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BotW | Tips and Tricks - Useful & Beginner Hacks  | Zelda Breath Of The Wild - GameWith

Tips and tricks in Zelda Breath Of The Wild (BotW). This includes useful skill hacks, gameplay strategy tips, hidden mechanics and secret advance techniques to master in the game!

Early Game Guide

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How To Start A Fire

Bring A Lit Torch

Carrying a lit torch is the most used way to create a bonfire or lighting a furnace. The flames will not burn out as long as the torch is held and carried around.

Equip A Fire Weapon

It doesn

It is possible to ignite a bundle of firewood by using a sword with fire element. You can make a bonfire anywhere without having to carry a torch.

Best Weapons & Armor

You Can Also Make Use Of Enemy's Fire Attack

You can also ignite fires using Fire Arrows that Bokoblins shoot, as well as the fire attacks of Lynels and other enemies.

Hit Flint With A Metal Weapon


Flint, commonly found in ores, can also make fire. Just set Wood and Flint nearby and wield a metal weapon to set up a bonfire.

Using Red Chuchu Jelly

WoodFire Chuchu

Fire Chuchu Jelly has the same effect as Flint. If left on the ground and impacted with a weapon, it will explode and set fire to surroundings.

You Can Make A Bonfire If You Can Withstand The Rain And Wind

When it's raining, wood can become damp and difficult to light. Nevertheless, it's still possible to build a bonfire outdoors by finding a covered area or a large tree that provides shelter from the rain.

How To Control Extreme Weather & Temperature

Bonfire Offers Heat Against The Cold

Cold-resistant with a bonfire

Take note that just being around a bonfire gives you cold resistance. If you keep bonfires on the snowy road at equal intervals, you can climb the snowy mountains even without equipping winter gear.

Hold The Lit Torch

When the torch is lit, it provides some cold resistance from the heat coming from the fire. If you don't have some cold weather gear you can use, using a torch can be a helpful alternative.

Use Weapons With Fire Or Ice

Possessing fire and ice weapons

If you equip weapons with fire or ice attributes, they provide a Level 1 heat or cold resistance. Even in snowy mountains that require Level 2 cold resistance, using a Flameblade and one piece of cold-resistant armor can be an effective way to counter the cold.

Cold ResistanceHeat Resistance
Great Flameblade
Fire Rod
Meteor Rod
Great Frostblade
Blizzard Rod
Ice Rod

Get In Lakes Or Pools To Get Heat Resistant In Desserts

You can counter the extreme desert heat by submerging yourself in water. Even without heat-resistant clothing, being in water will provide an effect similar to Level 2 heat resistance.

Heat Resistance And Fire Resistance For A Certain Period Of Time When Wet With Water

When you enter the water, your entire body will become wet and provide heat resistance for a certain period of time. You can also achieve a similar effect by attacking a blue Chuchu Jelly until it explodes.

Deal With Medicine And Cooking

To protect against extreme weather conditions, it's a good idea to use level 2 cold or heat-resistant elixirs or dishes, in addition to wearing appropriate clothing. Even without armor, these items can help you cope with the extreme cold or heat.

Stealth Mechanics

Evade Enemies With A Giant Barrel

You can sneak past enemies using a large barrel.

There's a large barrel that Link can enter and allows him to move around undetected by enemies, as long as he doesn't give away his movements. Although there aren't many opportunities to use it, it is effective against enemies such as Lynel and Hinoxes.

Reference Video

Moving Quietly While Crouching Down

Moving while crouching down makes it difficult to make noise. When catching bugs or other things, it's best to move while crouching down to approach them.

Remove Unnecessary Equipment

When trying to be stealthy, keep in mind that your equipment can make noise just by wearing it while moving. In particular, when trying to catch noise-sensitive beetles, it's best to remove all equipment and approach them while crouching down, as it will make it harder for them to detect you and escape.

Use Rain To Avoid Getting Detected


On rainy days, the sound of rain can serve as a noise cover for stealthy actions, making it suitable for stealthy actions. If you're not right in front of the enemy or too close to them, you can also sneak by using the combination of rain and crouching movement.

Some Enemies Go To Sleep Around 10 PM

Bokoblins and Moblins reside in their bases and live by the camping site. At around 10 pm at night, they will put down their weapons and go to sleep, making it possible to attack them at night. However, they are easily detected by simple crouching movement, so it is recommended to use stealth equipment.

Appears When Its Raining Only

The following creatures only appear on rainy days. Try looking for them in places that seem likely when it rains.

Tireless FrogTireless Frog It inhabits ponds and puddles, such as in the Lanayru Wetlands.
Electric DarnerElectric DarnerThey often appear in the Hyrule Plains and the Akkala region.
Electric ButterflyElectric ButterflyIt often appears in plains such as the Bokoblin Outskirts.
Voltfin TroutVoltfin TroutThey often appear in freshwater ponds and lakes such as Hylia Lake.

How To Defeat Enemies

Use Bees As A Means Of An Indirect Attack

If you knock down a beehive with bees flying around, there's a chance they will attack you. However you can also use them to attack other creatures like nearby Bokoblins.

Drop From A High Place

Falling from a high place can also be effective against creatures like Bokoblins and Moblins. When fighting in a high and narrow space, aim for making them fall from a strong attack, like a Greatsword, for best results.

Drown Them In Water

Since Bokoblins and Moblins cannot swim, they can be easily defeated by just dropping them into deep water since they don't know how to swim. Try to aim for it if possible, as it can also save on equipment.

Defeat Stalfos Enemies By Kicking Them Into The Water

Stalfos enemies have a weakness in water. After attacking them and hitting their weak spot in the head, it's recommended to kick them into the water to defeat them more easily.

Shoot Arrows In Bullet Time

Take Advantage Of The Difference In Elevation

You can perform a Paraglider jump by dashing on slopes with a slight incline. This allows you to use your Bow and Arrow in slow motion if the Paraglider reaches a sufficient height.

Create Platforms With Cyronis

When facing enemies in shallow waters, using Cryonis can be very useful. First, create a platform with Cryonis, then jump onto it to execute a slow-motion attack.

Jumping Off A Horse Or Bike

To perform a slow-motion shot, you can jump off a horse or bike. This move is especially useful near water, like shallow areas, where you can create a platform using the Cryonis rune before landing to execute an attack in slow motion. If you're exploring Hyrule or fighting tough enemies like Hinox or Lynel, this technique can give you an edge.

Ride An Updraft

You can enter in slow motion by gliding on updrafts generated by yourself, enemies, or the terrain. Below, we will share some methods to create updrafts that you can use to enhance your combat skills.

How To Create An Updraft

Set Fire To Grass

If you shoot fire arrows or use a fire rod on a grassy area, it will catch fire and generate an updraft. The same effect can happen if an enemy attacks and starts a fire.

Burn Grass To Create Updrafts

You can easily create an updraft by creating multiple bonfires and burning grass. Simply create some grass fire using any means, and the updraft will be immediately generated.

How To Melt Ice Blocks

Making A Bonfire Nearby

make a bonfire

The large ice that blocks your path cannot be destroyed with the usual bombs as it requires fire. Since it doesn't rain in the snowy mountains, its better to melt it with a bonfire.

Stand Near With An Elemental Weapon

Keep a fire weapon nearby

Using a weapon that has a fire element can help you melt ice by standing close to it while the weapon is equipped. Although it takes some time to fully melt the ice, this method is both easy and convenient, and doesn't require the use of firewood.

Hit With Fire Attributed Attacks

attack with fire attribute

Although it may decrease the durability of the weapon, you can also use this method to melt ice by using elemental attacks such as fire arrows.

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