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All Pokemon (Poke Ball) List & Effect
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All Pokemon (Poke Ball) List & Effect

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Check this list out for all Pokemon appearing from the Pokeball Item in Super Smash Bros Ultimate (SSBU)! List also includes effects for all Pokemon and more!

Pokemon (Poke Ball) List & Effect

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What Does Pokemons in SSBU Do?

Summons Support Character with Variety of Attack & Moves

From simple projectile attacks to game changing moves, Pokemon appearing from Pokeball items acts as unique and powerful allies in battle!

Multiple Moves from Attack & Support Exists

Pokemon's Move extends from support moves such as putting enemies to sleep to changing gravity in the region. You won't know which Pokemon will appear until you use them, but they will surely be a powerful asset to your victory!

All Pokemon List & Effect

PokemonName & Effect
Meowth Icon[Meowth]
Meowth can use Pay Day to throw coins at enemy fighters. They don't do much damage, but the attack has a wide range.
Abra Icon[Abra]
Abra teleports opponents to areas that don't have platforms below them. Depending on how Abra is feeling, it may teleport repeatedlye and change the place it drops the opponent.
Electrode Icon[Electrode]
Right before an Electrode explodes, its body goes red. That's when you can grab it and throw it at your opponent.
Goldeen Icon[Goldeen]
If damage was dealth from enthusiasm, then Goldeen would KO everyone with Splash. But it isn't. Not even when Goldeen comes from a Master Ball.
Staryu Icon[Staryu]
Staryu will pursue a target and shoot stars at high speed. For fighters with projectile-absorbing moves, this is like an early birthday present!
Ditto Icon[Ditto]
Ditto transforms into the fighter who used the Poké Ball, copying their special moves to fight as much like them as it can. Ditto can be KO'd after it transforms, though...
Eevee Icon[Eevee]
Eevee will use Take Down on any fighters nearby. If there aren't any, it'll just stand around looking a bit confused.
Snorlax Icon[Snorlax]
Snorlax grows as it rises into the air. If the timing's right, you can get every other fighter in one fell swoop!
Moltres Icon[Moltres]
Moltres slowly rises after appearing. Even barely touching this Legendary Pokémon will send a fighter flying.
Bellossom Icon[Bellossom]
Getting to it will put you right to sleep! The more damage you've taken, the longer you'll be counting sheep.
Entei Icon[Entei]
Fire Spin has a gravitational effect, sucking in anyone who touches it. Once you're trapped in the fiery pillar, it'll do huge damage.
Suicune Icon[Suicune]
Getting hit by Aurora Beam will give you a chance to cool off. Literally. Even touching Suicune right when it appears will freeze you.
Lugia Icon[Lugia]
Lugia will launch Aeroblast, a wide-range attack, from the back of the stage. This attack can't be blocked—do all you can to get clear!
Gardevoir Icon[Gardevoir]
Gardevoir uses a barrier that reflects projectiles. If you summoned it, your own projectiles won't be affected. Nice!
Metagross Icon[Metagross]
Only touch Metagross if you like being buried. Anyone too slow to flee will suffer this Pokémon's Earthquake attack.
Latias & Latios Icon[Latias & Latios]
Latias and Latios fly across the screen from left and right, damaging anyone they hit and leaving gusts of wind in their wake as well.
Kyogre Icon[Kyogre]
Hydro Pump pushes fighters off the stage. It's very difficult to escape the power of this current.
Deoxys Icon[Deoxys]
Hyper Beam draws in fighters, but it won't hurt for you to launch them toward Deoxys too.
Abomasnow Icon[Abomasnow]
Abomasnow's Blizzard move will pull you toward the Pokémon. Once Blizzard ends, Abomasnow will unleash Ice Punch!
Palkia Icon[Palkia]
Everything gets flipped 180 degrees, changing the landscape. The controls stay true to the level's orientation; don't get confused and fall!
Giratina Icon[Giratina]
Giratine launches a massive gust of wind that hits multiple times. Be careful—this move is tough to avoid and can send you off the screen.
Darkrai Icon[Darkrai]
Its Dark Void move has a strong gravitational pull and puts anyone who touches it to sleep. If you're caught in midaird, you'll fall to the ground, sound asleep.
Arceus Icon[Arceus]
The attack Gravity will pill fighters out of the air. Anyone caught out beyong the edge will fall straight down.
Snivy Icon[Snivy]
Snivy's Razor Leaf rapidly fires at short range, but anyone caught in it will be hit over and over and over.
Oshawott Icon[Oshawott]
Surf sweeps up anybody in its path. Try to intercept fighters as they jump to avoid Oshawott.
Zoroark Icon[Zoroark]
Its Fury Swipes attack smacks its victim down hard. Wait for them to hit the ground—that's your chace to deliver a follow-up attack!
Kyurem Icon[Kyurem]
Icy Wind freezes fighters in just one hit. Not only does the attack have a wide range, but Kyurem can keep it going for a long time.
Keldeo Icon[Keldeo]
When it uses Secret Sword, it will rush up to a fighter and deliver a powerful, wide-range slash attack with its extended horn.
Meloetta Icon[Meloetta]
Meleotta's song will bounce off walls and platforms. In smaller stages, the song will bounce unpredictably, making it tough to avoid.
Genesect Icon[Genesect]
Both Genesect's laser and its Techno Blast can penetrate walls, so all you can do is stay out of its line of sight.
Chespin Icon[Chespin]
Chespin will use Seed Bomb, causing explosions all around it that deal a large amount of damage to anyone hit by the attack.
Fennekin Icon[Fennekin]
Incinerate creates a fire pillar reaching out in front of Fennekin. If it connects, it'll do repeated damage to fighters.
Fletchling Icon[Fletchling]
Once Fletchling settles on a target,it can be a real pest. Strike while your foes are distracted by this litle Pokémon's attacks!
Spewpa Icon[Spewpa]
If attacked, it'll react with a blast of Stun Spore, leave Spewpa alone, Spewpa leaves you alone.
Gogoat Icon[Gogoat]
Gogoat will let you ride on its back. Charge down opponents to deal damage!
Swirlix Icon[Swirlix]
Those who stray too close to Swirlix will have their movement reduced. Take advantage of this if you brough Swirlix into battle!
Inkay Icon[Inkay]
Inkay's Topsy-Turvy move knocks over nearby fighters. It doesn't work on anybody in the air, though, so try jumping!
Dedenne Icon[Dedenne]
Its Discharge attack creates an electrical burst with Dedenne in the center. Fighters caught in this will take multiple hits.
Xerneas Icon[Xerneas]
Xerneas will trun the fighter that summoned it gold, as well as powering them up in the battle.
Pyukumuku Icon[Pyukumuku]
If a fighter steps on Pyukumuku, it will unleash a punch with a launching effect. It will do this every time it's stepped on. You can pick it up too, so throw it at opponents.
Mimikyu Icon[Mimikyu]
Mimikyu drags a nearby opponent into its body and attacks them. While inside Mimikyu, the opponent cannot move. If the opponent has more than 90% damage after the attack, they will be instantly KO'd.
Marshadow Icon[Marshadow]
If you're targeted, Marshadow will emerge from the shadows to deal a powerful punch. When there are multiple opponents, it may charge its target between punches.
Alolan Vulpix Icon[Alolan Vulpix]
Coming Soon.
Alolan Exeggutor Icon[Alolan Exeggutor]
Coming Soon.
Bewear Icon[Bewear]
Coming Soon.
Solgaleo Icon[Solgaleo]
Coming Soon.
Lunala Icon[Lunala]
Coming Soon.
Alolan Raichu Icon[Alolan Raichu]
Coming Soon.
Vulpix Icon[Vulpix]
Coming Soon.
Togedemaru Icon[Togedemaru]
Coming Soon.
Tapu Koko Icon[Tapu Koko]
Coming Soon.
Mew Icon[Mew]
Coming Soon.
Scizor Icon[Scizor]
Coming Soon.
Togepi Icon[Togepi]
Coming Soon.
Victini Icon[Victini]
Coming Soon.

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