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Bistro Cooking Mini Game: Tips, Recipes, & Ingredients List
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Bistro Cooking Mini Game: Tips, Recipes, & Ingredients List

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Read this Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) guide on how to cook with Little Chef in the Bistro. Find out how to get excellent ratings, cooking tips, best recipes to cook, all recipes & ingredients!

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KH3 Cooking Rewards & Benefits

The 3 Benefits Of Cooking

  • Boosts stats temporarily after eating
  • Receive valuable rewards when raising Bistro Star level
  • Receive Grand Chef Keyblade when completing all Recipes in Excellent

Eating Cooked Food Boosts Stats Temporarily

KH3 Bistro Cooking Tips & Recommended Recipes

Eating food you've cooked will temporarily boost your stats. It would be best to eat a full course meal right before a boss fight to get a much needed stat boost!

Eating "Excellent" Or "Good" Dishes Have Higher Boosts

KH3 Bistro Cooking Tips & Recommended Recipes

The Dishes you've cooked with ratings of Good or Excellent will pump up the stats they boost. As much as possible, eat a full course (with every dish) that has Excellent ratings to get the full effects of the dish.

Get Keyblade After Getting Excellent In All Recipes

KH3 Bistro Cooking Tips & Recommended Recipes

When you've raised your Bistro's Star ranking up to 5 Stars, you'll be awarded with the Grand Chef Keyblade. It Form Changes into a fiery frying pan with a focus on Magic stats.

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Star Rank-Up Rewards

KH3 Bistro Cooking Tips & Recommended Recipes

Players will receive valuable rewards when they rank up their Bistro. These are given in 1-Star, 3-Star, & 5-Star levels.

Bistro Rewards Per Star Level

Star Rank Reward
1 Star Gourmand's Ring
3 Star Elixir
5 Star Grand Chef Keyblade

Cooking Mini Game Tips

Tips For Cracking Eggs

Wait For Red Sparkles Then Press L1 + R1 Simultaneously

KH3 Bistro Cooking Tips & Recommended Recipes

You have to tilt the L + R joysticks very gently when cracking eggs. Slowly tilt the joysticks then when the red aura & sparkles appear, press L1 + R1 simultaneously to crack the egg.

Tips For Salt & Pepper Shakers

Pull Stick Down When Circle Closes In

KH3 Bistro Cooking Tips & Recommended Recipes

Try to pull the stick down as close to the circle as you can. This movement alternates between the L & R joysticks. If you are too fast you won't shake enough salt or pepper & if you move too slow, you'll lose the mini game.

Tips To Flambé

Rotate L Until Red Sparkles Appear, Then Tilt R Down

KH3 Bistro Cooking Tips & Recommended Recipes

When flambéing, rotate the L joystick slowly until the red ribbons & sparkles appear. When they do, immediately pull down the R button to get an Excellent rating in the mini game.

Tips In Chopping Ingredients

Cut Ingredients With L & Get Next One With R

KH3 Bistro Cooking Tips & Recommended Recipes

Speed is your best friend in this mini game. Quickly chop the ingredients by pulling the L joystick up & down then as soon as you're finished, pull the R joystick down to get the next ingredient.

Equip Gourmand's Ring To Easily Get Excellent Rating

KH3 Bistro Cooking Tips & Recommended Recipes

Before you start cooking, be sure to equip the Gourmand's Ring. This gives you the Chef Extraordinaire ability which makes it easier for you to get an Excellent rating when cooking a dish.

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Recommended Recipes

Meat Dishes

KH3 Bistro Cooking Tips & Recommended Recipes

Meat dishes are not that difficult to cook. They boost your HP & Strength stats more than other dishes so it's best to cook & eat them before facing a crowd of enemies or a big boss.

Dessert Dishes

KH3 Bistro Cooking Tips & Recommended Recipes

Desserts focus on boosting your Magic & MP statistics. It can be difficult to prepare these dishes so make sure you have a lot of ingredients plus equip the Gourmand's Ring.

All Bistro Recipe List

Type Recipe Ingredients
Starter Mushroom Terrine Morel
King Oyster Mushroom
Black Trumpet
Starter Scallop Poêle Scallop
Olive Oil
Starter Ratatouille Zucchini
Bay Leaf
Starter Lobster Mousse Lobster
Soup Consommé Celery
Soup Pumpkin Velouté Pumpkin
Black Truffle
Soup Carrot Potage Carrot
Soup Crab Bisque Crab
Olive Oil
Fish Sole Meuniére Sole
Fish Eel Matelote Eel
Bay Leaf
Fish Bouillabaisse Mussel
Fish Sea Bass en Papillote Sea Bass
Olive Oil
Meat Sweetbread Poêle Porcini
Meat Beef Sauté Cornichon
Meat Beef Bourguignon Rosemary
Bay Leaf
Meat Stuffed Quail Rice
Miller Mushroom
Dessert Chocolate Mousse Chocolate
Dessert Fresh Fruit Compote Pear
Dessert Crêpes Suzette Orange
Dessert Berries au Fromage Cheese

All Ingredients List & How To Get

Ingredients Where To Get
Apple Moogle Shop, Olympus
Apricot Moogle Shop, Olympus
Banana Flantastic Seven:
Banana Flan (Monstropolis)
Basil Toy Box
Bay Leaf Moogle Shop, Olympus, Toy Box
Beef Moogle Shop
Blackberry Help Rabbit harvest fruits in 100 Acre Wood
Black Truffle Moogle Shop, Kingdom of Corona
Black Trumpet Moogle Shop, Kingdom of Corona
Blood Orange Flantastic Seven:
Orange Flan (Kingdom of Corona)
Butter Moogle Shop, Twilight Town, Toy Box
Carrot Help Rabbit harvest vegetables in 100 Acre Wood
Caviar Moogle Shop, Twilight Town, Toy Box
Celery Moogle Shop
Chanterelle Moogle Shop, Kingdom of Corona
Cheese Moogle Shop, Toy Box
Chocolate Moogle Shop
Cloves Moogle Shop, Toy Box
Cod Kingdom Of Corona (Wharf)
Cornichon Moogle Shop, Toy Box
Crab The Caribean (Huddled Isles, underwater
Dill The Caribbean (Forsaken Isle)
Eel Moogle Shop, Kingdom of Corona
Eggplant Help Rabbit harvest vegetables in 100 Acre Wood
Filet Mignon Random reward for cooking in Bistro
Garlic Toy Box (2F Drinks Corner)
Gooseberry Arendelle
Grapes Flantastic Seven:
Grape Flan (Arendelle)
Honey Help Rabbit pick flowers in 100 Acre Wood
King Oyster Mushroom Moogle Shop, Olympus
Lemon Moogle Shop, Twilight Town
Lobster Kingdom Of Corona (Shore)
Melon Flantastic Seven:
Honeydew Flan (San Fransokyo)
Miller Mushroom The Caribbean (Forsaken Isle)
Morel Moogle Shop, Kingdom of Corona
Mussel Kingdom of Corona (Wharf)
Olive Oil Moogle Shop
Onion Moogle Shop, Monstropolis
Orange Help Rabbit harvest fruits in 100 Acre Wood
Parsley Moogle Shop, Toy Box
Pear Olympus
Porcini Moogle Shop, Olympus, The Caribbean
Portobello Arendelle
Pumpkin Help Rabbit harvest vegetables in 100 Acre Wood
Quail The Caribbean (Port Royal)
Raspberry Arendelle
Rice Moogle Shop
Rosemary Moogle Shop, Toy Box
Saffron Moogle Shop
Scallop Kingdom of Corona (Shore)
Sea Bass Kingdom of Corona (Shore)
Sole Moogle Shop, Twilight Town
Sour Cherry Flantastic Seven:
Cherry Flan (Olympus)
Strawberry Flantastic Seven:
Strawberry Flan (Toy Box)
Thyme Moogle Shop, Toy Box
Tomato Toy Box
Veal Moogle Shop, Twilight Town
Watermelon Flantastic Seven:
Watermelon Flan (The Caribbean)
Zucchini Kingdom of Corona

How To Access Bistro Cooking

Collect Ingredients For Little Chef In Twilight Town

KH3 Bistro Cooking Tips & Recommended Recipes

You will be able to start cooking once you've collected enough ingredients for the Little Chef in the Bistro in Twilight Town.

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Gather Ingredients In Different Worlds Then Cook

KH3 Bistro Cooking Tips & Recommended Recipes

Hitting boxes, barrels, fruit baskets & investigating bushes or bubbles in the water will give you ingredients as you travel. Bring these back to the Bistro to cook them!

Ingredients Are Wasted When Cooking Fails

Make sure to do well in the cooking mini game or you will lose the ingredients you've harvested. If you've lost ingredients, you can go to the different worlds to gather them again.

Access Bistro From Save Point

KH3 Bistro Cooking Tips & Recommended Recipes

You can also access the Bistro in your Save Point menu. It can be chosen below the World Map option!

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