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Terra-Xehanort (Data Battle) - How to Beat
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Terra-Xehanort (Data Battle) - How to Beat

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Learn how to beat Data Battle Boss Terra Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) ReMind! Data Terra Xehanort Fight tips and video on how to defeat the Limit Cut Boss available here!

Table of Contents

Limit Cut (Data Battle) Bosses & Rewards

Quick How to Beat Data Terra-Xehanort Video Guide

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Recommended Items & Gear

Recommended Keyblade

Ultima WeaponUltima Weapon- Top class Keyblade
- Combo Boost for better damage output
- Better guard with Formchange
- Stronger finisher after Formchange
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Recommended Item

Kupo Coin
Restores full health once Sora's health reaches 0. Can be bought in the Moogle Shop in Twilight Town.

How to Beat Data Terra-Xehanort

Lock On To Keep Track

Lock Onto Him to Keep Track of Him

Make sure to lock on to Terra-Xehanort as he will be zipping around the stage. Some of his attacks will make him teleport to a blind spot in order to damage you. Remember to lock onto him to avoid getting hit with a cheap shot!

Focus On Moving & Guarding

Since Xehanort will be moving around the stage and attacking from several directions, you should focus on making yourself a harder target! Move around the stage & guard often to avoid getting damaged! Once an opening presents itself, you can then counter attack and begin your assault!

Evade When Keyblade Glows Red

 Evade When Keyblade Glows Red

Terra-Xehanort's attacks are unblockable when his keyblade is glowing red. When you see him reel up, focus on dodging until his aura dissipates.

Parry Projectiles, Counter On 3rd Barrage

Parry His Projectile, Counter on the 3rd

You can parry and reflect his projectile attack. You may create an opening for a follow up attack upon deflecting his 3rd set of shots; close in & chip away at his health immediately after stunning him.

Opening Available During Ground Smash Attacks

Opening Available During Ground Smash Attacks

Terra-Xehanort can be attacked after his series of Keyblade combos, right after he does a ground smash that has a red shockwave. You can dodge away then roll back to deliver a powerful combo.

Attack After Demon's Ground Smash

Can Attack After Demon

Terra-Xehanort will also summon the demon to do a very strong ground smash attack that can easily halve your life. Evade this move and you'll sometimes land a free combo on Terra-Xehanort.

Guard To Counter Charge Attacks

Guard To Counter Charge Attacks

Terra-Xehanort will also rush towards you from different directions. Time your guards right and you'll be able to counter him after his final charge attack.

Dodge Back and Forth When Stage Transforms

Dodge Back and Forth When Stage Transforms

Focus on dodging when Xehanort transforms the stage. You will need to dodge between the light pillars along with his minion; dodging back and forth makes it easier to slide past his attacks.

Dodge Right Before Demon Pounds Ground

Dodge Right Before Demon Pounds Ground

During the stage transformation, the demon Terra summons will show up and throw waves at you. When it does its final attack, it'll rear up. Wait until it's almost at the edge of the screen then roll away to avoid taking damage.

Heal In Between Attack Patterns

Heal Between Attack Patterns

When Terra-Xehanort finishes one of his attack patterns, there will be a brief pause before he starts his next attack. Use this small window to recover some of your lost health!

Data Terra-Xehanort Moves

Flurry Of Attacks

Flurry of Attacks

Terra-Xehanort will rush toward you with a flurry of attacks. After a few hits, he will teleport to another area, and begin rushing at you from there. Make sure to lock on the boss to keep track of their positioning! Block and wait for a small opening to counter attack!

Purple Orb Projectiles

Purple Orb Projectiles

Terra-Xehanort will also hurl purple orbs at you. These projectiles will track you so dodging is not an option. Thankfully, these can be blocked and will then be reflected back at the boss. Note that not all reflected projectiles will guarantee a hit at the boss.

Stage Transformation

Stage Transformation

After a brief pause, the boss will transform the stage into a black void. He will then disappear. Focus on dodging the lightning attacks and wait for the stage to revert back to its original form before continuing your assault!

Powers Up In Low Health

Powers Up In Low Health

After you've reduced Terra-Xehanort's health enough, he'll power up and deal more devastating damage. This time he'll also appear during the stage transformation & shoot out purple orbs. Keep your health up to stay alive!

Long Range Tracking Attack

Long Range Tracking Attack

You may sometimes notice that the ground beneath you will turn black. Once it flashes, dodge away to avoid the attack!

Data Terra-Xehanort Reward

Reward After Beating

Reward After Beating
RewardStrength Boost

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