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Iconic Weapon List - Locations & Where To Get
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Iconic Weapon List - Locations & Where To Get

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Check out this guide on Iconic Weapons List in Cyberpunk 2077. Find out iconic weapon locations, where to get iconic weapons, iconic katana, and more!

List Of Iconic Weapons

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Dying Night

Dying Night
Where To FindCan be purchased (for free) from Wilson at the 2nd Amendment Shop (located in the same building as your apartment). It is part of The Gun side job.
EffectIncreases headshot damage by 50% and significantly reduces reload time

Dying Night is one of the first iconic weapons you can obtain - find Wilson's Shop in your apartment building and accept "The Gun" Side Job. You'll have to buy the gun from his shop, although it will cost you nothing!

Check Out Dying Night Here


Where To FindObtained during the side quest Following The River.
EffectCharging for a brief time while aiming enables full auto mode. Decreases recoil and bullet spread. Decrease fire rate

Crash is the signature gun of the character River, who you'll get to know over the course of several side quests in the game. At the end of Following the River you'll automatically get this powerful epic weapon - you won't have to do anything special to get it!

Check Out Crash Here

Malorian Arms 3516

Iconic Items
Where To FindReward from the Side Job "Chippin In"
EffectReduces damage taken from negative effects by 5%

Get From A Johnny Side Job

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The Malorian Arms, Johnny Silverhand's signature weapon, is an extremely powerful pistol. You can obtain it just from doing the Side Job "Chippin' In"!

Check Out Malorian Arms 3516 Here

Plan B

Plan B
Where To FindCan obtain after starting the Playing For Time job
EffectBullets have a higher chance to apply Bleeding, but keep an eye on your wallet! Every shot costs you eddies.

Plan B is a unique gun that costs you money to fire! It has very high DPS, but will quickly empty your wallet, so be careful. Obtaining it involves some story spoilers for Playing For Time, so read on at your own risk!

SPOILERS for the start of Act 2

Pick Up From Dexter's Corpse In The Scrapyard

Dexter Corpse

To get Plan B, all you need to do is simply head over to Dexter DeShawn's corpse in the scrapyard all the way outside the city. Just head all the way to the end of the scrapyard and you'll find his body lying there. You can find a detailed map in the article below!

Find The Exact Location Of Plan B Here

La Chingona Dorada

Chingona Dorada
Where To FindPick up from the table with the offerings at the end of the side quest Heroes
EffectReduced reload time and extra mod slot. Higher chance to apply Burn and to stun the target.

This weapon can be obtained at the end of the sidequest Heroes. This will require you to clear up to the Playing For Time main job. The weapon can be obtained on the table, but must be picked up the day after you complete the quest. Read the Heroes guide for details.

Check Out La Chingona Dorada's Stats


Where To Find Obtained after completing The Space In Between. Found in Lizzie's bar.
EffectFires an extra round per shot. Increases the number of rounds fired per shot when fully charged.

This gun can be picked up at any time after you complete the above mentioned Space In Between job. It is found in the basement of Lizzie's bar, and has high dps, firing an extra round per shot. If you're a pistol user, this is highly recommended.

Check Out Lizzie Here


Skippy stats
Where To FindFound in an alley in Heywood
EffectHomes in on targets + scales to the user's level

Skippy is a one-of-a-kind pistol that has auto aim function AND scales to your level. Also, for additional flavor points, the gun can also talk to you! This is a great one to get as soon as you get a chance - you won't have to worry about a pistol for the foreseeable future.

Find Skippy's Exact Location Here▲ Jump back to top


Iconic Items
Where To FindGet from the side job "The King of Arroyo" after selecting a specific choice.
EffectAdds explosive tips to weapon ammo

Bet Eurodollars & Win

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To get this weapon in the The Side Job "King Of Arroyo", you'll have to choose the option "Nice Rifle", and then proceed to bet 12,000 Eurodollars. When you win, you'll end up getting the rifle!

Check Out O'Five Here

Widow Maker

Widow Maker
Where To FindCan be looted from the body of Nash in the main job Ghost Town
EffectNash's rifle - looks like he won't be needing it anymore. Fires two projectiles per shot and deals Chemical damage with an increased chance to apply Poison. Charged shots deal more damage.

The Widow Maker is a powerful rifle with very high DPS and a chance to apply poison. It can be very easily obtained by just doing the main job "Ghost Town". Starting this job will require an investment of 15,000 eddies, however, so make sure you have the money ready.

Check Out The Widow Maker Here

Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
Where To Find Obtained after getting 44/44 on the shooting minigame in the Side Job Stadium Love. Alternatively, you can kill the gang members and loot the gun.
EffectA modified automatic targeting system allows the weapon to target up to five targets simultaneously. Bullets deal Chemical damage with a high chance to apply Poison.

This powerful Assault Rifle has the ability to automatically lock-on to targets! It can be obtained from the Side Job Stadium Love via a (rather difficult) shooting mini game. If you just can't manage to do the mini-game, you can always just kill the entire gang and loot the gun that way.

Check Out Divided We Stand Here▲ Jump back to top


Where To FindFound on a table next to the monk you have to rescue during the side job Losing My Religion
EffectDeals Thermal damage with an increased chance to apply Burn. Reduces bullet spread and increases bullet impact at the cost of higher recoil.

Fenrir is a powerful unique Submachine Gun that also deals Thermal damage. The ability to apply a burn is quite strong - given how easy this item is to get, we strongly recommend you pick it up early on!

Check Out The Fenrir Here

Prototype Shingen: Mark V

Prototype Shingen
Where To FindCan be found during the main job Gimme Danger.
EffectFires explosive rounds. The modified automated targeting system guides bullets to up to three targets while aiming. Perfect for when you're outnumbered.

The Prototype Shingen may have slightly lower DPS, especially for its Legendary rarity, but it has the advantage of being a Smart-aim weapon. You won't have to worry about missing if you have this bad boy equipped. It can be found during the main job Gimme Danger, but can easily be missed, so watch out.

Check Out Prototype Shingen: Mark V Here▲ Jump back to top


Where To FindGet after completing the side job Big In Japan
EffectIncreases Electrical damage. While Sandevistan is active, increases Crit Chance by 50% and hits apply Bleeding.

This Katana can be obtained from the (hilarious) side quest Big In Japan. You can get this done in 10 or so minutes, so make sure not to pass this one up!

Check Out The Scalpel Here


Where To FindDuring the main job The Heist, go up a separate set of stairs before leaving the penthouse balcony.
EffectReduced base damage, but increases Crit Damage significantly.

Satori is a powerful Katana that can be found during the Heist main job, but is very easy to miss, as it's on the roof of the Konpeki plaza building.

Check Out Satori Here


Iconic Items
Where To FindIn the Act 2 Job "Play It Safe", Oda will drop it when he leaves
EffectGain 100% Crit Chance while Kereznikov is active. Last strike in a combo deals double damage. Doubles damage against enemies with twice your current health.

Guaranteed Drop From Oda

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In Act 2's Main Job "Play It Safe", you'll have to eventually face off against Oda. Defeating him will always get you the iconic Katana, the Jinchu-Maru!

Check Out Jinchu-Maru Here

Cocktail Stick

Cocktail Stick
Where To FindPick up during the quest Automatic Love, in the Clouds strip club on the 2nd floor.
EffectLooks like a toy, cuts like a laser.

The Cocktail Stick, a powerful purple Katana, can only be obtained up during the job Automatic Love. It's on the 2nd floor of Clouds in a make-up room.

Check Out The Cocktail Stick Here▲ Jump back to top

Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell
Where To FindCan be found in a house in Edgewood Farm during the side job The Hunt.
EffectDeals less damage, but with a chance to knock out a target using a Strong Attack.

Despite the ominous implications of its name, Tinker Bell is actually quite an awesome weapon. It has incredibly high dps and can dispatch many enemies in just a few hits. It is also, unfortunately, really easy to miss if you don't know where to look during The Hunt job. Check out our detailed guide below for an exact location.

Check Out Tinker Bell Here


Where To FindObtained during The Space In Between. Found on the bed in Fingers' bedroom
EffectElectrically charged and tipped with venom, it deals Electrical and Chemical damage. Small chance to apply Poison and/or Shock.

A powerful one-handed club that can also deal special damage as well. This item is missable - you need to get it during the Space In Between mission when you're in Fingers' bedroom.

Check Out Cottonmouth Here▲ Jump back to top
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Anonymous 2

Also missing all the sniper rifles, lmao

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You're missing "Chaos" tech pistol looted from Royce in the Maelstrom Flathead mission.

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