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Final Trial - Walkthrough Chart and Treasure Chest Locations
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Final Trial - Walkthrough Chart and Treasure Chest Locations

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Final Trial is a Main Quest in Zelda Breath of The Wild (BotW). This guide includes all the treasure chest locations and the walkthrough of how to activate the four Terminals.

Table of Contents

Internal Map And Terminal Location

Internal map of the final trial and location of terminal
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▼Terminal 1Thunder Area
▼Terminal 2Fire Area
▼Terminal 3Water Area
▼Terminal 4Wind Area

Turn The Gears In Two Directions To Sove The Gimmick

The gimmick inside Final Trial can be solved by turning the gear in the center in either direction. For convenience, this page is described clockwise/counterclockwise from the entrance. Note that the map may be reversed depending on Link's position.

The Color of The Gear Changes Depending On The Direction of Rotation

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The color of gears and other internal gimmicks changes according to the direction in which the gears are turned. The color changes to blue when turned clockwise from the entrance, and to orange when turned counterclockwise.

Guardian Appears Each Time The Terminal Is Activated

Guardian appears each time the terminal is activated
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Activated 1Guardian Scout I ×4
Activated 2Guardian Turret ×1
Activated 3Guardian Skywatcher ×1

After each terminal is activated, Guardian will appear in the central area. As the Guardian gradually gets stronger and stronger, if you are not careful, you may get knocked out. It'd be better to prepare some Guardian Resist equipment.

It Is Recommended To Prepare Ancient Arrow

When the second and third terminals are activated, a Guardian Turret and a Guardian Skywatcher will appear. Guardian Skywatcher is particularly troublesome because it is difficult to attack at close range, so it is recommended to have several "Ancient Arrows" that can be used take it down with a single shot by hitting the enemy's eyeballs.

Final Trial Walkthrough Video

Final Trial Terminal 1 (Thunder Area)

1Insert the iron bar in front of the room to rotate the room.
2Enter the room and use the rotating foothold to get to the top of the room.
3Use Magnesis to drop the iron bar on the ceiling to the floor.
4Carry the iron bar to the joint on the floor and insert it.
5Pull the iron bar on the entrance side while the gear is clockwise (blue) so that it hooks onto the joined iron bar.
6Get to the door where the terminal is and activate it as the power passes through.

Insert The iron bar In Front Of The Room To Rotate The Room

rotate the room by moving the iron bars.
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Insert the iron bar near the entrance of the room into the open slot of the door to make the room rotate. First, turn the gear and fit the iron bar into it.

Move To The Top of The Room And Take The iron bar On The Ceiling

Move to the top of the room and take the iron bar on the ceiling
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When the room is half rotating, stand on the turning foothold and move to the top. You can use Magnesis to reach the iron bar on the ceiling and bring it to the floor.

Hook The iron bars To Rotate The Whole Room

Hook the iron bars together to rotate the whole room
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First, insert the iron bar from the ceiling into the joint on the floor side. Then pull out the iron bar on the other side with Magnesis until the bars are hooked together. Turn clockwise (blue) to connect the power and open the door to the terminal.

Final Trial Terminal 2 (Fire Area)

1Change the direction to counterclockwise (orange).
2Use the small gear on the magma near the entrance as a foothold to move to the Fire Room.
3Change the direction to clockwise (blue) to cross the foothold with spikes.
4Step on the switch and put the ball into the hole around the big gear in the back.
5Pass through the pipe inside while changing the direction of rotation.
Counterclockwise (orange)Clockwise (blue)Counterclockwise (orange)
6Carry the ball from the pipe into the nearby hole.
7The door opens, activate the terminal.

Rotate Clockwise When Crossing The Foothold

Rotate clockwise when crossing scaffolds
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When crossing the foothold with spikes, rotate it clockwise. If it's counterclockwise, you may not be able to reach the other side.

Put The Ball Into The Pipe At The Right Time

Put the ball into the pipe at the right time
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Put the ball into the pipe in the back. Press the switch when the pocket comes to open the door that holds the ball. The ball will come out again and again, so it's fine if you miss. After put the ball in, change the direction of rotation to make it pass through the pipe.

The ball can be carried to a nearby pipe and it will go straight into the hole.
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▲ If the ball is carried to a nearby pipe, it will go directly into the hole.

Final Trial Terminal 3 (Water Area)

1Go to the upper level via a large gear from the gear above the magma that connects to the Fire Room.
2Defeat the Guardian in the back and head to the left.
3While turning counterclockwise (orange), use Stasis to stop the stone on the door, pull up the foothold and go inside.
4Use Cryonis to push up the switch.
5Turn the gear clockwise (blue) and go to the back.
6Stop the large faucet with Stasis and hit it to turn clockwise.
7As the water recedes, go down and continue on.
8Take the iron ball that comes out when you step on the switch, move it on the platform and press the switch again.
9The faucet turns and water comes out. Create a foothold with Cryonis and activate the terminal.

Use Stasis To Raise The Foothold

Raise your foothold with Stasis
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To raise the suspended scaffold, fix the stone while the gear is counterclockwise (orange). The fixed stone will not fall down and will move the gear in the upper right corner. Get inside within the effect time of Stasis.

Push The Switch Up With Cryonis

Push up the switch with Cryonis
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Once inside, use Cryonis to push up the switch in the center so that the device will start to rotate. Turn it to clockwise (blue) and use the foothold to advance to the back.

Stop The Faucet With Stasis And Turn It Clockwise

Stop the faucet with Stasis and turn it clockwise
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There is a large faucet in the back, use Stasis to fix it and turn it clockwise. After that, the water will stop spurting out, allowing you to proceed.

Move The Iron Ball On The Switch To Turn The Faucet

Put the iron ball on the switch to make it fly to turn the water faucet
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When you step on the switch, an iron ball will appear under the platform, move it onto the platform with Magnesis. Then, when you step on the switch again, the iron ball will fly toward the faucet and raise the water level again.

Final Trial Terminal 4 (Wind Area)

1Take out the iron bar near the entrance of the Wind Room and fit it into the joint at the entrance.
2Pull out the iron bar on the rotating side and connect it to the fitted iron bar.
3While turning clockwise (blue), jump from the foothold on the ladder inside toward the entrance.
4After climbing up, turn it counterclockwise (orange) and jump to the moving platform.
5Stop the rotating propeller with Stasis and move to the terminal.

Connect The iron bars To Rotate The Gears

Combine the iron bars
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rotate the gears
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First, take out the iron bars and connect them together as shown in the image above. There is no problem in connecting these bars from any direction, but it is easier to connect from the door side.

Wind Direction Changes Depending On The Rotation Direction

The wind direction changes depending on the direction of rotation
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Inside the Wind Room, the direction of the wind changes depending on the direction of rotation after the gears are jointed. First, use the ladder to climb to the top of the foothold, then turn clockwise (blue) to jump toward the entrance side.

The Moving Foothold Can Be Stopped With Stasis

Moving foothold can be stopped with Stasis
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After climbing to the top, it is necessary to jump to the foothold that moves to the left and right. If you are not good at this, you can try using Stasis to stop the foothold.

Treasure Chest Locations

1Gerudo Scimitar
2Cobble Crusher
3Gerudo Shield
4Zora Spear
5Bomb Arrow x5
7Swallow Bow

1:Revolving Door In The Thunder Room

Revolving door of Thunder room
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There is a treasure chest behind the door to the Thunder Room. You can take it while turning clockwise (blue).

2:Above The Terminal In The Fire Room

Above the terminal in the Fire Room
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Stand at the revolving door to enter the Fire Room and go to the top. You can reach the top of Terminal by flying from here with Paraglider.

3:Inside The Turning Gear Above The Entrance

Inside the rotating gear at the top of the entrance
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Use the large gear in the center to reach the upper level, and proceed to the entrance side. Inside the fast-turning gear, you will find a treasure chest. There are only two holes, so if you hit it with Stasis at the right time, you can take the treasure chest.

4:Under The Water Spout In The Water Room

Water Room under the water spout
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After stop the water spout in the Water Room, you will be able to take the treasure chest under the spout.

5:Iron Treasure Chest In Front Of The Door To Wind Room

Iron treasure chest in front of the Wind Room door
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There is an iron treasure chest near a iron bar on the way to the Wind Room. Grab it with Magnesis and take it.

6:Upper Part Of Door To Wind Room

Top Of The Wind Room Door
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After rotating the door of the Wind Room, use it to proceed to the top. You can reach the top by entering the gap at the entrance while turning counterclockwise (orange) and going through the gears. It's fine to start while clockwise, but must be turned back to counterclockwise at the gear.

7:Inside The Back Of Wind Room

⑦:Wind Room Inside The Back
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There is a treasure chest behind the giant propeller in the Wind Room. If it is rotating with a gear, you can go there after stopping it with Stasis, otherwise you can go directly. Be careful of the Guardian in front of you.

How To Get To The Boss Room

Insert The Iron In Front Of The Door After Activating 4 Terminals

Fit the iron in front of the door after starting the 4 Terminals.
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Once the four terminals are activated, the large door at the far end will be unlocked and can be turned. Push the octagonal iron in front of the door forward and insert it to open the door. The boss, Monk Maz Koshia, is waiting ahead inside.

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