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Perk Guide - Best Perks To Get First

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Check out this guide on Perks in Cyberpunk 2077. Find out the best perks to get first, how to get perk points, perk trees, how the perk system works, and more.

List Of Best Perks

Perk Mechanic Details

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Best Perks To Choose - Overview

Plan Out Your Specialization

Cyberpunk 2077 is a game about playing how you want to play, so you can customize your perks the way you want. However, as a word of general advice, we recommend going for the strongest abilities found at the end of certain trees. If you know you want to specialize in Handguns, it's better to spend your points getting deep in one tree toward a particularly powerful perk!

Possible To Reset Perks, But...

It is indeed possible to reset all your perk points if you make a mistake or otherwise want to try something different. However, one reset item will run you a whopping 100,000 Eddies. This is not an amount of money you should be spending carelessly in the early to mid game, so think very carefully when you place your perks.

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Prioritize Throughput Perks


If you want to maximize your character's overall power (if you're playing on a harder difficulty, for example), we recommend prioritizing throughput perks first! Throughput refers to simply the raw numbers you put out - this means perks which buff attack damage and attack speed, etc. This basically excludes perks which provide utility, support, or other convenient benefits.

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Best Body Perks

Focus On HP Regen & Stamina Reduction

In the Athletic Skill tree of the Body attribute you'll find a lot of perks which recover HP or reduce the amount of stamina required for actions. We feel it's worth prioritizing these perks, as both of these will lead to significantly fewer Flatlines for you (especially if you're playing on a harder difficulty).

Recommended Body Perks To Get

Health slowly regenerates during combat.
Increases max Health by 10%.
True Grit
Increases max Stamina by 10%.
Health regenerates up to 70% of max Health outside of combat.
Like A Butterfly
Dodging does not drain Stamina
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Best Reflexes Perks

Perk Choice Varies Depending On Your Weapon Choice

The Reflexes perks you pick up will vary drastically depending on what weapons you choose to use most. Whatever weapon you end up choosing, prioritize damage increase, reload time reduction, and recoil reduction!

Recommended Reflexes Perks To Get

Increases Rifle and Submachine Gun damage while aiming by 10%.
Duck Hunter
Increases Rifle and Submachine Gun damage to moving enemies by 10%.
Feel The Flow
Reduces reload time for Assault Rifles and Submachine Guns by 10%.
Reduces reload time for Pistols and Revolvers by 10%.
Steady Hand
Reduces Pistol and Revolver recoil by 30%.
Sting Like A Bee
Increases attack speed with Blades by 10%.
Slow And Steady
Armor is increased by 15% while moving.
Crimson Dance
Combos with Blades have a 15% chance to apply Bleeding.
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Best Technical Perks

Mainly Benefits Disassembling And Crafting

The main draw of Technical perks is their positive effect on crafting and disassembling. You'll want to pick up perks which give you more items when disassembling, as well as ones which let you craft more items. Edgerunner Artisan in particular will let you craft incredible weapons later down the road, so it's strongly worth learning.

Recommended Technical Perks To Get

Gain more components when disassembling.
Consumables are 25% more effective.
Edgerunner Artisan
Allows you to craft Legendary items.
Blast Shielding
Reduces damage taken from explosions by 10%.
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Best Cool Perks

Go For Stealth Perks

One main benefit of picking up perks from the Stealth tree is that they'll really help you out in some side jobs where you have the option of infiltrating a place clandestinely. Getting these perks is only recommended for players who want to specialize in being a stealth assassin and avoid traditional direct combat!

Recommended Cool Perks To Get

Crouching Tiger
Increases movement speed while sneaking by 20%.
Hidden Dragon
Allows you to perform non-lethal aerial takedowns on unaware targets.
Deal 15% more damage to human enemies.
Dagger Dealer
Allows you to throw knives. Hold LT to aim and press RT to throw.
Detection time is increased by 20%.
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Best Intelligence Perks

Relatively Low Priority Overall

Generally speaking, you don't need to invest a great number of points in Intelligence trees to successfully clear the game. Unless you're going all out and customizing your character to fit a Hacker fantasy, you can skip most of these perks.

Recommended Intelligence Perks To Get

Big Sleep
(Breach Protocol)
Unlocks the Big Sleep daemon, which disables all cameras in the network for 3 min.
Datamine Mastermind
(Breach Protocol)
Upgrades the Datamine daemon, increasing the amount of components acquired from Access Points by 50%.
Advanced Datamine
(Breach Protocol)
「Upgrades the Datamine daemon, increasing the amount of eurodollars acquired from Access Points by 50%.
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What Are Perks?

The following article is based on pre-release information. Once the full game is out, it will be updated, so stay tuned!

Small, Precise Boosts To Your Player Power

Skills Attributes

Perks are the lowest subsections of this character progression system. They are all contained within a specific skill, and are unlocked by spending Perk Points (also gained on level up). Each Perk will give some sort of a unique bonus to your character. Perks will form a tree, meaning more powerful perks will often be locked behind prerequisites.

List Of Perk Categories

Body- Athletics
- Annihilation
- Street Brawler
Reflexes- Handguns
- Blades
- Rifles
Intelligence- Breach Protocol
- Quickhacking
Technical- Crafting
- Engineering
Cool- Cold Blood
- Stealth

Perks are considered a subsection of skills, which are found within Attributes. From previews we've seen, it looks like you'll be able to access any perk tree whenever you want!

Getting Perk Points

Perk Points are how you unlock individual perks. You'll be able to get these by leveling up your character. These points are separate from Attribute Points, although both are obtained by leveling up!

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Example - Reflex Perk Trees

Blade Perks
Click to Enlarge
Handgun Perks
Click to Enlarge
Rifle Perks
Click to Enlarge

As you can see, certain perks are prerequisites for other perks! This means you'll have to plan carefully to get the most powerful skills at the end of the tree.

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