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Best Keyblade List & Ranking Guide

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Know which Keyblade is the strongest in Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3)! Check out this KH3 ranking guide on which Keyblades are the best, including the Ultima Weapon, Classic Tone, Wheel of Fate, & more!

Best Keyblades In KH3

Per Keyblade Overview

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Best Keyblade Ranking & Tier List

Kingdom Hearts 3 Keyblade Ranking

1Ultima WeaponUltima WeaponThe Ultima Weapon has one of the best stats in Strength & Magic. It boosts all your combos plus allows you to break enemy attacks with teleportation.
2Wheel of FateWheel of FateNot as powerful as the Ultima Weapon but comes close. One of the stronger Keyblades to get by just going through the story. It is effective for both mobs & bosses.
3Classic ToneClassic ToneHas higher Magic stats than Ultima Weapon. MP Haste abilities allows you to cast massive amounts of spells.
4Nano GearNano GearA good balance between Strength & Magic stats. Stun Protection ability protects you from stun attacks, especially from boss fights.
5Happy GearHappy GearA Strength type of Keyblade. It deals powerful damage to enemies, making it effective in boss fights with high HP gauges.
6Ever AfterEver AfterFocuses more on Magic stats. Has very long range & one of the best to use when facing many small enemies in a wide area.
7Favorite DeputyFavorite DeputyThis Keyblade's usefulness lies in its Form Changes - one that focuses on attack strength & the other on attack speed.
8Crystal SnowCrystal SnowHas a variety of long-ranged attacks that deal good damage from a distance. Can protect from Freeze condition which triples damage received when frozen.
9Hunny SpoutHunny SpoutDecent balance between Strength & Magic. User-friendly with Form Changes that shoot homing bullets towards enemies from a distance.
10Hero’s OriginHero's OriginAn accessible Keyblade - one of the earliest ones you get. Doesn't have much Strength stat but can inflict good damage when countering enemy attacks.

Per Keyblade Overview

1. Ultima Weapon Keyblade Overview

KIngdom Hearts 3 Best Keyblade List & Ranking Guide Ultima Weapon
1313- Combo Boost
- Air Combo Boost
- Situation Boost

The Ultima Weapon possesses excellent stats in both Strength & Magic, making it a very powerful Keyblade that boosts your combos for continuous damage. Enemy damage can be avoided by allowing you to phase and teleport out of harm's way.

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2. Wheel of Fate Keyblade Overview

KIngdom Hearts 3 Best Keyblade List & Ranking Guide Wheel of Fate
85- Waterza

The Wheel of Fate may not have the stats when compared to the Ultima Weapon, but it is a strong Keyblade that you can earn by simply playing through the story. Its attack & range make it easy to use against enemy mobs or single-target boss fights!

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3. Classic Tone Keyblade Overview

KIngdom Hearts 3 Best Keyblade List & Ranking Guide Classic Tone
1114- MP Haste
- MP Haste
- MP Haste

Classic Tone is Keyblade that can be unlocked by gathering & playing 23 Classic Kingdom Mini Games. It has the highest Magic stats in KH3. Its MP Haste abilities allow you to regenerate HP quickly in order to cast incredible amounts of magic spell damage.

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4. Nano Gear Keyblade Overview

KIngdom Hearts 3 Best Keyblade List & Ranking Guide Nano Gear
75- Stun Protection

The Nano Gear Keyblade strikes a good balance between Strength and Magic. It is very flexible, you can use it both for ranged attacks to sweep mobs or for basic shots to focus on single targets during boss fights.

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5. Happy Gear Keyblade Overview

KIngdom Hearts 3 Best Keyblade List & Ranking Guide Happy Gear
73- Focus Converter

This Keyblade focuses more on Strength than Magic capabilities. It's a great choice of Keyblade when facing a singular-target boss fight as it can deal massive damage in few hits.

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6. Ever After Keyblade Overview

KIngdom Hearts 3 Best Keyblade List & Ranking Guide Ever After
27- Leaf Bracer

Ever After has very high Magic stats, perfect for players who prefer spells to do damage. Its Form Changes are perfect for long & wide range attacks. This Keyblade excels in mob fights with many small enemies in an open area.

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7. Favorite Deputy Keyblade Overview

KIngdom Hearts 3 Best Keyblade List & Ranking Guide Favorite Deputy
63- Lucky Strike

The Favorite Deputy's strength lies in the flexibility of its two Form Changes. It has two transformation - one that does heavy damage while the other hits opponents very fast. This is great for players who prefer a dynamic Keyblade in battle.

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8. Crystal Snow Overview

KIngdom Hearts 3 Best Keyblade List & Ranking Guide
47- Freeze Protection

Crystal Snow specializes in long-ranged attacks. If you prefer keeping your distance while destroying enemies - this is the Keyblade for you. Freeze Protection is useful to combat Freeze condition that triples damage you receive when frozen.

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9. Hunny Spout Overview

KIngdom Hearts 3 Best Keyblade List & Ranking Guide Hunny Spout
65- Harvest

Hunny Spout has a decent balance in Strength & Magic statistics. It is easy to use in combat and its Form Change allows you to shoot ranged homing bullets to distant enemies.

Check Out Hunny Spout Keyblade!

10. Hero's Origin Overview

KIngdom Hearts 3 Best Keyblade List & Ranking Guide Hero
52- Defender

One of the first Keyblades that you receive in the game. Thought its Strength stats are not very high, its Defender ability makes it possible to deal big damage when you block & counter an enemy attack.

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