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Chapter 6: Arendelle - Frozen Walkthrough

KH3 | Chapter 6: Arendelle - Frozen Walkthrough | Kingdom Hearts 3

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KH3 | Chapter 6: Arendelle - Frozen Walkthrough | Kingdom Hearts 3 - GameWith
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Guides for the KH3 ReMind DLC is now live!

Check out this Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) ReMIND guide of Arendelle! Including Frozen walkthrough, treasure, map, boss, gameplay tricks, and more!

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Story Progression & Walkthrough

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5. MonstropolisMonstropolis7. The CaribbeanThe Caribbean
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North Mountain ~ Labyrinth Middle Tier

North Mountain ~ Labyrinth Middle Tier - Walkthrough Chart

No Procedure
1Proceed forward through the mountains until you reach Elsa
2Take out all the Heartless to protect Else
3After the cutscene, you'll be trapped inside an ice labyrinth
4Go upwards through the labyrinth until you encounter a group of Nobodies - defeat them
5After the battle, spin around the ice pillar to open the pathway onward
6Move onward & slide back down to the Lower Tier
7Enter a room with Nobodies & defeat them to make the ice pillars appear
8Spin around them to open the pathway
9Use Athletic Flow to reach the Middle Tier of the ice labyrinth
10Defeat the group of Nobodies you encounter to activate a singular ice pillar - spin it to open the doorway
Arendelle - Treasure Chest & Lucky Emblem Locations

1. North Mountain Map - Hint & Tips

Find Map In Chest Next To Moogle Shop

As soon as you regain control, you will find the map inside a treasure chest right next to the Moogle Shop.

2. Battling With Heartless - Hint & Tips

Bigger Heartless Have Higher Health

Kingdom Hearts 3 Arendelle Story Guide & World Walkthrough

When you encounter Heartless in Arendelle, some of them have completely changed their shape - they are bigger and have higher health. Deal with the bigger Heartless first as they are more capable of depleting your HP bar with their attacks.

4. Ice Labyrinth Map - Hint & Tips

Find Map In Secret Passage

You can find the Labyrinth of Ice map in a treasure chest in one of the secret passages. You need to break a wall of ice to drop down to a ledge & find the chest.

9. Athletic Flow - Hint & Tips

Use Athletic Flow To Climb Huge Wall Of Ice

Kingdom Hearts 3 Arendelle Story Guide & World Walkthrough

At the end of the lower level of the icy labyrinth, you'll come at a dead end where you'll face a tall wall of ice. Use your Athletic Flow to head upwards into the upper level of the ice labyrinth.

Labyrinth Middle Tier ~ Meeting Anna

Labyrinth Middle Tier ~ Meeting Anna - Walkthrough Chart

No Procedure
1Jump onto the icy rail to slide on it
2At the end of the rail, defeat the Nobodies that you meet
3Spin around the final ice pillar to get out of the labyrinth
4Go through the path, scaling up mountain walls & using Athletic Flow to get across
5Go onward until you reach the Mountain Ridge
6After the cutscene, escape from the incoming avalanche
7Defeat the flying Heartless you encounter when you land
8When you defeat the Heartless, you'll meet Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, & Sven

4. Climbing Snowy Mountains - Hint & Tips

Use Athletic Flow On Ice Pillars To Get Across

Kingdom Hearts 3 Arendelle Story Guide & World Walkthrough

You need to use your Athletic Flow motion (R1 button) to move across the ridges & get to the other side of the mountains.

7. Fighting Flying Heartless - Hint & Tips

Use Magic To Knock Down Flying Heartless

Kingdom Hearts 3 Arendelle Story Guide & World Walkthrough

When you're escaping from the avalanche, you'll encounter a group of Heartless with a bunch of flying ones around you. These are often hard to hit due to being in-air so drag them down using magic skills like Blizzard or Thunder.

Meeting Anna ~ Boss Fight

Meeting Anna ~ Boss Fight - Walkthrough Chart

No Procedure
1Collect Olaf's missing pieces
2Defeat the Heartless that show up then proceed up the mountain to get to Elsa's Ice Castle
3Move upward by following the mountain path
4After the cutscene with Anna & Kristoff, face & beat Marshmallow
5Go back to Elsa's Ice Castle
6Follow the man who was carrying Elsa away
7Team up with Marshmallow to defeat the enemies you encounter while chasing after Elsa
8When you finally reach Arendelle, defeat the Heartless Boss

1. Collect Olaf's Pieces - Hint & Tips

Listen To Goofy When Looking For Olaf's Pieces

Kingdom Hearts 3 Arendelle Story Guide & World Walkthrough

After meeting with Anna, you need to collect Olaf's pieces that have been scattered. When you approach one of the pieces, you'll hear Goofy saying that he can hear Olaf's voice.

8. Boss Fight - Hint & Tips

Keep Locked Onto The Boss

Kingdom Hearts 3 Arendelle Story Guide & World Walkthrough

This particular boss moves very fast and is hard to catch. It's best to keep locked onto it so its direction will always be visible when you want to attack it.

Boss Activates "Meteor Mode" When HP Is Reduced

Kingdom Hearts 3 Arendelle Story Guide & World Walkthrough

When you've reduced the boss's HP by a distinct amount, it'll go on "Meteor Mode" for 40 seconds. You won't be able to hit it and copies of it will appear that you need to destroy.

Use Sub Zero Impact When Boss's Copies Are Defeated

Kingdom Hearts 3 Arendelle Story Guide & World Walkthrough

When you've destroyed certain copies of the boss when its in Meteor Mode, you'll get a prompt in the upper left corner of your screen to initiate Sub Zero Impact. This can be used to push the boss back and cancel out its attacks.

Rewards & Obtainable Items

Item How To Get
Crystal SnowCrystal Snow
Complete Arendelle
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