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Yozora Boss Fight - How To Beat & Explained

KH3 | Yozora Boss Fight - How To Beat & Explained | Kingdom Hearts 3

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KH3 | Yozora Boss Fight - How To Beat & Explained | Kingdom Hearts 3 - GameWith
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Guides for the KH3 ReMind DLC is now live!

Read this guide on how to fight the Secret Boss Yozora in Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) ReMind! Includes tips, techniques, secret boss moves, how to defeat video guide, & more!

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Limit Cut (Data Battle) Bosses & Rewards

Who Is Yozora?

Appears In ReMIND DLC

Appear In ReMIND DLC

Yozora appears in a certain scene in the ReMind DLC. If you do not mind reading spoilers, check out the following article.

Click Here For Spoilers!

Character of VERUM REX Mini Game

Character of VERUM REX Mini Game

It is hinted that Yozora is the protagonist of the VERUM REX mini game found in Toy Box. He has a gun in his right hand, and a sword on his left. It looks as if he fights with a team to rescue a red-haired lady.

Resembles Noctis From FF 15

Resembles Noctis in FF 15

Looking at Yozora, his body, hair style, & face somewhat resembles Noctis, the protagonist of Final Fantasy 15. In latin language, his full name "Noctis Lucis Caelum" means "Night Light Sky", making us feel that there is some kind of connection. However, there is no official announcement from the developers regarding this supposed connection.

What Will Happen To Yozora? - Explained

May Be A Key Character In The Future

Key Character In Future KH Releases

Yozora appears in a secret video in KH3's main story. He looks down on the city while sitting on top of a building. Right after this scene, the Master Of Masters appears, suggesting the possibility that both of them might appear as key characters in the future.

Yozora May Be Getting Involved With Sora?

Yozora May Be Getting Involved With Sora?

In the final trailer of the Remind DLC released on December 10th, 2019, Yozora said, "Like, is any of this for real? Or not?" overlapping with Sora's voice. This probably means Yozora may be getting involved with Sora in the future.

The following sections contain spoilers! Stop reading here if you don't want to know what happens in the end game.

How To Beat Yozora (Video)

How To Beat Yozora

Carry A Lot Of Recovery Items

Curaga will not be enough in sustaining you in this fight as it takes a brief moment to cast. Remember to bring a lot of Elixirs for this fight. You can heal using items even after Yozora steals your Keyblade

Keep Dodging When Keyblade Gets Stolen

Keep Dodging When Keyblade Gets Stolen

Yozora has an attack that can go through your defenses, allowing him to steal your Keyblade. Without a Keyblade, you cannot attack, guard, and use magic, so concentrate only on avoiding his attacks!

Recommended Procedure For Dodging

1 Dodge from Yozora's projectiles
2 Dodge 2 times when Yozora moves in (do this 3x)
3 Dodge 2 time, then 1 time to avoid follow up attack
4 When Yozora does ground attacks, run to evade. Then dodge during his pinpoint attack

Lock On Attack Decreases Max HP

Decreases HP

Yozora's Guard Lock On attack can limit Sora's maximum HP, severely limiting the effectiveness of healing. Watch out for this attack and use guard or dodge to evade.

Attacks Reducing Max HP

Flying Slash Lock-On Attack
Flying Slash
Lock On Attack

Yozora Moves

Currently being updated! Stay tuned for new info!

Red Laser Attack

Red Laser Attack

Yozora strikes with his blade and two orbs, firing three very damaging lasers.

Red Laser Cage

Red Laser Cage

Yozora summons four objects to contain and imprison Sora. If caught, Sora gets riddled with lasers inside the cage.

Rush Combo Attack

Rush Combo Attack

Yozora rushes at Sora, sending him flying and continuing his attack with an air combo.

Keyblade Steal

Keyblade Steal

Yozora imprisons Sora inside a cage, taking his Keyblade and using it to attack him.

Keyblade Barrage

Keyblade Barrage

If caught, Sora will get showered with numerous Keyblades. This deals damage and staggers him, keeping him in place.

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Anonymous 4


Anonymous 3

To the person who said you can't retry, that is not true. The first time you get there you lose and a cutscene plays. It asks you to save afterwards. From the main menu go to the DLC menu and choose secret episode and load that save.

There are no cutscenes and you can retry the fight.

Anonymous 2

B u tton*

Anonymous 1

His combos are all over the place, hard to really get a grip on it. When you don't have a retry ****on. Have to literally exit the game or rush past the cut scenes.

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