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Additional Story (ReMind) - Walkthrough Guide

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Guides for the KH3 ReMind DLC is now live!

Learn all you need to beat the Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind DLC story here! The guide includes story walkthrough, boss tips, treasure chest location and more on KH3 Re Mind!

Table of Contents

Scala Ad Caelum (ReMind) - Treasure Chest Locations

Keyblade Graveyard ~ Scala Ad Caelum Walkthrough

Keyblade Graveyard ~ Scala Ad Caelum Flowchart

1vs. Dark Inferno after the cutscene
2vs. Anti Aqua
3vs. Terra-Xehanort
4Relocate to Keyblade Graveyard
5*vs. Anthem, Dark Riku & Xigbar &
→ Choose either Sora or Riku to control
6Anthem disengages, vs. Dark Riku & Xigbar
7*vs. Larxene, Luxord & Marluxia
→ Take down Luxord first after the cutscene
8vs. Vanitas & Terra-Xehanort (Play as Aqua)
→ Choose either Sora or Aqua to play after cutscene
9vs. Saix & Xion
→ Cutscene upon defeating robed Xion
10After cutscene, vs. Saix & Xemnas (Play as Roxas)
→ Deal enough damage to Saix for cutscene. Choose either Sora or Aqua to play
11Climb the tower near the save point after winning the battle
12vs. Anthem, Xemnas & Young Xehanort
13Relocate to Scala Ad Caelum

*You may choose to proceed either Step 5 or 7.

Sora Recommended If You're Geared Up

These battle will be easier to play as Sora if you already have fully decked out Sora with high levels & equipment. However, due this is one of the few occasion you will be able to play as character other than Sora, you may also choose to play as other supporting character as well.

Remember to Use Your Healing Items

Even if you've chosen characters aside from Sora, they will always come equipped with Potions and Ethers. Make good use of these items just in case you're not able to cast Heal!

Scala Ad Caelum ~ Ending Walkthrough

Scala Ad Caelum ~ Ending Flowchart

1Defeat the shining Heartless
2Open the treasure chest near the save point for a map
3*Destroy 4 target on the fountain found in the north west part of map
4*Head to the sphere contraption to the northern side of the map
→ Hit the colored button to match the color on the sphere
5*Head through the water tunnel found in western area, hit the wheel to enter the room
→ Face the entrance, run up the wall and dive attack to free Kairi's heart
6vs. Giant Heartless (Darkside)
7vs. Mysterious Opponent after defeating Darkside
8vs. Replica Xehanorts
→ □: Dodge, 〇: Attack, △: Finisher
→ Follow screen prompt when grouped. □: Guard, 〇: Attack
→ Mash △ on QTE
9Cutscene with King Mickey after battle
→ Follow screen prompt (〇, △, Analog Stick)
10Connect the lights from the keyhole with your Keyblade
→ Bright shining keyhole allows you to connect larger areas
11vs. Armored Xehanort
→ Choose either Sora or Kairi to play
12Ending cutscene
13Limitcut Episode Unlocked
Selectable from the title screen

*You may choose to proceed either Step 3, 4 or 5.

Tap Here for Scala Ad Caelum Treasure Chest Location

3. Fountain Location

Fountain Location
Click to Enlarge

Head up the road in front of the save point to reach the fountain. Destroy the 4 targets surrounding the fountain to release the water.

4. Globe Contraption Location

Globe Contraption Location
Click to Enlarge

Head east from the fountain to reach the globe contraption located at the north east portion of the map. Time your attacks on the button to match the colored light and marker on the globe.

5. Water Tunnel Location

Water Tunnel Location
Click to Enlarge

Head to the west side of the map to find an opening beside the stairs. Dive down to enter the Water Tunnel

Water Tunnel Location
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Head right at the branching path, hit the wheel found near the gate to enter the room.

Water Tunnel Location
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Turn to face the entrance after entering the door with Kairi's heart. Run up the wall facing the entrance to reach a platform with a treasure chest.

Water Tunnel Location
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Jump down the hole on the platform and push 〇 when the screen prompt is shown to dive attack; freeing Kairi's heart.

6. vs. Darkside

vs. Darkside
Click to Enlarge

Head to the designated open area to initiate the fight with Darkside.

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