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About Gummi Ship - Customization, Blueprints & Materials

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About Gummi Ship - Customization, Blueprints & Materials

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Learn everything to know about the Gummi Ship in Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) ! This includes tips on how to get its customization, its uses, where to get blueprints, & more.

Kingdom Hearts 3 | KH3 Gummi Ship - Customization, Blueprints, & Materials
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Table of Contents

What is the Gummi Ship?

Vehicle Needed to Travel Between Worlds

Kingdom Hearts 3 | KH3 Gummi Ship - Customizations, Guide, & Tips

With the Gummi Ship, Sora and the gang are able to travel between the different worlds! It's a feature that has been used in previous games and in KH3, it receives a bit of an expansion.

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Better Stats, the Higher the Level

Kingdom Hearts 3 | KH3 Gummi Ship - Customizations, Guide, & Tips

The Gummi Ship becomes stronger the higher its level is. You'll earn experience whenever you beat enemies with the ship as you travel between worlds.

Gummi Ship has Customization Options

Kingdom Hearts 3 | KH3 Gummi Ship - Customizations, Guide, & Tips

Players can obtain customization options and design their Gummi Ship however they like! This feature will allow players to create their own unique Gummi Ship that they can take on their travels.

Gummi Ship Stats Depend on Customization

The Gummi Ship has its own stats that will help it survive in battle. The amount of stats that it has is dependent on the Gummi Materials or design that it has.

Customization Not Essential to the Story

Customizing the Gummi Ship is just an extra feature that players can choose to do if they want to. It is in no way a requirement to progress through the main story.

Battle Against Enemies with the Gummi Ship

Fight Space Monsters while Travelling Between Worlds

Gummi Ship - Customization, Guide, & Tips

Every time you travel between worlds with the Gummi Ship, you'll enter into a mini game where you have to fight and survive against waves of Space Monsters.

Get Rewards in Battles

There are multiple items you can get as a reward after battling the Space Monsters with the Gummi Ship. You can collect them once you beat all the enemies.

Battle Prize Guide

Kingdom Hearts 3 | KH3 Gummi Ship - Customizations, Guide, & Tips
1EXP Prize
- Gives the Gummi Ship XP
2HP Prize
- Gummi Ship Recovers a bit of HP
3Gummi Material
- Gives a random Gummi Material
4Unique Item
- Gives valuable items & Gummi Blocks

How to Customize the Gummi Ship

3 Ways to Customize the Gummi Ship

Players can either create their own Gummi Ship, use a blueprint they can get from the Moogle Shop, or use the Special Blueprints from taking pictures of constellations. Each provides their own set of benefits!

Customization Guide

Unique Design- A Gummi Ship of your own design
- Gummi Ship stats can be adjusted
- Cost to make depends on design
- Requires Gummi Parts
Blueprint from the Moogle Shop- Set design based on Blueprint
- Need to have required costs to create
- Requires Gummi Parts
Special Blueprint from constellations- Cannot be customized
- Cheaper to create
- Does not require Gummi Parts only materials
- Can only be obtained from Constellations

Gummi Parts Make Up the Ship

Gummi Part are the individual elements that you can use for your Gummi Ship! You can craft some with Gummi Materials or collect them as drops from certain enemies.

Gummi Ship Parts

CockpitAffects the Ship's HP
WeaponAffects the Ship's Attack Power
BaseAffects the Ship's Defense

Gummi Parts have Different Stats

Each Gummi Part has a corresponding stat that it will set the individual stats of your Gummi Ship. You can make your Gummi Ship tougher or stronger depending on the Gummi Materials you use.

How to Get Gummi Materials

Beat Enemies with the Gummi Ship

When travelling between worlds, you'll enter into a mini game where you have to battle against space monsters. Those space monsters can drop Gummi Materials that you can acquire!

Complete Treasure Spheres

Kingdom Hearts 3 | KH3 Gummi Ship - Customizations, Guide, & Tips

Treasure Spheres are huge golden globes that you can find floating in space. Completing their mini games will award you with a large number of Gummi Materials!

Mini Game: Arrange Electronic Pieces

Kingdom Hearts 3 | KH3 Gummi Ship - Customizations, Guide, & Tips

Completing the Treasure Sphere mini games require you to arrange electronic pieces to connect across all the points of the sphere. It's fairly easy so you won't have a hard time to complete them.

Hunt for Constellations with the Gummi Ship

Find Constellations with Gummi Ship

Kingdom Hearts 3 | KH3 Gummi Ship - Customizations, Guide, & Tips

Constellations are group of stars that you can find while travelling with the Gummi Ship! There are multiple Constellations across the maps for players to find!

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Take Pictures of Constellations to Complete Challenge

One of the Gummi Challenges is to take a picture of all the Constellations in Kingdom Hearts 3! To take a picture, press the touchpad and shoot with the R1 button.

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Pictures Award Gummi Ship Blueprints

Taking photos of Constellations will reward you with Gummi Ship Blueprints that you can use to change the stats and appearance of your ship. The Blueprints are great as they don't require Gummi Materials and cost less to create.

Recommended Constellations to Find

Moogle Constellation

Kingdom Hearts 3 | KH3 Gummi Ship - Customizations, Guide, & Tips

The Moogle Constellation provides a Gummi Ship Blueprint design that is worth it for its low cost and good stats. You can find the constellation in the first map, Starlight Way

Moogle Gummi Ship Blueprint

Gummi Ship - Customization, Guide, & Tips

The Moogle Gummi Ship has a high amount of HP, great for letting you survive in space battles! It's other stats are generally average.

Omega Constellation

Kingdom Hearts 3 | KH3 Gummi Ship - Customizations, Guide, & Tips

The Omega Constellation has overwhelming firepower, but you can only access it when you get to the last map, Eclipse. This is definitely an end-game goal.

Omega Gummi Ship Blueprint

Gummi Ship - Customization, Guide, & Tips

The Omega Gummiship has extremely high HP and Attack Power, and lower stats for almost everything else. With this Gummi Ship, you'll need to be more aggressive in battles.

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