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Chapter 1: Olympus - Map & Box

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Check out this Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Olympus map & box! Including walkthrough, treasures, boss fight tips, gameplay tricks, & more!

Table Of Contents

Story Progression & Walkthrough

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0. OpeningFirst Choice2. Twilight TownTwilight Town
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Landing ~ Agora

Landing ~ Thebes / Agora - Walkthrough Chart

No Procedure
1When you regain control, move forward until you encounter a group of Heartless in a clearing
2 Defeat the Heartless
3 After defeating the Heartless, look the white wall on your right, freerun over it to get to the top & find the pathway
4Continue on the path, scale up the wall, and move forward until you trigger a cutscene
5After the cutscene, you'll be in Thebes/Agora - move forward to trigger another scenario
6 Once the scene is over, work with Hercules to clear the square of Heartless
7You'll get another cutscene after the battle

3. Free Run - Hint & Tips

Pathway Is On White Wall On Right

You can find the wall that you need to scale on the right of the small clearing after defeating the group of Heartless. Use Sora to free run over it and the pathway to the next scene.

Overlook ~ The Big Olive

Overlook ~ The Big Olive - Walkthrough Chart

No Procedure
1 After the cutscene, head down the stairs
2Once you get to the downstairs platform, more Heartless will appear - defeat them
3You'll get another scene after fighting the Heartless
4Continue through the path of rubble & roofs
5When you activate the Trinity Sled and the path diverges, take the one on the right
6Go through the Gardens until you trigger another cutscene
7Battle the Heartless after watching the scenario
8Head downwards to reach The Big Olive
9Follow the path onwards until a cutscene starts
10Defeat the Heartless that show up before the building collapse
11When you're done with the fight, you'll see one more scenario
12Go onward until you have to battle & defeat the Heartless Rock Troll

1. Thebes Map - Hint & Tips

Map Of Thebes Is Right Before Going Down

Kingdom Hearts 3 Olympus Story Guide & World Walkthrough

You can obtain the map of Thebes from a big treasure chest before going down the hill. It's to the left of the save point.

5. Trinity Sled - Hint & Tips

Take The Right Path In Thebes When Using Trinity Sled

When making your way through the fire, take the right path when the path diverges. The other way just makes you go around the map.

Mt. Olympus ~ Realm of the Gods

Mt. Olympus ~ Realm of the Gods- Walkthrough Chart

No Procedure
1Head upward against the flow of the river
2Defeat the Water Cores to dry up the river
3Scale up the mountain walls & cliffs, moving forward until you trigger a scene
4Keep going until you reach the Mountainside to encounter the Rock Titan
5Head up the mountain side & defeat the Rock Titan
6Continue, break the rock wall in your path to reach Olympus & trigger a cutscene
7Defeat the horde of Heartless to get to the Realm of the Gods
8Make your way up through the area to reach the top
9Fight against the Ice & Fire Titan
10After facing the two Titans, you have to battle and defeat the Tornado Titan
11When you've defeated the Tornado Titan, the scene will shift to Riku & King Mickey
12Work with King Mickey to defeat the Demon Tower

1. Mt. Olympus Map - Hint & Tips

Step 1. Stop River & Climb Up Cliff

Kingdom Hearts 3 Olympus Story Guide & World Walkthrough

Stop the flow of the river and scale up the cliff to get to the next area.

Step 2. Chest With Map Is To The Left

Kingdom Hearts 3 Olympus Story Guide & World Walkthrough

Once you make your way up the cliff, you'll find the treasure chest with the map inside to your left.

6. Realm of the Gods Map - Hint & Tips

Find Treasure Chest As Soon As You Enter Realm of the Gods

Kingdom Hearts 3 Olympus Story Guide & World Walkthrough

The map is not hard to find. You'll see a big treasure chest as soon as you enter the area. It's right beside the big stairs to the left.

8. Realm of the Gods Summit - Hint & Tips

Use Command "Athletic Flow" On Box To Reach Summit

Kingdom Hearts 3 Olympus Story Guide & World Walkthrough

To reach the top of the Realm of the Gods, you need to use the command "Athletic Flow". Focus on the Big Box and use the shot lock command to boost you to the summit.

9. Ice & Fire Titans - Hint & Tips

Use Rock Tower To Reach Titans' Faces

Kingdom Hearts 3 Olympus Story Guide & World Walkthrough

You can only reach the Titans' faces when you climb the rock tower in between them. Quickly run up through it, be careful to avoid any attacks they make, & use regular Keyblade attacks or magic to defeat them both.

10. Tornado Titan - Hint & Tips

Exploit Shot Lock To Damage Tornado Titan

Kingdom Hearts 3 Olympus Story Guide & World Walkthrough

This fight will occur in the middle of the air so it's hard to hit the Tornado Titan with normal attacks or magic. Use your Shot Lock command to quickly get into its range to attack it.

Rewards & Obtainable Items

Item How To Get
Hero’s Origin Hero's Origin
Defeat Tornado Titan
Dream Heartbinder
(Link Summon Charm)
Defeat Demon Tower
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