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How To Defeat Waterblight Ganon

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How To Defeat Waterblight Ganon

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The guide for Waterblight Ganon Battle in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Includes how to prepare, the best equipment, and the tips to defeat Waterblight Ganon.

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Waterblight Ganon Strategy Guide

Tips To Defeat Waterblight Ganon

  • Use a weapon with high attack power.
  • If you are not good at dodging, bring more arrows.
  • Avoid the attacks with Flurry Rush.
  • Focus on avoiding Spear Throwing attacks.
  • Make the most of Cryonis.
  • Use Stasis from Second Phase.

Use a weapon with high offensive power

In the Waterblight Ganon battle, there are many situations where you need to attack with Flurry Rush or hit Ganon several times while he is stunned, so the attack power of the weapon will greatly affect the battle. Therefore, it is recommended to bring a weapon with high attack power.

Royal Claymore in Woodland Tower Is Recommended

The Royal Claymore in Woodland Tower is recommended.
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The Royal Claymore is a weapon that can be obtained by anyone regardless of the progress of the game at the top of Woodland Tower. It is a two-handed sword, which is difficult to handle, but its attack power is as high as 52 in the initial state, which is very useful even if not in the early stage. Another good point is that it revives when the Red Moon appears, so it will be easier in boss battles if you have it.

Woodland Tower Map
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▲ It is worth taking a side trip to get this map.

You Can Attack With Arrows From A Long Distance

You can also attack from a long distance with arrows.
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Waterblight Ganon attacks with a long spear. You have to attack from a distance in both the first and second phases, so it'd be better to prepare more arrows to inflict damage. The boss itself is not agile, making it easy to hit with arrows.

Make The Most of Cryonis!

Make good use of Cryonis
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The entire field is covered with water, so you can make full use of Cryonis, which can be used to prevent enemy attacks in the First Phase and to extend your own movement range in the Second Phase.

How To Defeat Waterblight Ganon's First Phase

Use Flurry Rush Against Thrusts Or Cleaves

It is good to use Flurry Rush against thrusts or cleaves
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It is easy to have a chance to attack when the enemy attacks with "thrust" or "cleave". In these cases, you are relatively easy to activate a Flurry Rush, so aim aggressively to deal damage.

Blight Ganon Attack Patterns

ThrustAn attack that thrusts in a straight line against Link.
Aim for Flurry Rush with Side Hop.
CleaveAn attack from the left to the right.
Aimed for Flurry Rush with Backflip.
Shock WaveAn attack that is unleashed when you are near Blight Ganon. It is difficult to avoid because the Shock Wave is unleashed around the boss.
Spear ThrowingAn attack the boss throws his Spear at Link. If you run in one direction, you will not be hit.

Even if you miss the Flurry Rush, the chance of being hit by a Thrust attack is low, you should aggressively try to do it. In the First Phase, the boss always takes time to recover after the Thrust attacks, use this as an opportunity to attack him.

Instead of Flurry Rush, Get Close And Hit Him When He Thrusts

If you are not good at Flurry Rush, get close and hit him several times when he thrusts
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If you are not good at Flurry Rush, you should run to the boss and attack him when he thrusts. After avoiding the thrust to the left from Link's point of view, run straight to the boss and hit him with your weapon a few times. If you hit him too hard, he will attack you with a Shock Wave, so run away as soon as you have hit him twice.

How To Defeat Waterblight Ganon's Second Phase

Go To One Of The 4 Corner Footholds Right After The Start

From the Second Phase, the water becomes deeper except for the footholds in the four corners, and you can only move by swimming. If you are in the middle, you would be attacked first, so move to one of the footholds immediately after the start. It'd be better to keep track of Blight Ganon's movements as well.

Use Stasis To Bounce Off The Flying Ice!

From the Second Phase, he will attack with flying ice. You can break all of the ice by using Cryonis, but if you leave one and bounce it back with Stasis, it will stun Ganon, so be proactive to try.

The number of ice he sent varies from 1 to 3 to 5, depending on his remaining HP.

Number and Order of Flying Ice

5Right Most→Left Most→Right→Left→Center

The order in which the ice is thrown is fixed, remember it so that you can break the ice smoothly with Cryonis. The last one always comes from the center, so use Stasis to stop it and bounce back.

tipsIt is able to stun him by attacking his eyeballs with arrows. But, after he gets scared, he will attack by throwing the spear, which might give you a lot of damage!

Approach And Attack As Soon As He Is Stunned

Approach and attack as soon as he is stunned
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When Blight Ganon is stunned, approach him immediately and attack with your weapon. After a few attacks, the boss will move to another foothold, you should repeat this process several times to reduce his HP.

Laser Beams Can Be Blocked With Cryonis Ice

Laser beams can be blocked with Cryonis ice
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When the boss's remaining HP becomes very low, he will attack with a laser beam. Of course, you can bounce it back with Perfect Guard, but if you miss, it will cause big damage. Standing ice around you with Cryonis to block the attacks is much safer.

Waterblight Ganon Walkthrough Video

Walkthrough Video

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