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Money Making Farm Guide - How To Get Eurodollars
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Money Making Farm Guide - How To Get Eurodollars

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Check out this money making guide for Cyberpunk 2077. Find out how to get money, earn money efficiently, money making methods, getting Eurodollars, main uses of money, and more!

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Make Money Through Untitled No. 18 Runs

1Clear the side job Space Oddity
2Get the "Untitled No. 18" reward
3Sell Untitled No. 18 in Dropbox and close the window
4Collect Untitled No. 18 in Dropbox and close the window
5Repeat steps 3 & 4

Complete Space Oddity Side Mission

Complete Space Oddity Side Mission
How To Unlock- Clear the Main Job "Playing For Time"
- Go to the homeless in Rancho Coronado, Santo Domingo district

The key item to getting money can only be obtained by clearing the side job, "Playing For Time". You need to go to the Rancho Coronado and go to the homeless there after clearing the Main Job.

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Get Untitled No. 18

Get Untitled No. 18

After successfully clearing the mission, head on over to where the drop box would be. You then need to place Untitled No. 18 to where the drop box is.

Repeat Selling & Collecting From The Drop Box

Repeat Selling & Collecting From The Drop Box

Untitled No. 18 can be sold for 4000 Eddies at the drop box. If you collect it immediately, it will cost you 4000 Eddies, but if you close the window and reopen it, it will only cost 5 Eddies. Collect and sell to make 3995 per Untitled No. 18.

Go Around Areas Near Drop Box

Go Around Areas Near Drop Box

A drop box can only collect up to 20,000 Eddies. It's recommended that you go around places close to the drop boxes. A recommended area is the player's house.

Always Collect When Changing Dates

The Dropbox will recover every 24 hours, but it will disappear if you leave it on sale the moment you change the date. Collect before changing the date or you won't be able to get it.

Vending Machine Marathon


Go to your apartment
Buy items from the vending machines (there are some on every floor)
Disassemble all the items you bought
Sell parts at the nearby Drop Box
Save the game there
Jump off the building and kill yourself
Select the "start again from the last checkpoint" option
Repeat steps ②〜⑦

Buy Vending Machine Items

Money Making
Required Time3 minutes per run
Eurodollars per run: 3~7,000

The "Vending Machine Marathon" is, as the name implies, a way of repeatedly farming vending machines to earn money. The method is simple: buy tons of items from a nearby vending machine and then disassemble (salvage) them all. Afterward, sell all the parts you gained while salvaging. You'll be able to make a profit from this!

Get The Mechanic Perk

Money Making

By getting the Mechanic Perk, found in the Technical attribute trees, you can increase the amount of items you get from disassembling items. This will greatly improve the efficiency of this method, so we strongly recommend it.

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Save & Commit Suicide After The Sale

Since it takes a while for sold vending machine items, a quick turn around it by restarting from another point. You can do this saving then committing suicide after purchasing the items.

Fast Travel Around Vending Machines

Another option is to fast travel to other vending machines and buy items from there. Just keep buying, reassembling, and selling.

Kabuki Central Vending Machines

Kabuki Central Vending Machines

Metro Medical Center

Metro Medical Center

Earn Money By Leveling Up

1Fast travel to "West Wind Estate"
2Go straight to the stairs on the far left
3Proceed to the right facing the road and defeat the 3 enemies in front
4Defeat 3 enemies across the pedestrian crossing
5Head to the the construction site across the road
6Defeat 2 enemies and 5 other members around the car
7Go out to the road, return to the place of 3, and repeat step 3 to 6
8A large amount of weapons can be found here, which you can then pick up and sell

Earn Money While Leveling Up

This method is mainly used for leveling up, but it can also earn you quite a lot of Eddies too. This is a great way to do both at the same time!

Actual Video Run

Other Ways To Earn Money

Deal With Assaults/Crime On The Map
Sell Items You Pick Up
Do Side Jobs & Gigs
Hack Vending Machines

Stopping Assaults In Progress

Stop assaults and crimes

Violent acts are constantly happening all around Night City. Heading over to and dealing with them will provide you a large sum of money - considering that these missions often involve just taking out a few enemies, they are quite efficient sources of money. You can also get Street Cred for these missions too, knocking out two birds with one stone!

Show Up As Icons On The Map

Money Making

On your map you'll see two main types of icons that fit this description: Skull and Nailbats. Skulls represent organized crime activity, while Nailbats are assaults in progress. Both of these are a good source of money, so consider doing them whenever you're near one!

Get Tons Of Items

Taking out these enemies also has one other advantage: you'll get heaps of materials and weapons that you won't need. These can be sold right away and are an additional good source of income.

Sell Items You Pick Up

Money Making

Selilng items you pick up in the world is another good method of making money. Junk items in particular have no other important uses, so you can feel free to sell them off as soon as you get them.

Do Side Jobs & Gigs

Money Making

Doing Side Jobs and Gigs all over Night City will earn you cash. Just like Assaults and Crimes, these will also appear on your map, so make sure to constantly be checking if new ones have popped up! Also, some Side Job bosses may have a high Bounty on their heads, which will give you extra money!

Hack Vending Machines

Money Making

If you attempt to hack a vending machine, you'll start a Breach Protocol. Successfully solving this will give you a money reward depending on the stage you cleared. However, you won't get a very large amount of money for every attempt, so we don't recommend relying on this method.

Main Uses Of Money

Prioritize Buying A Car

Buying a car

Night City is a sprawling metropolis with plenty of places to go. For optimal traversal, we strongly recommend buying a car to your liking.

Check Out A List Of All Vehicles Here

Used For Purchasing Items

Money Making

Unsurprisingly, one of the main uses of Eurodollars is to buy items, including healing items, weapons, and more! Don't overdo it with the shopping however, or you could find yourself going broke early on.

Sometimes Needed For The Story

Money needed for main story quests

There are a few instances over the course of Cyberpunk 2077's story where you'll have to actually spend money to progress. You might be asked to repay a particular loan, for example, so having a healthy amount saved up is always a good idea.

Used In Side Jobs Too

Side Jobs also make use of money. For example, you might be asked to bet on the outcome of a street fight!

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