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Dashing Dad is a 3 hour Trophy Challenge in Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8, RE8). Find out how to complete story in 3 hours, Dashing Dad guide, 3 hour run, video & more!!!

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3 Hours Trophy - Dashing Dad Tips Guide

Choose Casual Difficulty

Choose Casual Difficulty

This trophy can be done on any difficulty mode, including Casual mode. For better efficiency, choose the easiest difficulty for less trouble, though confident players can still turn up the difficulty for a bigger challenge.

Difficulty Levels - Differences & Settings

Always Skip Cutscenes

Time will be counted even in cutscenes, so remember to skip them all. Based on our testing, you save around 6 minutes if you skip all cinematics.

How to Skip Cutscenes

Press the "Option" Button, then choose "Skip". If you lose control of your character, press Options to see if you can skip the content.

Stop Time By Opening Options Or Map

Time will not pass if you open the map or options menu. Open the map if you feel lost or want to take a break.

Stop Time By Opening Options Or Map

▲ If you've beaten the game at least once, a timer will appear here

Keep Exploration & Shopping to A Minimum

Unless it's an item essential for the story or something needed for boss fights, keep exploration & shopping to a minimum. Focus only on beating the game and not much else.

Never Stop Moving

Never stop moving, even when attacking enemies. If a target requires you to stand still, it's best to bypass it. It's also important to have infinite ammo available so you don't need to scrounge around for ammo.

Infinite Ammo - Cost & How To Get

3 Hours Trophy - Dashing Dad Preparations

Complete A Full Story Run Before Challenging

Due to the challenge requiring several New Game Plus items, as well as the need to skip all cinematics, Dashing Dad should only be attempted when players completed the story mode normally at least once.

Post Game Guide - Unlocks & Endgame Rewards

Complete Challenges With Previous Saves

Once you've cleared the game, you can start loading previous game saves to try to complete as many challenges as you can. You'll need the CP points from completing these challenges to purchase the powerful weapons needed for Dashing Dad trophy.

All Challenges & Rewards Guide

Recommended Weapons For Dashing Dad

・One weapon that can handle all situations
・Infinite Ammo A Must
・Note: This weapon requires a lot of investment
GM79 Grenade Launcher
・Flash Grenade highly effective in a lot of cases
・Try to get Infinite Ammo
Best Weapons - Upgrades & Tips

3 Hours (Dashing Dad) Trophy - Video & Walkthrough Guide

This is a barebones story walkthrough that ignores all explorations
※ You can change the sequence a bit but still meet the 3 hour deadline!!!

1. The Village

Video Walkthrough

・Put Rose to sleep on 2F
・Speak to Mia in the kitchen
2【Car ~ Village】
・Head directly to village
・Ignore all Lycans
・Get Bolt Cutters
・Survival Event (3 ~ 4 Min)
・Old Hag will appear
・Get Maiden Crest from church
・Skip the event
3【Luiza's House ~ Caves】
・Follow Luiza
・get Truck Key at kitchen
・Inspect keys for Screwdriver
・Jump from window
・Get Demon Crest from shrine
・Place crests into gateる
・Draw the lever & skip event
Estimated Time For Completion 15 Min / 2 Hours
1. The Village Walkthrough & Map Guide

2. Castle Dimitrescu

Video Walkthrough

1【Caves ~ Castle】
・Get pounced by Lycan while moving
・Avoid all fan rollers
・After escaping, speak to The Duke & enter Castle
2【Castle (Escape)】
・Check the Four Winged Gate
・Remove your hand from the hook
・Get the Maroon Eye Ring from the bronze statue inside. Examine it to get the Maroon Eye
・Open door on 2f by solving Maroon Eye Puzzle
・In the final room, break the floorboards and descend br]・Light the 2 fires with Brazier
・Exit the dungeon for a boss fight
3【Castle (Mask Collecting & Bosses)】
・Get Sanguis Virginis
・Solve the Wine Puzzle, get Courtyard Key
・Advance using Courtyard Key, get the map
・Solve the puzzle with the 4 statues and go down
・Get Dimitrescu's Key, go underground
・Pull the lever. Run away from Lady Dimitrescu & get Mask of Sorrow.
・On 2F, check the statue to get Mask of Pleasure
・Fight with one of Dimitrescu's daughters in the room in the back
・Get the Mounted Animal Skull from above the door.
・ Examine it to remove the mounted portion and get an Animal Skull
・ Place the Animal Skull on the statue where the Mask of Pleasure wasく
・Use Dimitrescu's key in the Courtyard to access the next room
・Get the map in the next room
・Do the Piano Puzzle on the 1st floor to get the Iron Insignia Key
・Use the Iron Insignia Key on the 2F & fight boss
・Get the Mask of Joy in the Hall of Joy
Ring the 5 bells in this area to open the door
・Go along the roof, eventually using a zipline to obtain the Mask of Rage
・Place all 4 masks in the Hall of the Four
・Get Dirty Flask after boss fight
Estimated Time For Completion 35 Min / 2 Hours
2. Castle Dimitrescu Walkthrough & Map Guide

3. House Beneviento

Video Walkthrough

1【Altar ~ Village】
・Speak with the old woman
・Get the Winged Key from chest
・Put the flask into the Altar
・Head to the house with red chimney in village
・Break lock with weapons & enter
・Enter the code「070408」in the lock
・Get the Jack Handle
・Lift up the tractor & cross
・Kill or avoid the Lycan swarms
・Open the gate with the Iron Insignia Key
・Climb up the ladder & enter house with the red chimney
・Get the Four-Winged Key from a chest
・Return to the Altar & skip event
・head for House Beneviento
2【House Beneviento (Puzzle)】
・Complete the Doll Puzzle
・Get Breaker Box Puzzle from well
・Baby Monster will stalk you after you return
3【House Beneviento (Baby ~ Boss)】
・Complete Fuse Box Puzzle
・The baby will appear again. Lure it into the Study, then use the desk to buy time until you can use the elevator to escape.
・Find the 3 dolls in the house
・Get the Four-Winged Unborn Key, and the Legs Flask & leave
Estimated Time For Completion 1 Hour / 2 Hours
3. House Beneviento Walkthrough & Map Guide

4. Reservoir

Video Walkthrough

1・Use the Four-Winged Unborn Key to the south of the Altar and proceed forward
・Skip the event
・Drop down into the basement and follow the path. Take the elevator at the end
・Get Arms Flask & skip event
・Go up the stairs in the back of the tunnel and get Boat Key
・Exit the tunnel and ride the boat up until the cave. Skip the event
・Head to the sluice gate control area (on the hill)
・Climb down into the basement area out of the windmill
・Move forward while avoiding attacks
・Get to the other windmill & get Crank
・Use the crank on the same gear and turn it, you'll be able to climb up a ladder.
・ Use the rope here to travel to the other windmill. Use Crank.
・Return to the sluice gate controls and turn the lights on in the order written on the paper
・Chase down Moreau & fight
・Get Six-Winged Unborn Key
・Take the elevator out
Estimated Time For Completion 1 Hour 15 Min / 2 Hours
4. Reservoir Walkthrough & Map Guide

5. Stronghold

Video Walkthrough

5. Stronghold
1・e Six-Winged Unborn Key to open the door at cemetery
・Pull the two levers and open the stronghold gate.
・Run past the Stronghold for Boss Battle
・Get Torso Flask & skip the event
Estimated Time For Completion 1 Hour 25 Min / 2 Hours
5. Stronghold Walkthrough & Map Guide

6. Heisenberg's Factory

Video Walkthrough

1・Place the Torso Flask into the altar & get Giant's Chalice
・Place the Giant's Chalice in the stone structure and go into factory
・Go to the room with the casting machine & get Relief Mold
・Return to the casting room and use the Mold there to get Relief of a Horse
・Pass through the ducts to head to the generator
・Go along the path and get the Factory Map (Lower Levels) and the Cog Mold
・Return to the casting room and use the Cog Mold to get Large Cog
・Return to the generator room and use the Large Cog to return power
・Use the elevator controls & proceed
・Pull the lever
・Climb up the ladder near the elevator and proceed forward into the cave
・Move up the Grinder Shaft
・Get the Factory Map (Upper Levels)
・Skip the fan event
・Go along the path and open a chest in a small room to get Key Mold
・Go back to the casting room on B3
・Use the Key Mold in the casting machine to get Heisenberg's Key
・Return to B1 with the elevator and use Heisenberg's Key to proceed
・Fight Sturm Mini Boss Battle
・Ride the life, ignoring all cutscenes
・Proceed onward after the ducts for another event. You'll now fight Heisenberg Boss Battle
Estimated Time For Completion 1 Hour 50 Min / 2 Hours
6. Heisenberg's Factory Walkthrough & Map Guide

7. Finale (Chris)

Video Walkthrough

1・Push forward killing all Lycans
・Gather supplies as you go
・ Use your Target Locator to hit the surrounding Castle aread it
・Go underground to pick up supplies and follow the path
・Defeat Urias Strajer
・Push forward & skip all cutscenes
・Shoot the lock on the prison-like bars and enter the room
・Skip the event
Estimated Time For Completion 1 Hour 55 Min / 2 Hours
7. Finale (Chris) Walkthrough & Guide

8. Finale (Ceremony Site)

1・If you have spare time left, stock up on supplies
・Initiate the battle & let loose
Estimated Time For Completion 2 Hours
8. Finale (Ceremony Site) Walkthrough & Guide

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