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Best Starting Attributes & Attribute Points Guide
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Best Starting Attributes & Attribute Points Guide

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Check out this guide on Attributes in Cyberpunk 2077. Includes attribute points, examples, list, guide, recommended early & starting Attributes build, & best attributes to choose.

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What Are Attributes?

A Key Character Progression Mechanic


Attributes are one of the main ways you can progress and specialize your character in Cyberpunk 2077. They consist of 5 main stats, into which you'll be able to put points.You can add points when you create your character for the first time, but you'll also gain more points to spend as you level.

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List Of Attributes

AttributeEffectRelated Skills
BodyBodyAffects your HP, Stamina, bullet spread, melee combat damage, and more- Athletics
- Annihilation
- Street Brawler
ReflexesReflexesAffects your critical rate, attack speed, and dodge abilities- Handguns
- Blades
- Assault
IntelligenceIntelligenceAffects your hacking skills, program upload time, and memory capacity.- Breach Protocol
- Quickhacking
TechnicalTechnicalAffects your defense and ability to gather materials necessary for crafting - Crafting
- Engineering
CoolCoolAffects your stealth abilities, crit damage, and resistances- Stealth
- Cold Blood
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Learn New Actions At Certain Levels

Increasing your attribute points will let you unlock new skills at certain point thresholds. These skills include stealing cars, unlocking doors, connecting to more devices, etc.

Attribute Lvl Needed For Some Perks

In order to learn some perks, you'll have to meet a minimum attribute level requirement. This is particularly true with higher level perks, so to reach the ends of your perk trees you'll have to make sure you level your attributes appropriately.

Cannot Re-Allocate Points

Once you've put a point into an attribute, you cannot take it back and re-allocate it somewhere else. It's important to really consider where you're going to put your points!

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What Is The Max Attribute Cap?

Our team is currently checking the max attribute cap of Cyberpunk 2077. We will update this part once we have confirmed the limit.

Recommended Early Game Build

Recommended Character Creation Stats

Technical AbilityCool-

Invest In Body & Technical Ability

During Character Creation, you are given 7 points to allocate to the 5 different attributes. Use those to increase your Body to 6 points (the maximum at this point) to increase your hijacking capabilities. Also, invest a few points in your Technical Ability to increase your lockpicking skills and Reflexes if you plan on using Blades (which we recommend).

Recommended Early Game Attributes Spread

※ The following spread is for the first 6-7 levels

Technical AbilityCool-

The Body Attribute Has Tons Of Bonuses

Raising the Body attribute increases your character's HP, Stamina, and melee damage. With all these bonuses, investing in it early on in the game is highly recommended.

Technical Ability For Crafting

The Technical Ability attribute unlocks a perk that allows you to craft rarer and stronger items. Allotting points to this attribute saves you a lot of trouble during the latter parts of the game as you can craft better gear to scale.

Benefits Of Attributes

Attributes & Benefits

BodyBody・Allows you to hijack cars
・Bust open doors
・Increase options and choices
IntelligenceIntelligence・Increase options and choices
ReflexesReflexes・Increase options and choices
Technical AbilityTechnical Ability・Allows you to hijack cars
・Unlock locked doors
・Increase options and choices
・Increase Data Mining spots
CoolCool・Increase options and choices

Unlock More Abilities

The main benefit of increasing your attribute points is that you'll unlock new abilities! You'll be able to steal cars, connect to new devices, open locks, and perhaps more!

More Conversation Options

Allotting points to stats like Cool unlocks various conversation options that can lead to better or worse outcomes. Also, saying the right words can unlock events unique only to that option.

Best Way To Spend Attribute Points

Go For A Playstyle That Suits You

At this stage, it is difficult to provide a specific recommendation on which Attribute to focus on. However, we can say that you should aim to put as many points as you can into whatever attribute you like the most. In general, we think specialization in one area is better than having a very equal distribution of points across all attributes.

Go For A Skill You Like

When choosing Attributes, you also need to consider the skills within that attribute! If you see yourself playing mainly with handguns, you'll want to invest heavily into Reflexes right away.

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