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Beneviento Manor is a story walkthrough in Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8 / RE8). Guide includes Village Pt.3 ~ Beneviento Manor walkthrough, map, puzzle, items and more!!!

Table of Contents

Campaign Progression & Walkthrough

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2. Castle 4. Reservoir
Story Mission Walkthrough List

House Beneviento - Up To The Altar

1Head forward, using a knife to open the door and head to the cave.
There's a save point near the small hut
2Defeat the 3 Fish in the pond in the cave to get Fish Meat
3Speak with the old woman
4Get the Winged Key
5Head further in and take care of the Lycans on the bridge
You can't do anything with moveable bridge yet, so just ignore it
6Walk up to the altar for a cutscene
Save point
7Insert the flask to get another cutscene

Collect Ingredients (Meat)


At the end of chapter 3 you'll unlock the Duke's Kitchen, letting you gain buffs for cooking food. You'll want to stock up on as many ingredients for this as you can - always kill any animals you come across!

Food & Cooking Recipes

You Can Check Animals On The Map


If there are animals that you can turn into ingredients, they'll be displayed on your map. A red X mark will be applied to animals you've already killed.

Upgrade Your Attache Case

Attache Case

In the Duke's shop, we strongly recommend you upgrade your attache case as much as possible. If you still haven't upgraded it even once, you might run out of inventory space in this upcoming section.

See Our Inventory Space Guide Here

House Beneviento - Village

1Use the the Winged Key on the gate to the right side of the altar and head to the village
2Pass through the house in the middle, as well as the little hut
3Head to the bottom right
4Then head down and to the left
5Head towards the red chimney
6Enter the house with the red chimney
7Explore the village and gather items

For details on steps 2 ~ 6 check below!

Pass Through The House In The Center

House in the center
  • Go southeast of the Maiden of War statue
  • Pass through the house
  • Unlock the door
  • Don't go through the door, instead enter the small hut to the left
  • Open the door to the hut (hold)
  • Defeat a Lycan

Head To The Bottom Right

Bottom right
  • Head left at the crossing
  • Break the lock on the door in front of you
  • Enter the house on the left
  • Look out the window to the right for a fight (1 Lycan)
  • Enter the code「070408」 in the lock
  • Get the M1911 and Jack Handle

Equip The M1911

The M1911 is stronger than the LEMI, so you'd do best to swap to it for your handgun!

Head To The Bottom Left

Bottom left
  • Battle with 4 Lycans
  • Lift up the tractor
  • Crawl under the tractor
  • Go right at the crossing, fight 2 Lycans
  • Go left at the next crossing, fight 3 Lycans
  • Go forward to fight a bigger Lycan

Lift Up The Tractor

Lift Up Tractor

Use the Jack Handle on the yellow part below the tractor to lift it up. You'll now be able to pass through.

Take On The Large Lycan


Move backwards in a straight line while trying to hit headshots with a shotgun to best take out this enemy. Reload while the enemy is flinched.

Aim For The House With The Red Chimney

House With The Red Chimney
  • Open the gate with the Iron Insignia Key
  • Enter the house and get the Well Wheel
  • Leave the house and climb the ladder
  • Go along the roof
  • Climb off the roof in front of the house with the red chimney

Enter The House With The Red Chimney

Red Chimney
  • Climb up the ladder by the house with the red chimney
  • Enter the house from the broken spot on the roof
  • Defeat a Lycan inside the house
  • Get the Four-Winged Key from a chest
  • Leave the house
  • Open the gate near the Maiden of War statue

Village to House Beneviento

1When you return to the Altar, an event will start (Unlock the Duke's kitchen)
2Use the Four-Winged Key to open the upper gate and proceed that way
3Use the Family Photo at the end here to get inside
4Ride the Elevator and head into House Beneviento
51F Entrance → Living room → Right door → Ride the elevator and go down to the basement
6Head further in to the Doll Workshop and pick up the item on the chair to trigger an event

3. Use The Family Photo

Give Up Your Memories

When you are near the red door there is a plaque that reads "Give Up Your Memories." From there, go to your inventory & use the Family Photo to unlock the door.

House Beneviento Puzzle Solving

Puzzle Solving
1【Doll Workshop】
From the doll in the center, get the Silver Key, Winding Key, and Blood Covered Ring from the right shoulder, left foot, and left hand respectively.
2【Doll Workshop】
Use the Silver Key to enter the nearby door and wash the Blood Covered Ring in the water to get a Wedding Ring
3【Doll Workshop】
Examine the ring and enter the number written on it into the lock on the door (052911)
4【Storage Room】
Go down the hallway and the door will open by itself. Examine the Music Box on the table and use the Winding Key on it.
5【Storage Room】
Turn the cylinders into the right position (so that the scratches are connected)
6【Storage Room】
Get the tweezers from the music box
7【Doll Workshop】
Examine the mouth of the doll in the middle to get the Film
Fix the film into the right shape
Doll→Picture Book→Rose→Music Box→Ring
Get the Scissors from the door that opens up
Bend down and use the scissors to cut open the bandages
Go down the hallway. The phone will ring - pick it up
12【Doll Workshop】
Cut open the bandages and get the Brass Medallion
13【Doll Workshop】
Go along the left path, insert the medallion and adjust its position
14【Old Well】
Go on ahead and get the breaker box key from the bottom of the well
15When you try to return to the elevator, a massive baby will appear
▼House Beneviento Baby

Solving The Doll Puzzle

Mannequin Puzzle

The Mannequin puzzle can be interacted with & will give you items such as the "Blood Covered Ring", "Silver Key", "Brass Medallion", "Film" & The "Winding Key". All of these will be used to solve various puzzles in this area.

Doll Puzzle Solution Guide
ItemHow To Obtain
Blood Covered RingObtained by removing it from the left hand
Silver KeyObtained from the right arm
Brass MedallionObtained by cutting the bandage
FilmObtained by using the Tweezers on the mouth
Winding KeyObtained by pulling the left leg

Music Box Solution

Music Box Solution

Medallion Door Solution

Medallion Door

House Beneviento - Monster Baby Section

1【In Front Of The Elevator】
Go from the Doll Workshop→Medicine Room→Study and open the breaker box next to the elevator to get the Relief of a Child
2【Between Study And Medicine Room】
On your way to the Medicine Room from the Study, you'll see a red ! mark. Use the Relief of a Child here
Get the Fuse from this room
A baby will appear around here when you try to leave the kitchen and go up the stairs. Return to the bedroom and hide in the closet or under the bed
When the baby is gone, return to the breaker box and use the Fuse on it
The baby will appear again. Lure it into the Study, then use the desk to buy time until you can use the elevator to escape.

4. Hide In The Closet

Hide In The Closet For Monster To Look Away

After getting the fuse, you'll be cornered by the monstrous baby. Hide in the closet (or under the bed) until it looks away, then dash for the elevator & use the fuse on the Breaker Box.

House Beneviento Doll Fight

House Beneviento Doll
1An event will start when you enter the Living Room
2Find the 3 dolls in the house
3The battle is over when you do so
4Get the Four-Winged Unborn Key, Angie, and the Legs Flask

Donna Beneviento Battle Strategy Points

  • Locate Angie before time runs out
  • You'll need to find the doll 3 times
  • No combat for this section

Boss Battle Does Not Involve Combat

Boss Battle That Does Not Involve Combat

This battle will require you to look around the house in 3 different places to find the location of the 3 dolls. For the exact locations, check out our boss fight guide below!

Donna Beneviento Boss Fight

House Beneviento Full Map & Item Locations


House Beneviento Village

House Beneviento 1F

House Beneviento

House Beneviento B1F

House Beneviento

Goats of Warding Locations

Near The Lone Road


Village: Northeastern Side Of The Church (Need Iron Insignia Key)


Village: Maestro's House

Map 14
Location 14

On The Suspension Bridge


Past The Gate To The South Of House Beneviento

All Goats of Warding Locations

Story Walkthrough & Boss Related Articles

Story Walkthrough

Boss Fights



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