onwards, as they often carry these weapons.

Prepare Metal Equipment That Conducts Electricity

Make sure to gather not only electric-type weapons, but also some metal swords and shields. Don't worry about their attack power as it is irrelevant in this method, as long as they conduct electricity, they'll serve their purpose in the trap.

Discard While Leaving The Lightning Attribute Behind

At the moment you launch your attack, press the + button to open the menu and discard the thunder weapon you are holding. If the timing is right, you can discard it while leaving the electric lightning attribute behind.

Turn On Power To Complete The Trap

Discard the prepared metal weapons and armor around the area, use Magnesis to arrange them side by side at equal intervals to create the trap. Then, use Magnesis to move the electric type weapon with the remaining attribute to the trap. Once electricity is generated, the preparations are complete.

Lure Them In And Leave Them Alone

Finally, lure the Guardian to the trap, and just watch until it gets caught in the trap until it gets defeated. Every time it recovers from being shocked by each attack, its position will shift slightly, so it is good to move yourself to prevent it from escaping the trap.

What Is Trial of Power?

Shrine Trials Are Located Throughout Various Places

Trial of Power is one of the trials that takes place inside shrines. Unlike other shrines, it does not involve puzzle-solving elements, but instead features Guardians as the enemies.

Beginning TrialHP 300
Many enemies have knives and shields as their standard equipment
Middle TrialHP 1500
Stronger than Beginning Trials and equipped with not only a knife but also a spear, among other weapons.
Final TrialHP 3000
Usage of Sword, Spear, and Axe weapons and Shield, with high attack power and Durability.

Attack Patterns Are Basically The Same

The basic behavior pattern is the same for all difficulty levels, although the equipment, attacks, and durability may vary depending on the level.

Just Defeat The Guardians

The Trial of Power in the shrine is different from other shrines as it involves defeating a Guardian without any puzzle-solving elements. The Guardians here have standard equipment and behavior patterns, with some equipped with spears making them stronger. The difficulty level determines the equipment, attack power, and durability. Upon defeating a Guardian, it will revive during a Blood Moon when entering the shrine again.

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