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Read this Kingdom Hearts summary and synopsis about all the Kingdom Hearts stories per game! Catch up on the story so far to be ready for the launch of KH3!

This article may contain spoilers for the past Kingdom Hearts games.

KH3 All Kingdom Hearts Story Synopsis & Summary
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Kingdom Hearts Story Synopsis

Kingdom Hearts - Story & Plot Summary

Sora's Story & Dreams Of Another World

KH3 All Kingdom Hearts Story Synopsis & Summary

The story of Kingdom Hearts begins with Sora in Destiny Islands. Here, with his childhood friends, Riku & Kairi, they dream of worlds beyond the seas around their small island.

A Door Of Darkness Changes Everything

KH3 All Kingdom Hearts Story Synopsis & Summary

Everything stays the same in the Destiny Islands for Sora and his friends until a Door of Darkness opens and swallows the whole island up. Lost in the darkness, the three friends are separated and moved to different worlds.

Sora Meets With Donald Duck & Goofy

KH3 All Kingdom Hearts Story Synopsis & Summary

Sora wakes up in a new and strange place called Traverse Town. This is where Sora meets the mage Donald Duck and soldier Goofy. They start to set out on their adventures to other worlds from Traverse Town.

The Fight Against The Darkness Begins

KH3 All Kingdom Hearts Story Synopsis & Summary

Sora and his new gang encounter the game's villains - dark characters that are obsessed with Heartless. During a battle, Sora awakens his power of summoning a Keyblade.

Sora's Bitter Battle With Riku's Darkness

KH3 All Kingdom Hearts Story Synopsis & Summary

As Sora tries to foil the villains' plans, he reunites with his childhood friend Riku, who has also awakened to the power of the Keyblade. Succumbing to the darkness, Riku fights with Sora over this power.

The Mastermind Behind It All "Ansem"

KH3 All Kingdom Hearts Story Synopsis & Summary

As Sora and Riku battle it out, Riku loses and it is discovered that he has been manipulated by a man named Ansem. In the end, Sora faces Ansem to save his best friend, Riku.

Riku Stays In Realm Of Darkness

KH3 All Kingdom Hearts Story Synopsis & Summary

At the end of Kingdom Hearts, Riku is able to break away from Ansem's manipulation. He stays behind the door to the Realm of Darkness in order to seal off the passage to Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories - Story & Plot Summary

Sora Explores Castle Oblivion To Find Riku

KH3 All Kingdom Hearts Story Synopsis & Summary

After the events of Kingdom Hearts. Sora ventures into the world to find and rescue his childhood friend, Riku, and King Mickey from the Realm of Darkness. This is how he stumbles upon Castle Oblivion.

Meeting With The Black-Cloaked Man

KH3 All Kingdom Hearts Story Synopsis & Summary

At Castle Oblivion, Sora is greeted by a black-cloaked man who guides him through the castle. As he ventures into each room and floor, Sora slowly loses his most important memories.

It's A Trap Set By Marluxia

KH3 All Kingdom Hearts Story Synopsis & Summary

It turns out that Castle Oblivion is the research headquarters of Marluxia, a member of Organization XIII. Here he has laid a trap for Sora.

Namine Manipulates Sora's Memories

KH3 All Kingdom Hearts Story Synopsis & Summary

As Sora journeys through the castle, his memories of Kairi are being replaced with a girl named Namine. He sets a goal to "save Namine", a prisoner of Castle Oblivion, not knowing it was Namine herself who was manipulating his memories with her power.

Final Battle With Marluxia To Restore Sora's Memories

KH3 All Kingdom Hearts Story Synopsis & Summary

In the final battle, Sora faces off with Marluxia to regain his true memories. He makes a promise to Namine that she will not be forgotten. This is how Sora and Organization XIII make their first connection.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days - Story & Plot Summary

A New Organization XII Member Named "Roxas"

KH3 All Kingdom Hearts Story Synopsis & Summary

The story begins in the perspective of a new hero named "Roxas". The newest member of Organization XIII and its 13th member, Roxas has no recollection of his past life before joining the Organization.

Organization XII - The Organization Of Nobodies

KH3 All Kingdom Hearts Story Synopsis & Summary

It is explained that when a person becomes a Heartless, their soul & body are left behind that create a shell called a "Nobody". Organization XIII is made up of Nobodies and Roxas is also one. In fact, he is Sora's Nobody.

The Mysterious 14th Member - Xion

KH3 All Kingdom Hearts Story Synopsis & Summary

After Roxas joins the Organization, another new member is introduced - Xion. Much like Roxas, she has no memory of her previous life and can also wield a Keyblade.

Roxas, Axel, & Xion Start Becoming Good Friends

KH3 All Kingdom Hearts Story Synopsis & Summary

As Roxas, Axel, and Xion work together on their duties for Organization XIII, they fast become friends. This is a rare situation as Nobodies are known to be emotionless due to their lack of heart.

Xion's True Identity Is Revealed

KH3 All Kingdom Hearts Story Synopsis & Summary

It turns out that Xion is a replica of Roxas, created as a back-up in case the Organization is not able to manipulate Roxas & Sora's powers over the Keyblade. Xion is ordered to capture & battle Roxas, to fully absorb the Keyblade's power for the Organization.

The Story Continues In Kingdom Hearts 2

KH3 All Kingdom Hearts Story Synopsis & Summary

At the end, Roxas is able to escape the clutches & defeat the plans of the Organization. The story then continues onto Kingdom Hearts 2.

Kingdom Hearts 2 - Story & Plot Summary

The Story Begins With Roxas

Kingdom Hearts 2 begins with Roxas, who has been dreaming of a boy named Sora, from the first Kingdom Hearts. He is a Nobody, created when Sora became a Heartless in the first Kingdom Hearts.

Roxas Reunites With Sora To Wake Him

In order to wake Sora, Roxas has to merge & become one with him. Sora wakes up & learns that the plan of Organization XIII is to create a new Kingdom Hearts to regain the hearts they've lost. Sora adventures to stop the Organization and find his missing friends, Riku and Kairi.

Kingdom Hearts - Heart Of All Worlds

It turns out that Kingdom Hearts is the heart of all worlds and the source of great power, whoever gains control of it will have great strength. Sora fights with Xemnas, Organization XII's head, to prevent him from creating his new Kingdom Hearts and thwarting his plans. After he wins, Sora returns home to Destiny Islands.

Kingdom Hearts coded - Story & Plot Summary

Story Between KH2 & 3D

Kingdom Hearts Coded is the story that takes place after Kingdom Hearts 2 and before Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. It was a mobile game that was ported into the Nintendo DS.

Follows Jiminy Cricket's Journal

While Jiminy Cricket is organizing his journal's contents, he comes across some notes he did not write. He seeks the help of King Mickey to make a digital copy of his journal & enlists a "Data-Sora" to uncover the secrets behind his notes.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - Story & Plot Summary

A Prequel To The Kingdom Hearts Stories

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep is the prequel of Kingdom Hearts. It happens before Sora earns his Keyblade and before the beginning of Organization XIII.

The Story Of The 3 Keyblade Apprentices

KH3 All Kingdom Hearts Story Synopsis & Summary

The story centers around three friends who are Keyblade Apprentices - Ventus, Aqua, and Terra. Their goal is to become Keyblade Masters. Another Keyblade Master, Xehanort, interferes and in the end he is able to manipulate & control Terra's body.

Xehanort's Evil Ambitions

KH3 All Kingdom Hearts Story Synopsis & Summary

Xenahort's plan is to complete the χ-blade, the key that will unlock Kingdom Hearts. He plans to unleash the evils during the Keyblade War throughout all worlds. By merging Ventus & his apprentice, Vanitas, together, he plans to create the χ-blade.

Story Continues Onto The First Kingdom Hearts

KH3 All Kingdom Hearts Story Synopsis & Summary

After Xehanort's plans are thwarted, Terra passes his Keyblade power onto Riku while Aqua unintentionally passes hers to Kairi.

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - Story & Plot Summary

Story After Kingdom Hearts 2

After the story of Kingdom Hearts 2, Sora and Riku learn that Xehanort will return and they have to take a Mark of Mastery exam to be Keyblade Masters.

The Real Purpose of Organization XIII

During their exam, the true purpose of Organization XIII was revealed. The 13 members of the Organization were meant to house the 13 pieces of Xehanort's heart, with the intention of having Sora as the 13th member of the Organization.

Riku Passes The Mark Of Mastery

After defeating Xehanort once again and he disappears, Riku passes the Mark of Mastery exam and becomes a full-fledged Keyblade Master. The story ends here and continues onto Kingdom Hearts 3.

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Story & Plot Summary

The Search For The 7 Guardians Of Light

The battle over Kingdom Hearts is coming to a climax as Xehanort continues to build his plan of inciting another Keyblade War. It is prophesied that 7 Guardians of Light or Keyblade Wielder will fight against 13 Guardians of Darkness.

Return To Worlds Of Disney

The adventure goes back to Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy who are traveling across the worlds of Disney to find the "Key to Return Hearts".

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