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Omega Machina - How to Find & Beat the Boss

KH3 | Omega Machina - How to Find & Beat the Boss | Kingdom Hearts 3

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KH3 | Omega Machina - How to Find & Beat the Boss | Kingdom Hearts 3 - GameWith
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In this article, we feature how to find and beat the Gummi Ship boss "Omega Machina" in Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3)! Find out where to find the boss & recommended Gummi Ship to use here!

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About Gummi Ship - Customization, Blueprints & Materials

How to Find Omega Machina

Omega Machina - Spawn Location

1Complete story up until Keyblade Graveyard to access The Eclipse galaxy
2Defeat the Gigant Pyramid
3Defeat 4 Mini Bosses
4Omega Machina will spawn above the facility

1. Complete Story Up Until Keyblade Graveyard

Keyblade Graveyard

To find Omega Machine, you will need to finish the story up until the point where you will be able to access the Eclipse. The Eclipse is accessible via the Keyblade Graveyard.

2. Gigant Pyramid

Gigant Pyramid

As the first step, you will need to defeat the boss "Gigant Pyramid" prior to fighting the Omega Machina. Gigant Pyramid does not have any specific powerful moves, it should be relatively easy to defeat the boss as long as you focus on dodging its attacks.

3. Defeat the 4 Mini Bosses

Mini Boss

After defeating the Gigant Pyramid, 4 mini bosses will spawn to the east, west, south, and below the central facility. Look for red mark on your screen & defeat all 4 mini bosses. One of the mini boss, the "Grand Warrior" has high damaging attacks, be careful when facing him.

4 Mini Boss Location

Mini Boss[Strength]Location
Grand Warrior [★★★★]South Side of Facility
Scarlet Shark [★★★★]Below the Facility
Countdown 11 [★★★★★]West Side of Facility
Quick Break 11 [★★★★]East Side of Facility

▼Find Out How to Beat vs. 4 Mini Bosses!

4. "Omega Machina" Spawns Above the Facility

Omega Machina

After defeating all 4 mini bosses, the Omega Machina will spawn above the mentioned facility. By defeating the Omega Machina, you will be able to earn the Orichalcum, a rare material needed to Synthesize the Ultima Weapon.

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Tips to Beat 4 Mini Bosses

Grand Warrior [★★★★]

Grand Warrior
Spawn LocationSouth Side of Facility

Beware of Its High Damage Attacks

Most of Grand Warrior's attacks pack quite the punch. Be sure to dodge his moves carefully with □ key & attack when it lets up his attacks. Don't be too greedy in your attacks however, you may get hit with hefty counter attack.

Equip Repair Kit for Special Weapons

Equipping the Repair Kit for Special Weapon is highly recommended to compensate for Grand Warrior's high damage output. Try using the Repair Kit when your HP hit 1/4 or below.

Scarlet Shark [★★★★]

Scarlet Shark
Spawn LocationBelow the facility

Be wary of the Scarlet Shark's tackle attack. You should be able to dodge his attacks by moving the corner of the screen with the □ key.

Countdown 11 [★★★★★]

Countdown 11
Spawn LocationWest Side of Facility

There aren't any specific point to note about this boss. Try using the Special Weapon when groups of enemies spawn.

Quick Break 11[★★★★]

Quick Break 11
Spawn LocationEast Side of Facility

There aren't any notable points for beating this boss. Be sure that your attack connects as much as you can, and time your special weapon usage when multiple enemies spawn.

Recommended Gummi Ship

"Omega" Gummi Ship is Most Recommended


The "Omega" Gummi Ship, is powerful and accessible as long as you find the Constellation Blueprint. This Gummi Ship has both high HP & Damage output, and will be able to take these bosses on without upgrades.

Omega's Blueprint Found in The Eclypse

Omega's Blueprint (Constellation) can be found in The Eclypse galaxy. This Gummi Ship is extremely powerful, even enough to defeat the Omega Machina boss. Be sure to take a photo of it as soon as you can.

All Zodiac Signs Locations & Blueprints

Tips to Beat Omega Machina

1st Form

Omega Machina 1st Form

Aim for destructible components to deal extra damages. Be sure to keep your health up when your HP goes below 1/4 of its original amount.

2nd Form

Omega Machina 2nd Form

Be wary of the high damage yellow laser. Heal accordingly when you lose your HP, and destroy all 6 components in the front!

3rd Form

Omega Machina 3rd Form

The double homing projectile will be relentlessly chipping off your HP. Dodge accordingly using the □ button and keep your HP up with the Repair Kit

Final Form

Omega Machina Final Form

The Final Form will spam laser barrages, but the hitbox of its moves are actually smaller than they appear. You should be easily be able to dodge them by flying up or down the screen. Use your Repair Kit frequently, around when your HP hits below 1/3.

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