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Chapter 7: Caribbean - Treasures & Pirates
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Chapter 7: Caribbean - Treasures & Pirates

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Guides for the KH3 ReMind DLC is now live!

Check out this Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) ReMIND DLC guide of The Caribbean! Including Caribbean walkthrough, treasures, pirates, map, boss fight tips, gameplay tricks, & more!

Table Of Contents

Story Progression & Walkthrough

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6. ArendelleArendelle8. San FransokyoSan Fransokyo
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Chase The Black Pearl ~ The Leviathan

Chase The Black Pearl ~ The Leviathan - Walkthrough Chart

No Procedure
1Chase after the Black Pearl
2Encounter & defeat Heartless that appear when you get near the ship
3Onboard the Black Pearl, sail towards the island with two peaks
4Shoot down the Heartless fleet that crosses your path
5After the cutscene, you need to defeat the giant flying Heartless that shows up
6When you regain control, explore the islands in search for another ship
7Head underwater, exploring the path until you reach the giant underwater Heartless - defeat it
8Leave the cave to find a ship, then head to Port Royal
The Caribbean - Treasure Chest & Lucky Emblem Locations

1. Chasing the Black Pearl - Hint & Tips

Use Blizzard Ice Rail To Catch Up To Black Pearl

Kingdom Hearts 3 The Caribbean Story Guide & World Walkthrough

If you are not able to catch up to the Black Pearl, the game will be over. Utilize Sora's Blizzard magic to create an ice rail in order to quickly slide down and get nearer to the ship!

2. Battling Heartless During Chase - Hint & Tips

Defeat Heartless With Sora & Jack Sparrow's Spiral Rush Attack

Kingdom Hearts 3 The Caribbean Story Guide & World Walkthrough

You'll still encounter Heartless when you have to chase after the Black Pearl. Use Sora & Jack Sparrow's attack "Spiral Rush" to easily reach & attack the floating Heartless you encounter.

5. Battle Giant Flying Heartless - Hint & Tips

Jump On Colored Smoke To Get To Flying Heartless

Kingdom Hearts 3 The Caribbean Story Guide & World Walkthrough

The giant flying Heartless will be hard to hit as it quickly moves around in mid-air. Use the colored smoke around you when you're trying to hit & attack the giant flying Heartless.

6. Huddled Isles Map - Hint & Tips

Map Is On The Chest To Your Left

As soon as you gain control in the Huddles Islands, you can spot a giant treasure chest to your left. This contains the map to the area.

7. Underwater Giant Heartless Battle - Hint & Tips

Dodge With □ When Sora Is Surrounded By Yellow Spheres

Kingdom Hearts 3 The Caribbean Story Guide & World Walkthrough

In the underwater encounter with the giant Heartless, it can damage you with electric shocks. You can dodge it by using the □ button when yellow spheres are circling around Sora.

High Seas ~ Port Royal

High Seas ~ Port Royal - Walkthrough Chart

No Procedure
1 While sailing towards Port Royal, you'll encounter Luxord
2 Race Luxord's ship to your destination
3Shoot down enemy ships along the way
4Upon reaching Port Royal, you'll have to turn around & defeat Luxord's fleet
5After dealing enough damage, board Luxord's ship & defeat all Heartless on the deck
6Explore Port Royal, collecting 300 white crabs along the way to upgrade The Leviathan
7Once you've collected 300 crabs, return to the ship

6. Port Royal Map - Hint & Tips

Find Map Beside Vegetable Cart

From the small pier head forward until you see a group of people gathered around a vegetable cart. The treasure chest with the map inside is next to it.

6. Collect 300 Crabs - Hint & Tips

Go To Center Of Fort To Trigger Battle With Heartless

Kingdom Hearts 3 The Caribbean Story Guide & World Walkthrough

In this part of the world, go to the middle area of the stone for to trigger battles with the Heartless. When it's over, destroy the wooden barrels & boxes to get a lot of crabs!

Find Crabs In Boxes, Barrels, City Corners, & Trees

Kingdom Hearts 3 The Caribbean Story Guide & World Walkthrough

If you haven't collected enough crabs yet, try smashing more wooden boxes and barrels in the stone fort. If you're still lacking, go to the different corners of the island and check the bases of the trees.

Port Royal ~ Boss Fight

Port Royal ~ Boss Fight - Walkthrough Chart

No Procedure
1Sail towards Shipwreck Cove
2Defeat the enemy ships you encounter
3After the cutscenes, you'll encounter the Kraken
4Defeat the Kraken
5Encounter & defeat Davy Jones

4. Battle Tentacles - Hint & Tips

Aim Cannon Balls Onto Middle Tentacles

Kingdom Hearts 3 The Caribbean Story Guide & World Walkthrough

When you're facing the Tentacles in the middle of the sea, aim your cannon shots onto the middles ones. The black Tentacles do not receive damage so it's best to avoid attacking them.

5. Davy Jones Boss Fight - Hint & Tips

Beware Of His Sudden Attacks

Kingdom Hearts 3 The Caribbean Story Guide & World Walkthrough

Davy Jones can suddenly attack you while roaming around the hull of the ship. It's easy to attack him as there are large gaps between his attacks. But be cautious as these are far-ranged and can hit you unexpectedly.

Use Magic & Ranged Link Attacks When Boss Summons Tentacles

Kingdom Hearts 3 The Caribbean Story Guide & World Walkthrough

When you've reduced Davy Jones's HP bar enough, he'll summon tentacles that can damage you from many different angles. It's best to keep your distance and use magic or ranged link attacks to damage him.

Rewards & Obtainable Items

Item How To Get
Wheel of FateWheel of Fate
Complete The Caribbean
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