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Difference In Difficulty Levels: Secret Ending Conditions

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Difference In Difficulty Levels: Secret Ending Conditions

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Read this Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) to know the difference in difficulty levels, advantages of Beginner, Standard, & Proud Mode, and criteria for unlocking Secret Ending.

KH3 Difference In Difficulty Levels: Secret Ending Conditions
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Table of Contents

List Of Changes In Difficulty Levels

Changes In Difficulty Per Mode

Difficulty DMG Given DMG Received Secret Ending Criteria
Proud x 1 x 1.5 Criteria is much easier
Standard x 1 x 1 Criteria is standard
Beginner x 1.5 x 0.5 Criteria is more difficult

Secret Ending Criteria Changes Accdg. To Difficulty Level

When you choose Proud Mode, the criteria for obtaining the Secret Ending will be much easier. Vice versa, if you're in Beginner Mode, it'll be much harder to get the Secret Ending.

Damage Take & Received Changes In Difficulty Levels

The amount of damage to do to enemies and the amount you receive when getting hit will change according to your difficulty level. In Beginner Mode, you receive less and do more damage while in Proud Mode, you receive more damage from enemies.

Difficulty Cannot Be Changed Mid-Game

When choosing your difficulty at the start of the game, be very sure of your choice. You cannot change difficulty in the middle of the game - you'll have to start over if you want to modify it.

Secret Ending Criteria Per Mode

List Of Criteria Per Difficulty Level

Difficulty Criteria
Proud - Take few photos of Lucky Emblems
Standard - Take more photos of Lucky Emblems
Beginner - Find and take photos of all Lucky Emblems

These are the currently known criteria to unlock the Secret Ending. More will be added as information is collected.

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Which Difficulty Level To Choose?

Standard Mode Is Most Recommended

Standard Mode is the most recommended difficulty level for all players. For new players, this will make the game challenging to play yet it won't be too difficult. You can easily master controls & go through the story with Standard Mode.

Head For Proud Mode If Experienced

If you're a player who has played most of the Kingdom Hearts series, you can take a hand in Proud Mode. The enemies may be more difficult to fight but it'll be easier for you to unlock the Secret Ending.

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