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World Of Light - Light Side Story Walkthrough Guide
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World Of Light - Light Side Story Walkthrough Guide

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Check out this World Of Light Walkthrough on how to get the Light ending! Find out what you need to do, where to go, and who to beat in order to get the Light ending in Super Smash Bros Ultimate (SSBU).

World Of Light - Light Side Walkthrough

World of Light - Story Walkthrough

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Table of Contents

World of Light - Fastest Route in Defeating Galeem

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Walkthrough

In order to battle Galeem, you will need to defeat 3 bosses, Giga Bowser, Galleom, Rathalos to take down his barrier. You may fight them in any order you choose, but the fastest route to reach Galeem is by defeating Giga Bowser, Galleom and Rathalos in that order.

Light Side World Map

World of Light Light Side Map
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Fastest Route in Defeating Galeem - Procedure Overview

1Head East on the First Crossroad (Villager Route)
2Defeat Giga Bowser
3Defeat Galleom
4Head to Temple of Light (North East of the Map)
5Defeat Rathalos
6Confront Galeem
7Story Continues to Dark Side

vs. Giga Bowser

vs. Giga Bowser - Walkthrough Chart

1Head East from first crossroad
2Warp to Lava Castle from the Warp Zone
3Defeat Giga Bowser in Lava Castle

1. Head East From The First Crossroad - Hints

Choose From 3 Different Paths

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Walkthrough

The first crossroad will make you choose between three different characters to unlock. You can choose between Marth, Sheik and Villager. Each path has its own advantages and disadvantages so choose wisely!

Which Character to Choose in Crossroad Paths

Marth's Path Advantages & Notable Characters

MARTH Eyecatch
Check Out Marth Fighter Rating Here!

Marth's stats are very well-balanced. He is an easy character to master and will be helpful when fighting Spirits.

Sheik's Path Advantages & Notable Characters

SHIEK Eyecatch
Check Out Sheik Fighter Rating Here!

Sheik is a fast and agile character. However despite her quickness and long range moveset, she is a bit harder to master. Opting to go through her path may take a bit longer, but will unlock lots of characters for you!

Villager's Path Advantages & Notable Characters

Check Out Villager Fighter Rating Here!

The Villager is a very tricky character to master since you need to get up close and personal with enemies to deal big damage. However, Villagers path offers the fastest route to beating Galeem!

Activate The "!" Button Near The River

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Walkthrough

Remember to activate the "!" Button past the yoshi island area. It is next to the river with a strong current. This will take down one of the barriers to the Temple of Light.

3. Defeat Giga Bowser - Hints

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Walkthrough

Recommended Fighter: Kirby

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Walkthrough

Kirby has a lot of moves that let him dish out damage fairly quickly. You can bring down Giga Bowser's health when he shows gaps in his attacks. Kirby's down special also turns him invulnerable to damage for a while!

Check Out Kirby - Fighter Overview Here

Giga Bowser Does Not Flinch Due To Heavy Armor

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Story Walkthrough Guide

When fighting Giga Bowser, don't think that you can knock him off his feet! He has armor that doesn't make him flinch when being attacked! Your best bet is to go in, get a few good hits, and back away!

Use Your Speed To Dodge His Attacks

Giga Bowser is strong, but is also slow and telegraphs his attacks. Go near him to get a few hits, and when he starts his attack animation move away for a bit until it is safe to go back in.

Equip Spirits That Increase Damage

As you will need to reduce Giga Bowser's life bar to 0, you can equip Spirits that will increase your damage. Recommended Spirits are "Boom Boom & Pom Pom" and "Spring Man".

vs. Galleom

vs. Galleom - Walkthrough Chart

1Pass through the Yoshi Island Area and head for Nintendo Area
2Acquire Spirit "Hal Emerich" and "Kapp'n"
3Head North West to Misty Woods area
4Pass through the South west forest, and activate the switch in the east side
5Use Warp Zone to Warp to base, open door with Spirit "Hal Emerich"
6Acquire Spirit "Rob 64" in base
7Defeat Galleom in base

1. Pass through the Yoshi Island Area - Hints

Remember To Push "!" Button In the Lake

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Walkthrough

This will take down the second barrier blocking you from entering the Temple of Light. It can be found on the heart shaped lake.

2. Acquire Spirit "Hal Emerich" and "Kapp'n" - Hints

Acquire the Spirit Hal Emerich to Reach Galleom

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Walkthrough

He can open the barrier blocking your entrance to the base. He is found in the area just Northwest of the first Crossroad.

Check Out Spirits Feature & Overview Here

Acquire the Spirit "Kapp'n" to Unlock Fast Travel

Having the Kapp'n Spirit will make your travels easier around the map. His fast travel only follows a specific route, but will help you get around faster when trying to finish the game quickly.

4. Activate The "!" Button By The Forest - Hints

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Walkthrough

This button will disengage the last barrier blocking the Temple of Light. It is on the Eastern Side Of The Forest.

6. Acquire Spirit "Rob 64" In Base - Hints

Spirit Rob 64 Required Later In the Game

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Walkthrough

You will need to get the Spirit Rob 64 in the base to proceed further in the game. He will be able to repair a plane that you will need to reach Galeem. Rob 64 can be found in the room with lots of monitors.

7. Defeat Galleom In Base - Hints

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Walkthrough

Recommended Fighter - Mario

Mario can do lots of damage and has quick reflexes to avoid most of Galleom's attacks. He is a great choice to use when fighting against Galleom, but any fast fighter will do as well!

Check Out Mario - Fighter Overview Here

Stay Close To Galleom When He Shoots Missiles

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Story Walkthrough Guide

Galleom will try to hit you with his missiles. However, the rockets will not be able to hit you if you stay near him. You will also be able to get a few good hits in him while he is doing this.

Stay Away From Galleom's Spin Attack

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Story Walkthrough Guide

If you are near Galleom when he starts his spin attack, then get away as soon as you can! His spin attack can pull you near him, and can deal massive damage!

Galleom Hints His Next Attack

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Story Walkthrough Guide

Galleom telegraphs his attacks to you. Since he is also a slow fighter, you can check his movements, and see which attack he is going to perform. From there, you can move out of the way just before he tries to hit you!

Head to Temple of Light

Head to Temple of Light - Walkthrough

1Head North West of the Map towards the snowy mountain
2Enter the Temple of Light, confront Simon
3Head through the Warp Zone
4Confront Pit, defeating him will open new path

2. Enter The Temple of Light, Confront Simon - Hints

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Walkthrough

After reaching the Temple of Light and defeating Simon, a new Warp Zone will appear allowing you to proceed further.

Check Out Simon - Fighter Overview Here

4. Confront Pit - Hints

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Walkthrough

You will be able to fight Pit in the furthest reach of the Temple of Light. Defeating him will dissipate the barrier, allowing you to move further on the East side of the world map.

Check Out Pit - Fighter Overview Here

vs. Rathalos

vs. Rathalos - Walkthrough Chart

1Exit the Temple of Light, head to a bus stop in south of the snowy mountain
2Ride the bus to Animal Crossing area
3Head past the crossroad, go up and through the bridge to the north east of F-zero area
4Proceed to Pac-man area, on the East side of the map
5Acquire Spirit "Lapras" near the south east exit
6Head to the beach near the west, use Spirit "Lapras" to reach Alola Island
7Use Warp Zone to reach Rathalos in the Forest Hill
8Defeat Rathalos

1. Head To The Bus Stop - Hints

Spirit "Kapp'n" Required to Ride Bus

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Walkthrough

The Spirit "Kapp'n" is needed for you to ride the bus. The bus can be located in the area just South of the snowy mountains, while Kapp'n can be found in the Nintendo area.

5. Acquire Lapras - Hints

Lapras Required to Proceed to Alola Island

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Walkthrough

In order for you to face Rathalos, you need to find a way to get to the island on the Southeast side of the map. Lapras can be found just South of the Pac-Man area, and will allow you to ride on it to traverse water!

8. Defeat Rathalos - Hints

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Walkthrough

Recommended Fighter: Anyone Fast

Since Rathalos will be raining down lots of fireballs at you, it would be best to get someone who can get out of the way as quickly as possible to avoid damage. Candidates include Sheik, Captain Falcon, or Little Mac!

Rathalos's Roar Can Disorient You

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Story Walkthrough Guide

Don't get too close when Rathalos roars. It can cause you to get dizzy, preventing you from moving around! Alternatively you can shield yourself from the roar with your shield!

Move Away From The Fireballs

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Story Walkthrough Guide

The Fireballs that Rathalos unleashes on you starts to grow once it hits the ground. Don't immediately go near the point of impact as it can still catch and damage you for a few seconds!

Throw Items At Rathalos To Dizzy It

Periodically, items will spawn on the ground. Pick up these items and throw them at Rathalos' face to disorient him. This will leave him in a dizzied state, allowing you to go close and get a few good hits in!

vs. Galeem

vs. Galeem - Walkthrough Chart

1Enter the pipe to the south east of Alola Island and reach Base
2Ride the Great Fox from near the summit of the snowy mountain
3Enter the space area, head deeper to confront Galeem
4Confront and defeat Master hand
5Confront Galeem

2. Ride the Great Fox - Hints

Spirit ROB 64 Required To Ride Great Fox

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Walkthrough

ROB 64 will be able to fix the Great Fox for you to ride it into space. If you haven't gotten ROB 64 yet, the Spirit can be found in the base where you fought Galleom.

4. vs. Master Hand - Hints

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Walkthrough

Stick To The Ground As Much As Possible

The Master Hand has slow attacks, allowing you to hit him a few times before it hits back. However, the Hand's attacks can easily launch you out of the stage. Keep close to the ground when attacking to avoid getting tossed outside!

5. vs. Galeem - Hints

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Walkthrough

Recommended Fighter: Mario

Mario's balanced moveset is helpful when chipping away at Galeem's health. His size also allows him to get through the different "patterns" that Galeem damages you with!

Move To Open Spaces Away From The Lasers

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Story Walkthrough Guide

The lines that fill the screen are lasers that will deal damage to you once Galeem activates it! When these lines show up, head to an empty space to avoid getting damaged!

The Bombs Are Destroyable

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Story Walkthrough Guide

When Galeem summons bombs, there is quite some time before they detonate. Instead of looking for a safe space, you can create some breathing room by destroying the bombs.

Splitting Into 3 Means He Will Shoot At You

SSBU, World Of Light - Light Side Story Walkthrough Guide

When the ball of Galeem separates into three, he will start shooting waves of balls at you. Keep moving around the stage to avoid getting cornered by the projectiles!

Stay Patient & Avoid Obstacles

Galeem will be throwing a lot of obstacles to damage you. You will be able to avoid them, but it will reduce the amount of damage you do to Galeem before you back away. Be patient and chip away at Galeem's health!

All Character Unlock Location in World of Light

World of Light - Unlock Location in Light Side

CharacterUnlock Location
KIRBY IconKIRBYDefault Character
MARIO IconMARIOStarting Area
SHEIK IconSHEIKStarting Area
MARTH IconMARTHStarting Area
RYU IconRYUAirport Zone
LUCARIO IconLUCARIOAnimal Crossing Zone
Mii FIGHTER IconMii FIGHTERAnimal Crossing Zone
ISABELLE IconISABELLEAnimal Crossing Zone
FOX IconFOXHeart-Shaped Lake
PEACH IconPEACHLava Castle Zone
BOWSER IconBOWSERLava Castle Zone
LINK IconLINKLegend of Zelda Zone
NESS IconNESSMagicant Zone
PICHU IconPICHUMisty Woods Zone
TOON LINK IconTOON LINKMonster Hunter Zone
LUCAS IconLUCASMountain Zone
OLIMAR IconOLIMARMushroom Zone
PAC-MAN IconPAC-MANMushroom Zone
Wii Fit TRAINER IconWii Fit TRAINERNintendo Zone
FALCO IconFALCOOuter Space Zone
PIT IconPITTemple of Light
SIMON IconSIMONTemple of Light
SHULK IconSHULKWaterfall Zone
YOSHI IconYOSHIYoshi Island Zone
DR. MARIO IconDR. MARIOYoshi Island Zone

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