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All Monster Enemies List is the enemy encountered in Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8 / RE8). Find out all enemy list, monsters, zombies & creatures, how to beat & more!!!

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All Monsters Enemies List

All Creatures & Minions List

Enemies Description
LycanLycan ・ Appears in Village & Stronghold
・ Moves fast
・Guard when it gets close
・Exploit opening after guarding its attacks
Lycan (Large)Lycan (Large) ・ Appears in Village
・ Wears Helmets to protect head
・ Helmet falls off after several hits
Moroaica Moroaica ・ Appears in Castle Dimitrescu
・Slow Moving
・Flank them to kill fast
・ Can be killed with Knife
SamcaSamca ・ Appears in Castle Dimitrescu
・Flies around
・Time your shots with handgun to kill
Baby Baby ・ Appears in House Beneviento
・Instant Kill if caught
・ Hide under bed or closet to evade
HaulerHauler ・ Appears in Heisenberg's Factory
・Wears special headgear
・Blocks headshot once
・Not too strong
Soldat EinsSoldat Eins ・ Appears in Heisenberg's Factory
・Red Core on chest is weakspot
・Needs to time your shots
・Attack when it lowers arms
Soldat ZweiSoldat Zwei ・ Appears in Heisenberg's Factory
・Red Core on back is weakspot
・Needs to flank it to beat
・Mines are effective
・Immobilized if electrocuted
Soldat Jet Soldat Jet ・ Appears in Heisenberg's Factory
・Can fly
・Red Core on chest is weakspot
・Beware of charge attack
Soldat PanzerSoldat Panzer ・ Appears in Heisenberg's Factory
・High armored protection
・Use mines & grenades to remove armor
・Weak without its armor

All Monster Boss Enemies List

All Monster Bosses List

Enemies Description
Lady DimitrescuLady Dimitrescu (Final Form) ・ Appears in Castle Dimitrescu
・Does fly-by attacks
F2 effective
・Human form is the weakspot
Dona Beneviento & AngieDona Beneviento & Angie ・ Appears in House Beneviento
・Find 3 dolls to beat
・Doll location is fixed for only the first
・You take damage as time goes
MoreauMoreau ・ Encountered in Reservoir
・ Real Body In Mouth
・Attack when body is exposed
・Use hit & Run tactics
・ Hide under roof when acid rain
HeisenbergHeisenberg ・ Encountered in Heisenberg's Factory
・Attack red areas
・Guard when it gets close
・ give it all you got after you removed its red areas
Urias StrajerUrias Strajer ・ Encountered in Finale (Chris)
・Frontal attacks will be deflected
・Attack its rear to damage
・Use Target Locator
MirandaMiranda ・ Encountered in Finale (Ceremony Site)
・3 Forms to beat
・1st form: keep distance
・2nd form: Guard attacks
・3rd form: F2 & Magnum Effective

All Monster Mini Bosses List

Enemies Description
Bela DimitrescuBela Dimitrescu ・ Appears in Castle Dimitrescu
・ Guard her attacks then counter
・ Shotgun blast her if she charges
Cassandra DimitrescuCassandra Dimitrescu ・ Appears in Castle Dimitrescu
・ Initial attacks won't damage her
・ Break windows for cold attack
・ Break walls with Pipe bomb & Mines
Daniela DimitrescusDaniela Dimitrescus ・ Appears in Castle Dimitrescu
・ Press lever to release cold air
・Fight near the center
・Use the open area to avoid her attacks
VarcolacVarcolac Alpha (Werewolf) ・ Appears in Village
・ Keep your distance
・Guard when it gets close
UriasUrias ・ Encountered in Stronghold
・Opening after attacks
・Shoot it after it attacks
・ Will summon mobs
・ Deals with mobs first
SturmSturm ・ Appears in Heisenberg's Factory
・Avoid attacks while targeting its back
・Focus on dodging when in flames
・ Stay mobile

Enemy Monster Overview

Know Your Enemy and Prepare Accordingly

Know Your Enemy and Prepare Accordingly

Knowing your enemy and equipping appropriate items and weapons is the most effective way of getting out alive. Some enemies only appear in specific area, so gear up before heading out.

All Weapons List

Find & Target Enemy Weaknesses

Find & Target Enemy Weaknesses

Each Enemy has resistance and weakness to certain types. Head shot does wonders to Lycans while the Sisters gets taken out by the cold.

Best Weapons - Upgrades & Tips

Craft Ammo To Exploit Weaknesses

You can make ammo and special grenade rounds by combining gunpowder & explosives. Keep on to these items so you can make enemy specific ammunition when you encounter them.

All Crafting Recipes Guide

Pay Close Attention To Sound Cues

Sound plays a vital part in finding out if an enemy is nearby. Shambling sounds or sudden change in music for example is the perfect early warning of enemy ambush.

Avoidance Is Crucial

RE8 focus on horror survival where resources will be tight. You'll probably won't have the ammo to kill everything you encounter, so try avoiding enemies instead of guns blazing.

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