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Patrol - Jackson (Ellie) Chapter Story Walkthrough
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Patrol - Jackson (Ellie) Chapter Story Walkthrough

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Story walkthrough guide on Patrol (Jackson Chapter) of Last of Us 2 (TLOU2). Includes chart, obtainable items (collectibles) for The Last Of Us Part 2.

Table of Contents

Story Progression & Walkthrough

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Notable Items & Collectibles

List Of Collectibles & Notable Items

This section is a work in progress. Check back for updates to item list and locations!

*Click on the item name for more details.

Patrol Walkthrough Guide

Patrol Walkthrough Chart

1Playing as Ellie, get to the Radio Tower
2Follow Dina around the Radio Tower
3Interact with the logbook on the table
4Use the binoculars from Dina to check the surrounding area
5Get back on your horse. Ride to the town
6Once you see a dead moose, investigate the abandoned
7Clear the area of Infected
8Follow Dina to the supermarket
9Crawl under the truck and climb on top of it to enter the supermarket
10Look through the drawers to find some alcohol
11Craft and use the Health Kit
12Explore the Supermarket
13Pass through the rotten wall
14Take out the clickers in the area
15Grab the cable and throw it over the hanging beam
16Use the rope to climb out of the supermarket and get on your horse
17Ride through the snow storm. Get into the shelter
18Turn on the generator
19Use the workbench to mod your weapons
20Continue exploring the hideout with Dina
21Grab the bottle of blunts to trigger another cutscene

5. Riding Through Town - Tips

Find Tesseracter Card In One Of The Houses

Tesseracter Trading Card

The Tesseracter Trading Card can be found in one of the houses in the town. It will be the house with an opening on its second floor. Get inside and head to the bookshelf to find the card waiting for you.

7. Clearing Area Of Infected - Tips

Use Stealth Kills To Dispatch Enemies

Stealth Kill

Stealth kills are your best bet when taking out infected. It wastes no bullets, is silent, and does not attract any unwanted attention. Sneak up behind an enemy and grapple them. Press the prompt when it appears to perform the takedown.

Use Enhanced Listen Mode To Pinpoint Enemies

Use Enhanced Listen Mode

If you are unsure if there are still enemies in the area, use your Enhanced Listening mode to scan the area of enemies. Enemies will be a hazy white shadow on your HUD.

Check Out Listen Mode Here!

Use Weapons As A Last Resort

If worse comes to worst, your last line of defense are your weapons. Make sure to aim for the head to instantly dispatch these enemies.

12. Exploring The Supermarket - Tips

Find Mina's Note In The Office


The desk at the corner of the office will have a note regarding the safe in the room. It says that the combination is the date when someone got employee of the month.

Safe Combo Is 07-20-13

Safe Combo

The combination to the safe is 07-20-13. Unlocking the safe will give you a ton of supplements and parts that you can use to learn skills and upgrade weapons later on.

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14. Taking Out The Clickers - Tips

Use Enhanced Listening To Mark Clickers

Enhanced Listen Mode

Make sure to use your Enhanced Listen mode to mark out Clickers in the area. Having a general idea of how many enemies there are can help you plan out your path when dispatching them one by one.

Check Out Enhanced Listen Mode Here!

Stay Silent

Stay Silent

Clickers are highly sensitive to sound. This means that you should approach them with much more caution when compared to regular infected enemies. Crouch down low and move slowly to avoid making any unnecessary noise!

Use Stealth Kills

Use Stealth Kills

Stealth kills are also your best option when dealing with Clickers. Since they pick up sound more easily, gunshots can alert other Clickers in the area to your position.

17. Exploring The Shelter - Tips

Find Eugene's Tag

Find Eugene

You will find Eugene's tag in one of the cork boards next to the doors in the Shelter. This is an unmissable collectible as you will need to find it in order to move the story forward.

Find Laurent Focault Card

Find Laurent Focault Card

You will be able to find the Laurent Focault trading card in the small room behind the counter in the area with kiddie toys. This is a hidden card and if you do not explore the shelter, you just might miss it!

Find Tommy & Eugene's Photo

Tommy & Eugene

You will be able to find this photo in the room with the kiddie toys. It will be on the table next to the dartboard.

Find Eugene's Ultimatum


In front of the table where you find Eugene and Tommy's photo, you will find a dresser. Opening the dresser will allow you to discover a note left for Eugene.

18. Turning On The Generator - Tips

Follow The Button Prompts To Turn On Generator

Turn On The Generator

In order to turn on the generator, you need to wait until the white circle aligns itself with the button prompt. Once the these are aligned, press the button to make Ellie yank on the cord until the generator turns on.

19. Using The Workbench - Tips

Use Parts To Upgrade Weapons

Use Parts To Upgrade Weapons

The parts that you've collected along the way will allow you to give upgrades to your weapons. Make sure to use parts wisely as these are scarce, and cannot be recovered once used to upgrade a weapon!

Check Out Weapon Upgrades Here!

Story Progression & Walkthrough

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The OverlookThe Horde
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