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All Assist Trophy List & Effect
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All Assist Trophy List & Effect

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Find out all the Assist Trophy Character appearing from the Assist Trophy Item in Super Smash Bros Ultimate (SSBU) in this list! List also includes effects for all Assist Trophies and more!

All Assist Trophy List & Effect

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What Does Assist Trophies Do?

What Does Assist Trophies Do?

Summons Support Character with Variety of Attack & Moves

Similar to Poke Balls, the Assist Trophy will summon various characters from other franchises to assist you in your combat! The Assist Character will stay with you in combat for a few while before disengaging.

Support Trophy Provides Variety of Effects

The Assist Trophy will engage immediately upon picking up the item. Variety of characters from Cyborg Ninja to Rathalos will assist you in combat to devastate your rivals! Be warned though, some Support Characters may be knocked out & defeated.

All Assist Trophy List & Effect

Assist TrophyName & Effect
Krystal Icon[Krystal]
Krystal will go around the stage to attack enemies! Her attack will leave them frozen in a block of ice.
Guile Icon[Guile]
Guile will continuously release Sonic Booms, targeting enemies near him. The projectiles are a bit slow moving so you can easily avoid them by jumping.
Squid Sisters Icon[Squid Sisters]
The Squid Sister will hold off a concert on the stage! As the camera zooms in on them, the stage also shrinks to that size. Anyone outside of the frame will be KO'd.
Bomberman Icon[Bomberman]
You can move the bombs by attacking them. But if you get too close to a remote bomb, Bomberman can detonate it.
Akira Icon[Akira]
Akira moves a bit awkward, but when he gets a hit, it's powerful enough to launch enemies!
Alucard Icon[Alucard]
Alucard rushes over to enemies in both his vampire and bat form. He can also teleport and attack in a downward strike if an enemy is a bit far away.
Gray Fox Icon[Gray Fox]
Fast on his feet and with his hands. Gray Fox will unleash a series of swipes to an enemy before finishing it off with a more powerful attack that can launch them.
Isaac Icon[Isaac]
Issac will summon giant hands when he appears. However, he doesn't move from where he is summoned, thus greatly decreasing the range of the hands.
Shadow Icon[Shadow]
Shadow will slow down time against enemy fighters. With his magic gem, he will also stop time for a second before he goes away.
Burrowing Snagret Icon[Burrowing Snagret]
The Burrowing Snagret will come out the ground to attack enemies. Jumping to the side out of its range is the easiest way of avoiding it.
Zero (Mega Man) Icon[Zero (Mega Man)]
With his laser sword, Zero will cut down enemies he comes across to. He can dash with his boosters when in pursuit of an enemy.
Shovel Knight Icon[Shovel Knight]
While Shovel Knight is digging holes, he'll sometimes dig up food! He can also reflect projectiles with his shovel.
Moon Icon[Moon]
Moon will zero in on enemies and launch himself at them. You'll get immense damage if you get caught in his trajectory.
Chef Kawasaki Icon[Chef Kawasaki]
Be careful of his ladle as Chef Kawasaki will use it to grab on and cook you in a pot. Once he's done cooking, he'll leave behind a few Food items to eat.
Rathalos Icon[Rathalos]
Rathalos comes down from the sky to help out in battle. Stay away from him to avoid his melee attacks and be aware of his fireball's trajectories to avoid them.
Midna Icon[Midna]
Watch out for Midna's hand-shaped hair. She'll reach out and grab nearby fighters no matter how badly you wish your shield could stop it.
Ashley Icon[Ashley]
A dark field will appear around Ashley. Any foes inside the field will move more slowly and take continuous damage.
Jeff Icon[Jeff]
Jeff's bottle rockets explode when they hit obstacles, so hiding in a place with walls or ceilings will help to protect you from them.
Samurai Goroh Icon[Samurai Goroh]
Extremely relentless, Samurai Goroh will run after enemy fighters with his sword swinging all the way.
Ghosts Icon[Ghosts]
Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde will all appear on the stage! They each have their own movement patterns and will hurt opponents who touch them.
Takamaru Icon[Takamaru]
Rapid strikes from his katana awaits anyone Takamaru gets his hands on. He finishes off his attacks with a hard swing that can launch enemies!
Waluigi Icon[Waluigi]
Luigi's purple-clothed rival. He only ever jumps directly up so leaping left or right is a good way to avoid him.
Black Knight Icon[Black Knight]
A knight in black armor. The Black Knight will slowly walk toward opponents and attack them. He can only be launched by very powerful attacks.
Rodin Icon[Rodin]
Rodin can summon a giant arm that unleashes a devastating blow. He'll sometimes give you a powerful weapon when he leaves.
Knuckles Icon[Knuckles]
This fast moving echidna will chase after enemies with amazing speed. He has a ton of different attacks that he can use so watch out!
Yuri Kozukata Icon[Yuri Kozukata]
Anyone caught in Yuri's picture will slow down and receive damage! Make sure to get out of her frame.
Sukapon Icon[Sukapon]
Throwing his hand and spinning his body around are Sukapon's main attacks. Move around the stage quickly to escape it.
Arcade Bunny Icon[Arcade Bunny]
An arcade claw will come from the sky and target enemy fighters. Caught enemies will be immobile until the crane lets go of them.
Klaptrap Icon[Klaptrap]
This little crocodile has a mean bite! Klaptrap will do a flurry of bites at an enemy before finishing it off with a hard bite that can launch them. He'll then go on to find another victim.
Even if you are forced to board the bus, you can wiggle the control stick to get out. However, Kapp'n will reappear multiple times.
Thwomp Icon[Thwomp]
Thwomp will align himself at the top of the stage then drop down to the stage, damaging enemies who gets caught. He'll them move back up again and reposition himself above the stage.
Spring Man Icon[Spring Man]
Spring Man unleashes punches from his springy arms while jumping and dashing around the stage. When he's in a pinch, he'll unleash a powerful rush attack.
Ghirahim Icon[Ghirahim]
Ghirahim moves gracefully through the battle, using swords and knives. He also deflects any projectiles that he is facing.
Phosphora Icon[Phosphora]
Phosphora will teleport around the stage, dodging attacks and shooting lightning at everyone not fortunate enough to have summoned her.
Color TV-Game 15 Icon[Color TV-Game 15]
The paddles that appear to the left and right will try to keep a ball in play. You'll take damage and be launched if you touch them.
Chain Chomp Icon[Chain Chomp]
A Chain Chomp's chomp will deal more damage than just touching one. Be careful though—even chained up, they've got a long range.
Metroid Icon[Metroid]
Moving along the stage, Metroid will attach itself to an enemy fighter and shock them for a few seconds before letting go. It will then move on to the next nearby fighter.
Mother Brain Icon[Mother Brain]
Attack Mother Brain to defeat her! The glass around her will shatter after she fires lasers—that's your chance to strike!
Andross Icon[Andross]
Once Andross appears, it's best to run as he will unleash panels from his mouth that will damage you if you touch them.
Knuckle Joe Icon[Knuckle Joe]
A fighter sporting a bandana. After a rapid-fire attack, Knuckle Joe will unleash Smash Punch or Rising Break, both very powerful moves.
nintendog Icon[nintendog]
A nintendog will appear on the screen to block out the view of the stage! The dog may be cute, but he can easily put you in a disadvantage if you're not careful.
Starfy Icon[Starfy]
Starfy attacks by spinning around. He's a bit slow and he can't jump far so escaping him isn't that hard.
Prince of Sablé Icon[Prince of Sablé]
The Prince of Sablé changes into a frog or snake and attacks opponents. When he transforms back into a prince, he can be KO'd.
Sheriff Icon[Sheriff]
Sheriff fires high-speed, powerful shots at fighters. It's impossible to reflect or absorb these shots!
Dillon Icon[Dillon]
Watch out! This armadillo will attack without fear. His Arma-Charge is super powerful, so get to dodging if you see him spinning up!
Wily Capsule Icon[Wily Capsule]
Wily will unleash 4 projectiles that will launch in the direction of enemies. You can easily escape them though as they disappear after a while and Wily doesn't move from the spot where he was summoned.
Flies & Hand Icon[Flies & Hand]
Flies & Hand isn't consistent in damage as other Assist Trophies as it only attacks where there are flies.
Vince Icon[Vince]
Vince will paint over enemies and will do damage to them as long as they are painted over.
Tiki Icon[Tiki]
From a beautiful girl, Tiki will transform into a dragon that will unleash its fire breath to enemy fighters. She'll continue to come after fighters before she leaves.
Nikki Icon[Nikki]
Nikki cannot be KO'd. The doodles she makes on stage are invulnerable as well.
Nightmare Icon[Nightmare]
When Nightmare has changed from his Power Orb to his true form, the screen will go completely black, obscuring the stage.
Hammer Bro Icon[Hammer Bro]
The Hammer Bro won't move from side to side, so you'll be safe as long as you stay out of range.
Skull Kid Icon[Skull Kid]
Skull Kid calls on a variety of mystical powers when he appears in the battle. Unfortunately, these powers affect whoever summoned him too.
Starman Icon[Starman]
He will shoot either PK Beam γ or PK Bea
Lyn Icon[Lyn]
Lyn is a swordfighter who has perfected her Quick Draw. After she has drawn her sword, she'll attack the nearest opponent.
Devil Icon[Devil]
The Devil will begin pointing in various directions, and the stage will shift that way. If you get slid off the screen, you'll get KO'd!
Dr. Wright Icon[Dr. Wright]
With amazing precision, Dr. Wright will call forth a skyscrape from the ground, launching anyone that touches it high up!
Dr. Kawashima Icon[Dr. Kawashima]
Numbers will fly in from off the screen. Attack them to make them change direction.
Riki Icon[Riki]
This fluffy little Nopon has six Arts he might use, picked at random, each with a different effect. Sadly, he might end up helping your opponents...

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