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Learn all you need to know about Last of Us 2 (TLOU2) in this beginner tips & guide! Including combat tips, survival tips & more must know play tips on The Last Of Us Part 2.

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Combat Tips

Use Environment And Cover To Sneak During Combat

Use Environment And Cover To Sneak During Combat

Using stealth in your favor is crucial to surviving battles in The Last Of Us. Whether you are facing hostile Survivors or Infected, you will be outnumbered most of the time. Use your environment and cover to sneak to get the drop on your enemies to even out the odds.

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Prone Behind Or Under Objects To Hide

Use Environment For Stealth

The post-apocalyptic world of TLOU2 is lush with greens and abandoned cars. Hide behind tall grass or under a car by going prone behind it to conceal yourself. However, enemies will still be able to spot you if they get too close or are elevated.

Utilize The Listen Mode To Scout

Hold R2 To Enter Listen Mode

Unless you are playing on harder difficulty, the Listen Mode will be your best friend when it comes to scanning your surroundings. Be sure to listen and scan for any suspicious sounds before proceeding to a new and/or confined area.

More Details On Listen Mode Here

Use Listen Mode To See Scent Trails

Check Your Scent Trail To Avoid Guard Dogs

Certain enemies will be accompanied by guard dogs, which can track your scent even if you are hidden. Use the Listen Mode to check your scent trail and cause distraction to avoid pursuit.

Avoid Combat With Dormant Infected

Avoid Combat With Dormant Infected

You do not always need to face every enemies in battle. The Infected especially may sometime be found in a dormant state. Try to sneak around them to bypass the combat entirely.

More Details On Enemies & Faction Here

DO NOT Engage Clickers In Close Combat Unless Fully Equipped

DO NOT Engage Clickers Unless Fully Equipped

One of the most lethal enemies early on is the Clickers. These Infected have long since lost their humanity, and will overpower you in a single grapple and kill you instantly. Do not attempt to engage them unless you are equipped with a powerful weapon. You can also use your Switchblade to silently execute them.

Save Ammo, Make Your Shots Count

Save Ammo, Make Your Shots Count

As this game takes place in the modern post-apocalypse, your ammo supplies will be very limited. Make sure you save up on ammo when you can, and make each shot count by aiming for the weak spots. Utilizing both Long Gun & Pistols will help you maximize your ammo efficiency.

More On How To Enable Aim Assist

Consider Using Bows To Recycle Arrows

The bow, though being a primitive means of ranged weaponry, are a great choice of Long Gun. Not only are these completely silent, allowing for stealth take downs, but you can also sometimes recover arrows from dead targets granting a great ammo economy.

Click Here For Ammo Saving Tips

Use Melee To Save Ammo

In certain scenarios, you can choose to take out your enemies with a few well placed melee strikes. Melee attacks will attract less attention, but also save you some precious ammos for later use.

Use Brick As Bludgeon When Out Of Options

If in case you run out of all means of attack (aside from your fists), try grabbing a brick for a makeshift bludgeon. You can also use Bricks as a melee weapon, that can take down most enemies with 3 strikes.

When In A Pinch, Run

When In A Pinch, Run

When cornered at gunpoint or surrounded by hordes of Infected, run and relocate. Enemies will have harder time hitting you on the run, and in case they lose sight of you, they will attempt to search near your last known location. Use this chance for stealthy take downs or ambush.

Use Small Openings For Escape

Use Small Openings For Escape

Being still a young woman, Ellie will be able to squeeze herself through tight cracks for escape. Use your size to your advantage when trying to escape enemy pursuit.

Take Down Enemies After They Lose You

Once you've outrun your enemies, they will try to search your last known location by spreading out. Use this to your advantage and take down enemies one by one. Remember you will most always be outnumbered, and will need to use element of surprise as your weapon.

Survival Tips

Upgrade Your Maximum Health Skill First

Upgrade Your Maximum Health Skill First

One of the most useful Skill Upgrade to get first is the Maximum Health. As the name suggests, it will provide you higher maximum health, allowing you to sustain more damage from incoming shots and damages. Note that you will still be vulnerable to instant death.

Click Here For More Details On Skill Upgrades

Plan Your Skill Supplement Usage

With the introduction of the new Skill Branch, you will need to upgrade skills in that category in a linear order. Take note of the skills that you can get down the line, and allocate your Supplement stocks accordingly so you can get the best skills with minimum side tracks.

Click Here For More On Supplements

Choose & Prioritize Weapon Upgrades

 Use Parts To Upgrade Ranged Weapons

The amount of parts you can find to use for weapon upgrading are limited. Consider choosing and prioritizing which weapon upgrades you want to take first. We recommend upgrading Hunting Rifle's Armor Piercing & Ammo Capacity and Bow's Range early on in the game.

Click Here For Other Recommended Weapon Upgrades

Craft Weapon Holsters First

The first upgrades you want to prioritize would be the Long Gun Holster. This will allow you to equip 2 Long Guns at the same time. Pistol Holster, will allow you to carry a second pistol, but can be saved for later when powerful guns like El Diablo are available.

Click Here For More On Parts

Loot All That You Can Before Proceeding

Wider Variety Of Craftable Items

Take your time to scan your surroundings for any loots and ammos found before proceeding. You can never have too much materials in stock, and when you have maxed your carry capacity, try crafting extra items to make space for additional materials.

More Details On Item Crafting & Materials

Use Adjustable Difficulty & Accessibility Settings

Use Adjustable Difficulty & Accessibility Settings

If you are in are stuck, consider utilizing the game's difficulty setting changes and new Accessibility Settings to tweak your gameplay experience. This feature will allow you to adjust your game experience without simply making the game too easy, or for those who prefer the cinematic experience.

Click Here For More Detail On Difficulty & Accessibility Setting

Adjust Your Button Layouts

Adjust Your Button Layouts

Along with the aforementioned Accessibility settings, you will also now have the ability to rebind your Button Layouts on your PS4 controller to your liking. You may want to tinker with these to adjust to the control that you are used to or feel the most comfortable with.

Click Here For Controller Config & Button Layout

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