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Puzzle are quizzes that needs to be solved in Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8 / RE8). Guide includes all puzzles, all solution, story puzzles, puzzle rewards & more!!!

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Resident Evil Village - All Puzzles & Solutions List

Labyrinth Puzzles

Labyrinth Puzzle

Labyrinth Puzzles are puzzles that require the player to guide a ball safely through obstacles. Getting the ball through rewards the player with a treasure that can be sold for a large amount of Lei.

Labyrinth Puzzle Locations

Maroon Eye Door Puzzle

Maroon Eye
1. Get Maroon Ring From Statue under Chimney
2. Inspect The Ring To Get Maroon Eye
3 Use Maroon Eye On The One-Eye Door To Open
Maroon Eye (Ring) Puzzle - Door Solution

Wine (Bottle) Room Puzzle

Wine Bottle (Sanguis Virginis) Map
Wine Bottle (Sanguis Virginis) Map
Pick Up This Item Before Leaving Level
Obtainable Item
Courtyard Key
Wine Puzzle - How to Get Wine Bottle

Hall of Ablution Puzzle

Puzzle Solution
Two WomenFacing each other
Three MenFacing the man on the horse
Man on the HorseFacing the hooded woman

Set up the statues in the orientation indicated in the picture above to clear this puzzle!

Hall of Ablution Puzzle Details

Atelier (Bell) Puzzle

Bell Locations

Climb the stairs and use guns or other range weapons to hit all the bells above to solve the puzzle and unlock the hidden path.

Atelier Puzzle Details

Special Chambers

How To Solve Special Chambers?

1. Use Iron Insignia Key to unlock the Chamber.
2. Take the Pipe Bomb on the right side of the room.
3. Use it to destroy the wall with a huge flame torch.
4 Shoot the hanging torches towards the fire.
5 Shoot the flaming torch towards unlit hanging torch.
Special Chamber Puzzle Details

Piano Puzzle

Piano Puzzle Solutions
Piano Puzzle Solutions
Match the Red Key Note With Black
Obtainable Item
Iron Insignia Key
Piano Puzzle - Key & How To Solve In Opera Hall

Workshop Code Puzzle

Workshop Code
Workshop Lock Combination Code
Obtainable Items
Jack Handle
Workshop Code Guide

Doll Puzzle

Doll Puzzle

The Doll is a puzzle that must be solved in order to escape the House Beneviento. This puzzle involves several stages that culminates in an escape.

Doll Puzzle Solution

Doll Workshop Door Code Puzzle

Doll Workshop Door
Doll Workshop Door Lock Combination
Doll Workshop Door Code Guide

Music Box Puzzle

Doll Workshop Door Lock Combination
Music Box Puzzle Solution
Match The Slice Patterns
Obtainable Item
Music Box Puzzle - How to Solve

Film Order (Projector) Puzzle

Film Order (Projector) Solution
Film Order (Projector) Solution
1. Dolls
2. Book
3. Baby
4. Music Box
5. Ringed finger
Obtainable Item
Film Order (Projector) Puzzle

Brass Medallion Door Puzzle

Brass Medallion Door Solution
Brass Medallion (Doll) Door
Match the 2 emblem's position to unlock
Obtainable Item
Breaker Box Key
Brass Medallion (Doll) Door Puzzle

Breaker Box Puzzle

1 Solve the Doll Puzzle first
2 Go through the door & down a well to get Breaker Box Key
3 Go back to the elevator while evading the Monster Baby. Go through the office towards the hall with the telephone to circumvent it
4 Use the Breaker Box Key on the breaker beside the elevator and take the Relief of a Child
5 Backtrack to the Doll Workshop & use Relief Of A Child on the mother-plated door for Fuse

Fuse Box Puzzle

Puzzle Flowchart

1 Solve the Doll Puzzle first
2 Backtrack to the Doll Workshop & use Relief Of A Child on the mother-plated door
3 Go through kitchen into the bedroom. pick up the Fuse from Fuse Box
4 As you exit the kitchen, the monster will corner you. Run back & hide in closet
5 Run back to the elevator & use Fuse on breaker Box
6 Ride the elevator. Boss fight begins
Breaker Box Puzzle - Key & Locations

Birthday / Guitar Code

Guitar Lock Combination

Birthday Lock Code
Lock Code

The clue states that the code is the birthday of the previous tenant's daughter. You can find a drawing together with a date written out in 6 digits. Use this code to open the locked cabinet.

Birthday Lock Code & Key LocationFuse Box Puzzle - Location

Riverbank Treasure House Puzzles

Riverbank Treasure House Puzzle Solutions
light 2 fires
Light 2 fires
Bait a lit zombie to light 3rd fire
Bait a lit zombie to light 3rd fire
Obtainable Item
Golden Lady Statue
Magnum Ammo
Riverbank Treasure House Puzzle Guide

Well Puzzle

Press Only 2 Buttons

Press only 2 buttons

To push the cart off so you can climb the platform that leads to the hole, you only need to push 2 buttons. After pushing both, you do not need to interact again with the control panel.

Well Puzzle Solution Guide

Resident Evil Village - Puzzles Overview

Solve Puzzles to Progress

Solve Puzzles to Progress

You will encounter puzzles that you need to solve when moving around in the Village & Castle. These puzzles need to be solved in order for you to progress further into the story. Occasionally, puzzles can even give you a useful item to help you throughout your playthrough.

Some Solved By Inspecting Inventory

Some Solved By Inspecting Inventory

Several of the puzzles can be solved by using items that you've picked up. Keep an eye out for items that you can grab, and manage your limited inventory space in order to bring the puzzle solutions with you. Some items can only be found by inspecting existing items.

Find Clues to Solve Puzzles

Sometimes, puzzles will require you to enter a code or combination to solve them. Look around the immediate area for possible leads on the combination. These can usually be found on notes that you can read, written on walls or even on Video Tapes.

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